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Mark Warner’s Reelect Falls To 44%, Leads Gillespie By Just 6%

And Sen. Mark Warner’s reelect numbers have plummeted below 50% now to just 44%. He leads recently announced GOP candidate Ed Gillespie by just 6%.

Warner is going down (and deservedly so since he has done nothing as a senator except cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, raise taxes by $1 trillion and increase the national debt by $6 trillion.)

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5 Responses to “Mark Warner’s Reelect Falls To 44%, Leads Gillespie By Just 6%”

  1. Anonymous

    Well, well well. Even if he ends up winning (certainly a possibility, although he would do it without my vote) it is not a sure thing. This race has the strong potential to be competitive and will force the Democrats to spend money defending it. God willing, that will be a lost cause in the end!

  2. The Garners

    Warner, a freshman senator who was previously governor, is working hard to reassert his bipartisan bona fides.

    I’m trying to remember what his bi-partisan bona fides are…

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