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The largest Democrat stronghold in the state gave their provisional voters significant advantages that provisional voters elsewhere in the state did not get. The result? Predictably,…

War on Women

Liberals like to pretend Ken Cuccinelli and other conservatives engage in a “war on women,” when in fact the opposite is true. (See here for just…

Are the Feds investigating ordinary Americans' Google searches?

Big Brother Is Here

In so many ways, this is just wrong: wife searches Google for pressure cookers, and the husband separately Googles for backpacks. Then, presto, an armed task…

Deserted Polling Place in Alexandria

Thanks, Democrats

Tuesday’s abysmal turnout for the Democrat statewide primary provides an occasion to assess DPVA’s latest gift to the taxpayers of Virginia. For roughly 3% turnout, state…


Fantastic new video from the Cuccinelli campaign demonstrating who the real Ken Cuccinelli is. Hint: he’s not who the Washington Post wants you to think he…


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