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“Terry McAuliffe, VA’s only pro-LGBT candidate!”


Another T-Mac Facebook ad that may only be running in certain parts of the Commonwealth. I wonder how this will play in the more rural areas and among the socially conservative African-American church-goers (who overwhelmingly supported the 2006 constitutional amendment.)

Support Marriage Equality

Our fight for full equality continues: Join Terry McAuliffe, VA’s only pro-LGBT candidate!

Our fight for full equality continues

I would read that to mean McAuliffe would work to repeal the ’06 amendment.

UPDATE Of course, a week ago Terry McAuliffe said it wasn’t an issue he was going to campaign on:


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9 Responses to ““Terry McAuliffe, VA’s only pro-LGBT candidate!””

  1. Ken Reynolds

    With the advent of the internet, people in backwoods areas are waking up faster than they used to!!

    • Warren

      I certainly hope so. When they wake up to what the demonrats are doing to this country, they’ll throw those bastards out of office in a hurry!

    • Ken Reynolds

      Demoncrats???????? that’s clever Warren…………….as i see it though, the Demoncrats have pretty well straightened out the messes they inherited!!!

  2. Lovettsville Lady

    Glad to know that it’s only T-Mac supporting LGBTs, and not also Herring and Northam.

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