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First Marion Barry, Now Barack Obama…

First fmr. DC Mayor / crack addict Marion Barry calls Polish Americans “Polacks.” Now President Obama makes it sound as if Poles are to blame for death camps. As someone whose grandfather came to America from Poland, who had older brothers and sisters that stayed behind killed by the Nazis, I find the president’s comments deplorable and uttered out of an ignorance of history. Citizen of the World my a$$…  Does this idiot even know how many Polish-Americans there are in his adopted hometown of Chicago?  Didn’t think so.  Guess it never came across his teleprompter.

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2 Responses to “First Marion Barry, Now Barack Obama…”

  1. Simon Oliver Lockwood

    I bet that the Polish community and the community that Mr. Obama spent his early career organizing were often at loggerheads in internal Chicago politics. IOW said statement might not have been the result of ignorance.

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