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Will Paula Broadwell be charged with Federal Crimes? Will she go to Jail?

Paula broadwell jail

Will Paula Broadwell soon be looking like this, minus the wine glass?

According to this source, she might.   It seems her home was the source of a treasure trove of classified documents that the FBI found when they raided her house earlier this week.  She has admitted to the FBI that she took documents from secure military buildings.  What the heck was she thinking?  Did she think she was above the law?   Or did she think that General Petraeus would protect her?  For such a brilliant woman, she has behaved very stupidly.

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3 Responses to “Will Paula Broadwell be charged with Federal Crimes? Will she go to Jail?”

  1. Ken Reynolds

    Paula is a friggin nightmare…………..much has been given to her………………she has so many gifts…………….what a way to misuse them…………and hurt lots of people………..

  2. Doug Brown

    But where would she be without Petraeus’ mentoring? If she gets charged without Petraeus being tagged for something, then maybe we ought to re-examine that war on women thingee.

  3. Lovettsville Lady

    She was a brilliant, accomplished woman, before she ever met Petraeus. She threw it all away, just like Petraeus did.

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