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#snowbamacare is the New Macaca

#snowbamacare is the new macaca, except instead of just insulting one person, Warner insulted all those who have or will lose their jobs and/or their health insurance as well as the business owners who are impacted by it.

Just a matter of time: waiting for the @VA_GOP to claim this winter storm was caused by The Affordable Care Act. #Snowbamacare
Deleted after 26 seconds about 7 hours ago, via web.

(H/T Shaun Kenney at Bearing Drift)

2 Responses to “#snowbamacare is the New Macaca”

  1. midwestconservative

    Unfortunately probably not as WAPO is not on our side and there isn’t video of Warner doing this.

  2. swim1111111

    C’mon Riley……….yur smarter than that and much smarter than Cowboy George!!! Warner is a political rocket scientist!!!

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