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Tito the Razer

As a candidate for office, Tito Munoz is turning out to be quite the radio host.

The would-be GOP nominee for the 36th State Senate District decided to take Governor Bob McDonnell to the woodshed for the latter’s apparent endorsement of tax increases at the federal level as part of a bipartisan debt-reduction deal: “I understand the Governor’s job, but I disagree with his sentiment that there should be a compromise or retreat from solid, conservative principles” (via Virginia Virtucon).

Now, I am one of the very few bloggers on the right who has been willing to take McDonnell to task on the tax issue, and if the Governor had actually endorsed tax increases, Tito might have a point. There’s only one problem: McDonnell never called for a tax increase. In fact, this was McDonnell’s prescription:

Don’t raise taxes. Reform entitlements dramatically and permanently. Stop borrowing for operations. Balance the budget immediately.

He demanded a deal, and hit both parties for being unable to get to one, but that isn’t the same as saying a tax increase is OK.

In fact, just about everyone else who has demanded a deal has specifically chided the GOP for not accpeting tax hikes (Frum, Brooks, the president, etc.). So the fact that McDonnell refused to include that should have meant something. Unfortunately, Tito just didn’t see it, made an unforced error, and ended up getting rebuked by the Governor’s office itself (WaPo).

Meanwhile, Tito still has yet to discuss issues on which he would actually have an impact in Richmond.

Look, if Tito wants to replace Gerry Connolly, he needs to run against Connolly, and leave replacing Toddy Puller to the Republican with real roots in the 36th District: Jeff Frederick.

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  1. Steve Vaughan

    Well, according to Tito’s ads on the Internet, he’s agaisnt raising the debt ceiling, period. No matter what the deal is. I think he was criticising the governor for living in a reality-based universe.

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