Sonnie Johnson’s take on the Ferguson Riots

10 Questions Citizens of #Ferguson Should Ask Outside Agitators – Sonnie Johnson

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It’s all fun and games until you burn down a damn city. The citizens of Ferguson should ask the outside agitators some questions before they let them continue to burn down their community…

  1. Where do you live? It would be nice to know that the people burning down your city will also be there when the destruction smolders. If they live in a gated community a thousand miles away, why are you letting them burn down your economy?
  2. How can they afford to be full time protestors? You don’t get paid to protest…or do you? Have you asked the protesters where they get their salary and what is the purpose of that salary? Has anyone offered you payment for time spent?
  3. What is your economic plan after the Ferguson protest? Now that the city is on fire, how do you plan to rebuild? Will it be private ownership that empowers the people or will Ferguson move to a more government-controlled structure like Detroit?
  4. Now that violence is a standard in Ferguson, from the police and protesters, who is going to protect the citizens caught in the crossfire? Gun sales in the Ferguson area have tripled in the last few months. Will it be incumbent upon the people to protect themselves?
  5. It’s going to take a lot of local tax money to repair all the damages caused to small business and public locations, are you going to contribute to local economy over and beyond what you have destroyed? You have proven your point, will you stay and be apart of cleaning up your anger and bitterness or will we have to live with it for a generation?
  6. You are telling me America is ruled by an oppressive government…but aren’t you the same people telling me to trust that government for my housing, food, healthcare, education, cell phone, etc? Don’t you think it’s dangerous to bite the hand that feeds you…while continuing to beg for scraps from their table?
  7. This is a black and white issue. White protesters; who said you, were an acceptable white? Do you have a white privilege null and void card to show proof you are really down for the cause? I mean, if you have a couple thousand in the bank and daddy’s credit card, you look like a 1%er to me.
  8. I’m asking this question for a friend…Why is it that every time Al Shartpon and his ILK show up, the media comes, but no actual change follows? You pop your head in, burns some shit down, the media displays them in full grandeur, and you leave the communities with nothing but heartbreak and anger?
  9. Do you think the events of Ferguson have cemented Progressive propaganda for an entire generation? We’re friends here, you can be honest. You have kept racism alive and well for an entire generation, are you proud? Which riot, or burning down of a city, will you relate Ferguson to when you tell the story of your battle in the Civil Rights movement?
  10. Was this a victory? Did you show America the value of black lives by burning down a damn city? Did you show black kids the value of hard work by looting? Did you explain 2nd amendment rights and RESPONSIBLITIES while you were shooting at police officers?  Is this what you really think black America looks like?

And this point, I’ll drop the mic and walk away.  There is no scenario where burning down your own shit is acceptable.  PERIOD.






Corey Stewart Versus………????

Chairman Stewart has all but announced his intentions to run for reelection, holding his annual Fall fundraiser last month. Chairman Stewart who is a powerhouse at fundraising has the advantage of name recognition, and the power of incumbency.

However Corey has caught some slack lately, and has been painted as a tax raiser. In fact, in one Board meeting fellow Supervisor Democrat Frank Principi proclaimed:

Corey you’re looking more and more like a democrat everyday

No doubt if there is a challenge mounted against Corey, he will be painted as going too far left, and abandoning his Conservative base.

Enter Supervisor Pete Candland, who according to sources met on Saturday morning with several well-known political players who approached him about running against PWC board Chairman Corey Stewart. They represented several conservative groups who were upset over Corey Stewarts running of the board, and more specifically his financial policies.

Furthermore they have committed to financially backing Supervisor Candland if he decides to challenge Chairman Stewart.

Supervisor Candland is said to be discussing this possible venture with several other local activists and most importantly analyzing the impact of a county wide campaign on his family.

Whoever the nominee on the GOP side will be, they will likely face liberal activist Rick Smith. Grab your Popcorn folks this is getting interesting.



Lets get started !!

I would like to first say thank you to Jim Riley for taking Virtucon to where it is now, I can never replace him or his leadership on this blog. My goals for Virtucon are to cover all facets of our ever expanding party, and to produce nothing but the best for our readers. Keeping things fresh, relevant, and accurate are the most important parts to blogging and we will commit to that here at Virtucon.  – TB


Ready to roll …….

“The best way to strengthen our party is to grow our party, and that is what I have been dedicated to doing. The VBC will be another vehicle to promote traditional conservative values throughout the Commonwealth”. 

Yesterday I released this statement :

Today The Virginia Black Conservatives Forum is pleased to announce our new executive team as well as our Board of Directors. They are as follows:


Executive Team

Chairman and Founder – Coby Dillard

President and Director of Operations – Terrence Boulden

Vice President – Carl Tate

Executive Director – Eric Wray II


Board of Directors:

DJ. Jordan

Daniel Webb

LaToya Gray

Ali Akbar

Ted Brown


The VBC will also be adding Patrick Murphy as the Director of Special Projects, which will include social media and other marketing projects.

Our new team looks forward to promoting and expanding conservative values. We will do this through promotion, education, and recruitment, in communities where conservative ideals are not prevalent.

As the VBC continues to grow and expand across Virginia we ask for your support and encourage your suggestions.





Frederick versus Stewart ?!?!

Looks like things are coming together for a fight in Prince William County next year. I for one will be hiding in a bunker somewhere. With word that Prince William County Republican Committee Vice Chair D.J Jordan is contemplating a challenge to incumbent Republican Supervisor Marty Nohe in the Coles District of the county, another interesting thing has shown its head.

Who may step up to challenge Board Chairman Corey Stewart? The name is familiar to most: former Delegate Jeff Frederick.

10492231_10152233178028269_641076851457732717_n[1]Jeff Frederick flanked by Virtucon’s Jim Riley (left) and Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland (right) at Monday night’s county GOP meeting

It has been rumored on and off that the former Delegate and RPV Chairman has been contemplating a run against Stewart, who has of late fallen out of favor with a certain sect of conservatives due in part to his actions on the budget and clashes with Supervisor Peter Candland (Gainesville) – who is also rumored to be eyeing the Chairman’s seat.  Frederick has a record of winning in Prince William County, consistently carrying large portions of the “blue heavy” eastern end of Prince William County as a delegate and winning the county in a 10 point loss for his 2011 State Senate campaign. He can mount a real challenge to Stewart in both money and name ID, two things that Stewart hold to his advantage every election cycle. If this pans out to be true, this will shape up to be a very expensive and very interesting campaign in Prince William County.

With the potential battle for the nomination for Chairman in the county, along with DJ. Jordan’s rumored challenge to Marty Nohe, Jim Riley’s suggested battle with Maureen Caddigan, and Jeanine Lawson and Scott Jacobs doing duking it out, Prince William County will be the place to look for political junkies to get their fix in 2015.



Prince William County heats up…Battlefield Coles District?

Its summer time, and things in Prince William County are heating up. Aside from the battle that is starting to boil in the Brentsville District Supervisor race, it has come to many folks’ attention that the heat is rising in the Coles District.
Supervisor Marty Nohe, who has been on the board since 2003, has a potentially strong primary opponent in Prince William County Republican Committee Vice Chair D.J. Jordan.
Jordan, who is the Communications Director for U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee Republican Chairman Sam Graves, could be one of the biggest challenges Marty has faced since unseating incumbent Mary Hill in the epic primary of 2003. Marty garnered an astounding 70 percent of the vote over the very unpopular Republican Supervisor. Jordan is said to be making his final decision after the November election.
Friends around D.J. have said it’s pretty much a done deal that he has decided to challenge the incumbent.
I have seen Marty on the campaign trail. He is tireless in his pursuits, but will next year bring in a wave of anti-incumbency from the top down on the Board?
If you pay attention to Letters to the Editors and the many political blogs. maybe. I know that one thing’s for sure — Prince William County is going to be a political hurricane next year.

DJ Jordan with Dr Ben Carson
DJ Jordan with Dr Ben Carson




When I started to volunteer and become active in the Republican Party, it felt like home. I was comfortable it was the good guys versus the bad guys and there was always a clear line drawn. There was the thrill of defending my party and its values – MY values – against a liberal agenda.

It was enough to say you were a Republican — there was no hyphen, there was no sub-group. You were Republican and that was enough. It was a time where Republican candidates won with double digit African American support, and we didn’t have to struggle to sharpen our message — our message was our platform.
Our platform focused on education, crime and economic conservatism, a platform that appealed to a wide range of people and a platform that continues to appeal to me. It was nice and it was comfortable: the party of sensibility.

Fast forward to the current ridiculous state of affairs. We’re a Republican party preoccupied with social issues and fighting each other over purity. The most controversial thing I could say is this: for a party that is all about personal responsibility, we have grown into expanding government intrusion in people’s personal life. That is big government, and that is not the party I signed up for.

The collapse of the big tent starts with its image. Folks see the infighting and see a bunch of angry men trading jabs with each other about who can out do the other on an issue that doesn’t broaden the tent or further gains on the values we hold dear.

Who in their right mind would go and say, “Sign me up for that!”?

The Republican Party used to be a family but now we are in a constant state of civil war. This does not help our cause, and the Democrats see this and they love it. They fuel it with gusto.

This has to end if the GOP is to continue.

The solution? We follow the basis of the Republican Party, we go back to what I fell in love with, we go back to small government deregulation of the free market and self-responsibility, the rest of this is nonsense.

Folks want to get back on message but we need to first get back to basics. We are splintered, we are wounded, and we have gone completely off the rails.

We need candidates who will focus on the right things, not unnecessary gimmicks to get their names in the papers. We need activists who will fight for what we agree on, not tear each other down over where we disagree. While many look to a younger generation as the future of the party, as a group with the energy and passion to fight when others have given up, we can not wait for someone else to fix it. If the Republican Party and its current membership don’t make drastic changes there won’t be much of a party for the next generation to fight for.

VBC President Endorses John Whitbeck for State Senate


VBC President Endorses John Whitbeck for State Senate



December 12, 2013


Contact: Terrence Boulden



VBC President Endorses John Whitbeck for State Senate


Woodbridge, VA – In a statement released earlier today, President of the Virginia Black Conservatives, Terrence Boulden, announced his support for State Senate candidate, John Whitbeck. “John is a great friend, a hard worker and will make an excellent State Senator.”  He also stated, “while I consider Ron (Meyer) to be a friend and an excellent conservative activist, John Whitbeck’s background in the community as a committee chairman, an HOA president and a lawyer gives the republican party the best chance in January’s general election.”


Whitbeck is running for the republican nomination in Virginia’s 33rd State Senate district which covers parts of Fairfax and Loudoun County.  The special election is to replace Attorney General Elect and former State Senator, Mark Herring.


Running against Whitbeck for the republican nomination is Ron Meyer, Jr. a 24 year-old Fox News spokesman.  The two will face off in a Mass Meeting on Monday, December 16th at Park View High School in Sterling, Va.  Constituents from the 33rd district are welcome to attend with registration to vote beginning at 6:30pm and ballots being cast around 7:30pm.


The general election will be held on January 7th, 2014 against democrat Jennifer Wexton and former Loudoun county republican (running as an independent) Delegate Joe May.


To contact the Whitbeck campaign for more information, please contact Campaign Manager John Findlay at (571) 223-9663.




From A Voter to Joe T. May

This is from a Voter in Joe May’s District…He should take notice,

Del. Joe T. May,
As your constituent, I trust that you faithfully discharge your official duties and I rely upon the written communications sent to your constituents to be fact-based and free from deception. However, I have recently come to doubt the veracity of a claim you made in the “THE DAVID LAROCK FILE” which was created, authorized, paid for, and mailed to me by “Joe May for Delegate.” The more I look into the merits of the allegations therein, the more concerned I become that you have intentionally attempted to deceive me. Of course, you could have simply made a mistake, or now realized it to be such – please know that I warmly embrace apologies for such offenses and quickly extend forgiveness.
As background, an elderly neighbor recently approached me and asked who I was going to vote for in the upcoming primary election for the 33rd District – my neighbor was even kind enough to bring me a “Re-elect May” yard sign. I asked him why I should vote to re-elect you and he stated that he’s voted for you for 20 years and that you are a good delegate. He then went inside his house and retrieved a copy of “THE DAVID LAROCK FILE” which we all recently received by mail and continued that “we can’t trust” David LaRock because he was “arrested” last year. I told him I would look into the matter and get back to him about accepting the “Re-elect May” yard sign and voting for you in the upcoming primary election.
True to my word, I have continued to look into the allegation of Mr. LaRock’s “arrest” as alleged in “THE DAVID LAROCK FILE” by using the Virginia Judicial System’s Case Status and Information service online, reviewing the source documents displayed in “THE DAVID LAROCK FILE,” reading the letter by Mrs. Critchley about the incident, reading the Loudoun Times article, asking some of your and Mr. LaRock’s vocal supporters about it in the LCRC Facebook group, and conducting my own research into what defines “arrest” per the Code of Virginia, Virginia Supreme Court decisions, and relevant Virginia Attorneys General opinions.
From my research, I am now quite convinced that despite the strong claims made in “THE DAVID LAROCK FILE” that Mr. LaRock was “arrested,” Mr. LaRock was not “arrested” in Loudoun County in 2012 but rather “summoned” to appear in the Loudoun General District Court. According to the opinion of two previous Attorneys General of Virginia, servicing of a summons does not constitute an “arrest” per Section 19.2-76 of the Code of Virginia (see 2009 Op. Va. Att’y Gen 09-070 (service of criminal show cause summons does not constitute ‘arrest’ or trigger requirement to report to Central Criminal Records Exchange.) and 1975-1976 Op. Va. Att’y Gen. 13, 15 (interpreting CCRE reporting requirement in context of summons issued pursuant to § 19.2-73)). Further, the Supreme Court of Virginia has held that an arrest involves “a person who is detained in custody by authority of law or one who is under legal restraint” (see Moore v. Commonwealth, 218 Va. 388, 394, 237 S.E.2d 187, 192 (1977) (interpreting meaning of “arrested” in context of § 19.1-163.1; noting that person whose freedom of movement and liberty is not subject to legal restriction is not person who is arrested)).
I am unable to find any argument to support your contention that Mr. LaRock was actually “arrested.” If I have missed something in my analysis, I invite quick correction as the primary election is just a few days away. However, if my analysis is sound, your claim of an “arrest” is a false statement of fact and I am very concerned that you would send this false statement to me and my neighbors in the 33rd district just before the primary election.
Finally, I believe it is necessary to acknowledge that all of us have made poor choices in this life and that forgiveness only has meaning if it is available for intentional wrongs as well as innocent mistakes. As such, I would like to respectfully offer you the opportunity to apologize to me for sending me these false allegations about Mr. LaRock so that this may be put behind us before the election and the trust which I had placed in you (until just recently) as my delegate may be restored. As I previously mentioned, I am quick to accept apologies and extend forgiveness for wrongs and I ask you to carefully consider this opportunity.


The VBC is a bit …irritated

Three of us at the VBC decided to voice our opinions on something that has bothered us over the past two weeks…



From Terrence Boulden: Posted on Bearing Drift

Cicadas in the GOP

By  | Monday, June 3rd, 2013 | Politics

Lately the Republican Party has gone through a very peculiar renaissance. I have noticed many of my fellow Republicans become spokesman on black conservatism. Oddly enough, after the nomination of E. W Jackson as our candidate for LG, I have heard many folks say, “Jackson needs to say this,” or, “Jackson needs to do this.”

I have news for these folks: Mr. Jackson is not the first black conservative in the Commonwealth of Virginia – we have been around for some time and would have appreciated the same enthusiasm before this nomination as he is receiving now. E.W is not a novelty act, he is a Republican, he does not need to be pointed to the nearest black neighborhood, nor does he need to speak to so and so’s black church. That is irritating and a turn off.

Rallying around him wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was an ongoing thing, but I feel like some in the party are like our friends the cicadas that have been chirping outside for the last two weeks – they come out when it suits them and disappear and hibernate the rest of the time.

This is the wrong way to do anything. I have not seen this rally cry go out when black conservatives run for city council, school board or sheriff, yet we have a state wide candidate the parade begins and the experts of minority issues come out of the woodwork. This is why Dems will label the Republicans as out of touch with minorities, this is wrong and this is bad.

I do hope that E.W Jackson is successful in his journey. This will be a big step taken within our state and party. Though I don’t stand behind a few of his statements, I do respect his heart and his passion. I am also convinced he is better for the Commonwealth than either of the Democratic candidates. My Hope and my expectation is that when this is over with victory or not, the new experts of outreach that have appeared stay awhile and encourage others and support every Republican with as much vigor as you have with Mr. Jackson. Let’s use that energy and this new knowledge all the time..

Lets not make it a one time deal.


From Carl Tate : Posted on the VBC Blog

New Numinous Negroes

It’s no secret I, and many of my colleagues at the Virginia Black Conservative Forum, have been frequent critics of the Republican Party’s failure to develop a meaningful plan for reaching out to the minority communities in Virginia and across the country. Indeed we’ve been part of many false starts and failed programs such as the defunct Welcoming Committee and the defunct Ethnic Coalitions Committee – ad hoc groups started by the state party, with no independent authority and no funding that could be, and were, eliminated by the party chair and executive director.

Instead, much to our surprise and consternation, we realized the party’s  real outreach plan has consisted of relying on Great Black Hopes, or what National Review once referred to as Numinous Negroes, or what’s known as magical Negroes in Hollywood. They go by names such as Artur Davis, Paul Harris, Colin Powell….and now E.W. Jackson. They are blacks of considerable talent and ability who are supposed to embody all Republican outreach. These figures, of mythic proportions, assuage Republican white guilt by making up for the years of conservative neglect toward the black community. Or at least that’s what they’re supposed to do. Decades of not campaigning in inner cities and not addressing the problems of the black community are supposed to be forgotten because the Republican standard-bearer happens to be black.

Never mind whether or not that stand-bearer is palatable to black voters, or any voters beyond the narrow conservative base that makes up the Republican Party for that matter, no, just being black is sufficient is what we’re told. And, of course, other black conservatives are expected to jump on board because all black conservatives think alike.

But the Republican Party, specifically the Republican Party of Virginia, must realize (and should have realized a long time ago because we’ve been around this Mulberry tree before, see Maurice Dawkins to see the end result) that simply nominating a black candidate isn’t enough.  Now more than ever real resources must be put behind a real program to attain the support of African-Americans and Hispanics and the young and women.

That’s why I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen/heard/read concerning the efforts coming out of the Republican National Committee as of late. Significant amounts of money are being poured into its latest outreach program, there seems to be a genuine attempt to pierce the hereto unbreakable veil that seemed to have separated the black community and the Republican Party for so long. And contrary to what I initially believed would happen the RNC is actually hiring on staff to the work many of us have been begging them to for years.  The RNC seems to finally understand that outreach can’t be about winning campaigns in the short term, rather it must be prefaced on building relationships in the long term.

True outreach is bigger than just one campaign, one candidate and one movement.


From Coby Dillard : Posted on

Under Absolute Despotism

A few months ago, Pat Mullins directed Mike Thompson to figure out why RPV failed so miserably among minority voters, specifically those in the African American community. As part of his work, Thompson was directed to speak to key leaders in the black community, and to come up with a viable strategy for RPV to successfully reach out and build bridges to black voters.

At some point, Thompson’s work showed up in my email. I took a look at it, wanting to know what the ideas were. Sadly, none of the black Republicans that I knew or had worked with in the previous years had been contacted for their input. Wouldn’t have mattered, if there was a viable plan.

To date, nothing has come of that report, its analysis and suggestions. But something else has happened.


With the emergence of E.W. Jackson as the nominee for LG, a good number of, let’s say, non-minority conservatives have suddenly come up with a strategy for African American outreach; they want to open up offices in the community, walk in neighborhoods, attend events, and have a presence long before Labor Day.

That’s great. That’s how it should be.

But I have to ask: where has this level of excitement been before now? And why was it not extended to other black Republican candidates before Jackson?

Black Republicans across Virginia, as well as those of other minorities, have been asking RPV to come up with a way to engage their communities for years. While unit and district committees have, and continue to do, and excellent job building ethnic coalitions, the only thing coming from the party at the state level has been a reluctance-or outright refusal-to do the same. RPV has also failed to identify potential minority candidates and party leaders, groom them, and give them positions of influence.

Yet these same individuals have been expected to be RPV’s “messengers” to the black community-especially when a unit chair or other leader makes a “mistake” and says something they really shouldn’t. That’s when they get the call to clean up someone’s mess; to explain why that picture of the president as a zombie was an innocent drawing, why the email about all blacks being on welfare was just an innocent joke. They’re pushed out to be surrogates for the candidates, with little preparation and less support.

While Pat Mullins and RPV run to the Jacksons and (Artur) Davises that they can find, the Tates, (Chuck) Smiths, Bouldens, and Scogginses-the stalwart, intelligent, committed Republicans who have been doing this work for years-go unrecognized, unacknowledged, and unappreciated.

When we voice our concerns-as my friends Carl Tate and Terrence Boulden will join me in doing today-we’re labeled as unsupportive. Our loyalty is questioned. People wonder whether we’re really Republicans or merely closet Democrats, because no “real Republican” would be critical of their party.

But, as Jay-Z said, why should we listen to a system that doesn’t listen to us? Why should we play by the rules we’re given, when those rules do nothing to advance or alleviate the concerns of our communities? More importantly, why should we continue to silently tolerate it; to allow the neglect of our community to continue by the political party we call our own?

The answers to those questions are simply. We shouldn’t. We can’t. And, from this point forward, we won’t.

If you’re asking, “why now,” it’s because of what we’ve seen in the weeks since the convention. We’re concerned, not only for ourselves, but for Bishop Jackson as well. We’ve seen what happens to black Republican candidates in Virginia who don’t win their races. While we hope Jackson is successful in his race, we don’t want to see him discarded as soon as Mullins and RPV are done with him, should he not win. Jackson’s ascendancy presents the perfect opportunity for RPV to finally, sincerely, and decisively address its long-standing issues with outreach and inclusion.

If all this “expertise” has been sitting dormant, then there’s a chance for our party to make good on the commitment made by Mullins at a Hampton Roads Tea Party meeting earlier this year: taking the necessary actions to fill a room of Republicans and supporters with people who do not look like him.

I hope we take it.

V.B.C Stands with Jackson

We at the V.B.C (Virginia Black Conservatives) are united in our support for the nomination of E.W Jackson for L.G . We urge all to get ready for the fight ahead, as the left has already started to use race as their weapon (which is, too often, the only weapon they have.) We ask that our side  keep up the good fight and ignore the trash.
We have the right ticket for Virginia and we are ready to fight all the way to November.
Terrence Boulden
President V.B.C



image (1)

Why I stand tall with Mark Obenshain

This is my opinion and does not reflect Virginia Virtucon as a whole – TB

I have always felt that a public official should not only represent their constituents faithfully in their work in the legislature, but be approachable to people outside of the political world as well. In my personal experience, I have seen that quality often in folks like Delegates Comstock, Lingamfelter, Ramadan and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. It is an important quality for people serving in a citizen legislature such as ours here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and in my opinion, the mark of a true statesman.
This quality is one of the primary reasons that I have chosen to support Senator Mark Obenshain to be our next Attorney General: Marks approachability and willingness to listen, while successfully passing conservative and smart bills, is one of his greatest traits. I will be the first to admit that in this session, he has not done things 100% in line with what I would like: most notably the restoration of rights bill. But believe me that when I asked him, Mark explained his vote without shying away from his positions, and was open to hearing my opinion on the matter. Obenshain also took on tough fights this last session in voting against the transportation tax hike, and standing up to the Republicans who voted for this. He passed a bill protecting our 2nd Amendment rights by forbidding newspapers from publicizing the names of concealed carry permit holders. I know that Mark Obenshain is an effective legislator while standing firm in his conservative convictions and working his hardest to advance our cause. This is what Ken demonstrated as Attorney General, and it’s exactly what we need in our next Attorney General.
Lastly and I can’t stress this enough – Mark has reached out to many in the minority conservative communities, whether it is the black community or the Hispanic community here in Prince William. He’s been more than willing to seek out and listen to their input, and has had conversations with those of us who have conservative values. This is essential to growing our party and ensuring statewide victory in the fall. Mark is a true conservative, with a great record, and I believe he is the right candidate to take over for Ken Cuccinelli. I would urge everyone in the Commonwealth to look at Mark Obenshain and support him at the Convention to be our Republican nominee for Attorney General! – Terrence Boulden President V.B.C



Christopher Stearns for State Senate

Tomorrow the Republicans in the 14th Senate District will participate in a firehouse primary to nominate their choice to replace Longtime Senator Harry Blevins. The choices are Christopher Stearns and Delegate John Cosgrove.
Virginia Virtucon’s choice is Mr. Christopher Stearns. Delegate Cosgrove who rarely has met a tax increase he did not like, his support for the Governors tax-portation bill and his embrace of the healthcare mandate has made him far from a reliable conservative voice in the general assembly and does not deserve the nomination as a Republican for State Senate.
Christopher Stearns is the current 3rd District Congressional Chair, a small business owner and a principled fiscal conservative. Mr Stearns will be a reliable vote in the State Senate and we encourage all to support a true conservative this time around, to protect the tax payers of the Commonwealth.


Everyone calm down and focus !



Yesterday my friend here on Virtucon implied that the JMD campaign had anything to do with robocalls made my one of her supporters Tito Munoz. This would only be true if Tito himself went through the campaign before he did this which he did not, nor did the JMD campaign have any knowledge that these call were being made. Having known Tito I can tell you that if he is passionate about something, he goes after it and does not need anyone’s permission to do what he feels like he needs to do. I would urge that everyone just take a step back and focus until the convention,after the convention we can then go after the Democrats and their decisive politics and stop creating our own.

I received a quote from Delegate Scott Lingamfelter who himself has become a victim of the cannibalism of the Republican Party :

“Our campaign is staying focused on executing our plan to be victorious on May 18th.  Despite the negative attacks that have come our way,  I’ve spent this campaign focusing on the positive message for Virginia:  Virginia must lead the way in protecting the Constitutional rights of all of our citizens, the vitality and prosperity of our families, and the growth and success of all businesses.  Negative campaigning is not the answer.  A positive message for Virginia is”.

Everyone just calm down and Focus !


Jackson, Snyder, Davis Call For Civility In LG Campaign

“I have endeavored to run a positive campaign because I want to build my support on my message, When we tear each other apart during the nominating process the result is division within our Republican ranks, affording the Democrats the opportunity to use that division to win the General election. It is appropriate to discuss the differences in an open forum where each candidate has the opportunity to respond and explain their position, but we should not be mounting attacks against one another. All candidates need to work hard to earn the support of voters by conveying a positive message of what they bring to the position and allow the voters to determine or themselves who will do the best job and will help the ticket win in November” Jeannemarie Davis (statement given today)

“With just two weeks left until Virginia Republicans gather to choose our nominees, it’s never been more important to maintain our focus on the issues and keep our fire aimed squarely at the Democrats we need to defeat in November.
It’s always been Pete’s goal to run the most relentlessly positive, issues-focused grassroots campaign possible, while taking the fight directly to Terry McAuliffe and the liberals. That’s exactly what we’ve done throughout this race, and it’s still our game plan heading into the final weeks and days. You can count on it” – Pete Snyder Press Release
“We are down to the wire with only two weeks to the Convention. This is a tense time for all the candidates and staff. It is easy to be tempted to plot on how to bring each other down rather than lifting up a vision for the kind of leaders we want to be.
I urge all the candidates and our supporters not to succumb to the temptation to go negative.
Let us pray for all of the candidates, even those we are not supporting. They are still human beings who have been through a grueling process. They, their families and staff are tired and some are discouraged by the polls. The sad truth is that only one of the candidates in each race – Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General – can win”. – E.W Jackson Press Release

It is great to see after this week of toilet politics that there are campaigns who want us to know, they are still running their campaign on message and traveling that road to Richmond.


EW Jackson… The Second Tier Candidate?


Not at all.
It has been said lately in many circles around the Commonwealth that Jackson may shock the world at the convention this May.
E.W. Jackson has been giving folks shivers throughout the Commonwealth with his unsurpassed oratory skills and life story. This is a man who came to being a Republican through his own life struggles, growing from poverty to having a law degree from Harvard and serving a stint with the Marines. Jackson and his life story is something we should all stop and take notice of as it’s a story that can relate to so many we want to reach out to who would never otherwise consider themselves Republicans or conservative.
I am a fan of Mr. Jackson’s views on individual liberty as well as his one of a kind love of America. I would also point out that he does speak strongly against unfunded state mandates on local governments which is a huge issue and something you don’t hear much about from other candidates:
“It is wrong for the state to make local residents financially obligated for policies they neither asked for nor approved. There must be a permanent ban on unfunded state mandates and a roll back of these burdens on local taxpayers.”
In my previous posts I have defended two candidates that I see come under brutal and unfair attack. With Mr. Jackson I rarely hear much negative – except for the beginning of this contest where we heard that Mr. Jackson had no chance and would not be able to raise money. Well that was changed in the last finance report showing him with more donors than any other candidate and his reported momentum in delegate allocations.
I do believe if Mr. Jackson wins the nomination for Lieutenant Governor he will be a great and unrivaled cheerleader and messenger for the True Republican Party. Hell, he already is. I also hope that in the party he is treated the way he wants and deserves to be treated: as an equal and not as a trophy. This is a man of great integrity, intelligence, and optimism and win or lose he should be seen as one of the new faces of the Republican Party of Virginia

Shad Planking Power Rankings

I will first say that I had a great time yesterday at the annual Shad Planking. It had been a few years since I had been to the event and I am glad that I returned. This time around I did speak with the folks who represented the “Sons of Confederate Veterans “, and had a great candid conversation. I’m sure many believed I should have stayed clear of them but that is not the way I operate.
I decided to have a little bit of “fun” with this and do a power ranking on the campaigns, and of course this is only my opinion and of course no one will agree with it, except for me. I decided to just do LG rankings and not include A.G candidates because I don’t want to violate Ronald Reagans 11th Commandment, but I will say the Obenshain Team had great popcorn and were very well put together.
Here we go :
1. Team JMD – The Davis team represented in a big and organized way. No matter what your opinion on the candidate may be, you cannot argue that her campaign team is full of dedication and are always very supportive and energetic about their candidate. From signs being out ten miles away from the sight of the event, to working the crowd and speaking about JMD’s experience this team did a great job.

2. Team Lingamfelter- The Lingamfelter team worked the crowd hard along with the candidate himself. Many folks stopped by the Lingamfelter camp just to speak to the candidate and he made sure to speak to everyone offering beer and great conversation.

3. Team Stewart- Great organization for Corey and great representation. Just as with the Lingamfelter camp, many lined up to speak with Chairman Stewart to pick his brain and he was available to them all, his team was a great cheer leading squad and pumped lots of energy throughout the crowd which was very refreshing to see..

4. Team Snyder – Team Snyder came out as usual in big numbers, and with huge signs and of course promoting big ideas!! Oh and the BBQ was awesome, I think however the candidate had a bit of a disadvantage since he was stuck for a long time serving his BBQ which prevented him from working the crowd, however he was able to chat while serving……BBQ was awesome

5. Team Jackson – Team Jackson had a great looking camp, signs were nice and organized but I never saw the candidate nor did I see any of his crew in the crowd. I was a bit disappointed by the showing as I am a fan of Jackson and his message, I hear he has great momentum going towards the convention and I wish him and the team best of luck.

6. Steve Martin – Steve Martin took the work the crowd plan, as he and a few staffer walked around and shook hands, not much of a presence at the event, I didn’t see any of the trademark red signs, but I am glad Senator Martin made it out to the event.

7. Team Stimpson- Susan did have a small presence at the event, but unfortunately .no Susan. I have not yet been able to chat with Mrs. Stimpson and I thought this would have been the perfect opportunity to; she is the only candidate so far that I have not had the pleasure of having a serious conversation with, and I still hope to before the convention.


Gerry already has a challenge…..lets hope it works

Received this release from my good Friend Mr. Ron Meyer

Ron Meyer, Age 23, Explores Bid for U.S. Congress in Virginia
Meyer Would Be Among Youngest Elected in U.S. History; Potential Bid Would Focus on “Stopping Congress’ Generational Theft”

Herndon, Va. — Ron Meyer, a communications professional and youth spokesperson, announced today on that he is exploring a 2014 run for U.S. Congress in Northern Virginia.

At age 23, Meyer would be among the youngest ever elected to Congress (turning 25 on September 28, 2014), and, unlike the famous 1984 Mondale vs. Reagan debate one-liner, Meyer would make his age an issue in this race.

Meyer released this statement:

I’m exploring a run for Congress because I believe it is unjust, immoral, and unfair to leave an unsustainable, debt-ridden government to younger generations. Yet, for the last decade, politicians in both parties have punted our greatest challenges to future leaders. It’s time to start a genuine movement to force Congress to balance the budget so we can stop Washington’s generational theft.

If Washington’s politicians insist on punting the toughest choices to young Americans and future leaders, maybe it’s time for a young American to lead now. Unlike the current crop of supposed leaders (House’s average age is 57), I have a personal stake in making sure this nation succeeds long-term.

We need a game-changer in Congress. Experienced politicians with typical backgrounds have time-and-time-again failed the American people. It seems the more “experience” politicians gain, the more they lose their integrity and forget how to balance a budget.

Who better to advocate for young Americans in Congress than a young American? I want to help break the gridlock at the Capitol by making a personal, powerful, and moral case for sustainable government.

Meyer’s background is in public relations, having worked as the spokesman for Young America’s Foundation and American Majority. Meyer has frequently appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business, and CNBC, and published with the New York Post and Washington Times. If he were to run, he believes his communications skill would be an asset to a Republican Party struggling to find both effective messages and articulate messengers.

Meyer lives in Herndon which is in Congressman Gerry Connolly’s district (VA-11). Connolly nearly lost the seat in 2010, holding on by just 900 votes (less than 1%). Meyer plans to announce a final decision in early April.


Every generation needs a new revolution

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”- Thomas Jefferson

With one vote in the General Assembly and one distraught former candidate for Governor, the Republican Party has been thrown into an absolute tailspin and will be split in May for the convention. What’s at the center of this tailspin?
The preservation of Conservatism.
Our party is split. Moderates vs. Conservatives vs. Libertarians. We have lost our way and many who are supposed to represent it have lost their way. We have Delegates in Virginia who have held their seats for several years and have not represented our Principles. One Delegate in Herndon in particular.
We need a “revolution.”
This Revolution calls for Primaries on those who refuse to hold the banner of small government , less taxes and family first issues. My question to those who refuse to hold the banner is: why call yourself a Republican if you can’t, in good conscience, represent values of the party? Why are you raising taxes? Why are you expanding the reach of government?
If you cant believe in these basic values, you are in the wrong party.
And this isn’t just a problem in appealing to the Republican base: How are we supposed to attract new people to the party if we shy away from the very principles that are the foundation of what it means to be a Republican?
It’s impossible.
This convention will be the culmination of many years of infighting in The Republican Party of Virginia. My hope is that the victor is our values and our message . I hope that we can ban together behind the reason why we are Republicans and not watered down political crap. If we want to win we have to be truthful to ourselves. If we continue to be fake and watered down… well, that’s the party we will become. And there’s already a party for that…2