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Bill Bolling Is Telling Me I Like A Primary In 2013…

This is the most disingenuous ad and Facebook page I’ve seen any candidate use.

I do?  I don’t recall “Liking” anything on Facebook in support of a Republican Primary in 2013 (whether I actually do support one or not is irrelevant.)  When I clicked on this, I found the following page that I apparently “Like” in support of a Virginia primary.

Turns out, this is actually Bill Bolling’s Facebook page, which I did “Like” quite some time ago.  Now, however, his page automatically kicks over to this petition app in support of a primary in 2013 and makes it appear as if the page is strictly one supporting a primary.

If Bolling’s campaign keeps pulling stunts like this (and the whining doesn’t subside), their “Like” count is rapidly going to start heading in the wrong direction…

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8 Responses to “Bill Bolling Is Telling Me I Like A Primary In 2013…”

  1. wannawin

    Hmmm. I like primaries & Bolling, but not slick, tricky maneuvers such as this. It does not advance his campaign one iota, but rather implodes it right on the launch pad. Not a good plan.

    The pro-KC + RP teams swept. Thus the reality is that we may very well be facing a convention in 2013. They won; I get that. After all, elections have consequences. So lets get a grip here & focus on 2012, pleeeeeeze.

    Unless we prevail THIS November, we may all be toast.

  2. Ken Reynolds

    I love voting in republican primaries…….maybe bolling needs to be replaced……………..hummmmmmmm……… far we have corey and scott to offer…………..yippee………………….you all are toast all right 111

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