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Additional cast members in the Petraeus Affair, including the Shirtless FBI Agent and the other Tilted Head Twin

Tilted head twins with Mrs. Petraeus and daughter Anne

It seems I omitted two additional cast members in my previous post about The Real Housewives of West Point.

First is Natalie Khawam (pictured below).  She is Jill Kelley’s sister and has been embattled in a nasty divorce and custody fight with her husband over their 4 year old son.  Her estranged husband, Grayson Wolfe (not a made up name), lives in Washington DC with their son.   Both General Allen and General Petraeus have written to letters to the court on her behalf praising her as an exemplary mother, urging the court to return custody to her.  Earlier in the case a Superior Court judge criticized Khawam “for a lack of honesty and “misrepresentations about virtually everything”.

The tilted head twins bracketing Mrs. Petraeus and her daughter Anne.  Natalie Khawan is on the left and Jill Kelley on the right.

Another additional cast member is the Shirtless FBI agent who Jill Kelley’s friend and who she originally spoke with about the threatening emails she received from General Petraeus’ girlfriend, Paula Broadwell.   The Shirtless FBI Agent sent Jill pictures of himself without a shirt and was later removed from the case because his superiors believed he had become ‘obsessed’ with it.  Or was he obsessed with Jill Kelley?  Perhaps both.  It was Shirtless FBI Agent who passed along information about the case to Washington state Congressman  Dave Reichert.  Congressman Reichert then took the information to the majority leader, Congresman Eric Cantor on October 27th, well before the election and two weeks before the affair was made public.  It is not clear why Congressman Cantor did not share the possible security breach with others in Congress, the President, or the FBI.

UPDATE:  The Shirtless FBI agent has been identified as 47 year old Frederick Humphries, picture below:

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4 Responses to “Additional cast members in the Petraeus Affair, including the Shirtless FBI Agent and the other Tilted Head Twin”

  1. d.m

    Re the tranni look twins;
    Their come-hither gaze with customary neck tilt is a go-to pose for exotic dancer types.
    P.s Im in oz,please explain what the hell is a ‘military escort,liason? Sounds like the scientologists all this clique.
    Like rock groupies seems the miltary have power groupies i spose.
    How boring.All that macho & no guitairs.

  2. Lovettsville Lady

    Yes, it’s a totally made up title. She has a couple of those titles which are given to rich women who throw lots of parties for high ranking military. Yet this woman seems to think that it grants her diplomatic immunity, even in
    the US! (more to come on that later) What a dope. How did TWO generals fall for this airhead?

  3. Ken Reynolds

    Is it likely that both Generals are Republicans? As much as a feel very badly for them, their families and careers, ……………….well, for much is given………….much is expected…………………if Petraues is a Rep, he might have become a 2016 candidate??

    • Lovettsville Lady

      Not anymore. There was talk of Petraeus being a candidate but any of that talk is over now.

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