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He’ll Pay For Anything


LG candidate Pete Snyder paying children to hold up his campaign signs at PWC GOP committee meeting.


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7 Responses to “He’ll Pay For Anything”

  1. Craig Orndorff

    Got anything more substantive than a kid who happens to be holding a dollar bill and a sign? I mean, certainly a weird thing to do if they weren’t paid, but stranger things happen.

    • Riley

      Several eye witnesses who were there, including other Virtucon staffers. It was a Pete ’13 sign on the other side (his signs are one-sided.)

    • Craig Orndorff

      Riley, I took your word for it on the contents of the sign, plus that appears to be him speaking. Still a tad skeptical, but if somebody saw the money change hands, yeah, that’s a little odd–but we both know it happens. And as you point out, he certainly has the money to make it happen.

    • Riley

      There’s nothing wrong with doing it. Just shows that his support is purchased astroturf and not actual grassroots.

  2. Pete Snyder

    Love it! Yep, Riley – we are aiming to roll back ALL regulations on business in VA. Just imagine how much our economy would be humming if we harnessed the TRUE (and untapped) power of child labor. Our Commonwealth would be nearly unstoppable! An economic locomotive. Now that is a Big Idea.
    — Pete

    • Riley

      For anyone wondering, this appears to be satire given the comment about harnessing “the TRUE (and untapped) power of child labor.” Until we get confirmation otherwise, please view this as not coming from the real Pete Snyder.

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