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Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III has surgery to repair torn LCL and ACL. Was it bad Karma?

RGIII from back

Earlier today RGIII had surgery to repair a torn LCL and ACL.  The Redskins have issued no statements leaving sport’s writers and others to speculate on when RGIII might be able to return to play football.  The Washington Post compares his surgery to that of Viking’s running back, Adrian Peterson, who recovered quickly from a torn ACL.  Since it wasn’t an LCL, which is more difficult to repair and recover from, I don’t know why sport’s writers continue to make such comparisons.  Stories here and here.

I am also reading more about the condition of the Redskins’ field on Sunday.  It was horrible.  Did it lead to two serious knee injuries, Redskin’s quarterback RGIII ,and Seattle’s defensive end, Chris Clemons?  I don’t know if the field caused those injuries, but the blame game seems to headed that way.  Stories here and here.

The injuries may have nothing to do with the field, or RGIII’s previously injured knee.  They injuries may all be a result of bad Karma, inflicted on the Redskins because of their offensive name, as Courtland Milloy writes in yesterday’s Washington Post?   This may be THE WORST sports column ever written.  Or, it may be a spoof.  Surely the Post didn’t really publish this drivel as a serious article.  Did they?

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2 Responses to “Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III has surgery to repair torn LCL and ACL. Was it bad Karma?”

  1. Lovettsville Lady

    Shame on Shanahan for not being the adult in the room and taking RGIII out of the game and shame on Dan Snyder for renting the stadium for a Kenny Chesney concert just before a playoff game! What an idiot. Was making money from a concert more important than a decent playing field for the playoff game? Apparently it was.

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