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And then there were thirty-six

Before today the number of various and sundry errors, data manipulations, and other shenanigans, from global warming alarmists that the rest of us can chronicle over the years were so numerous that I managed to blog a whopping thirty-five posts on this particular subject.

Well, an outside review of Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology temperature records is out, and now we’re at thirty-six (WUWT):

Via Jo Nova, an Australian Surface Stations Project has just reported its results.

The BOM say their temperature records are high quality. An independent audit team has just produced a report showing that as many as 85 -95% of all Australian sites in the pre-Celsius era (before 1972) did not comply with the BOM’s own stipulations. The audit shows 20-30% of all the measurements back then were rounded or possibly truncated. Even modern electronic equipment was at times, so faulty and unmonitored that one station rounded all the readings for nearly 10 years! These sloppy errors may have created an artificial warming trend.


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