Is The Balance Of Political Power In Arlington Actually Shifting?

Anyone who follows politics in Arlington County knows about the relative political earthquake that was triggered by John Vihstadt’s reelection to a full term as a member of the Arlington County Board. He’s the first non-Democrat elected to the board since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Worse yet, from the perspective of the Democratic junta that’s run the county forever, he’s encouraged “rogue” Democrat board member Libby Garvey to stand up to them more often on issues of fiscal sanity.

From their perspective, and that of the Washington Post, this is disastrous, and of course, motivated by classism and racism. (‘Shocker.’, says the average VV reader.) If one white elephant can be killed, the whole herd that the current board majority, led by Chairman Jay Fisette,  shepherds could be in danger. It would seem that years of arrogance and condescension may come to bite Democrats even in deep-blue Arlington. But the real question is: Is this only the beginning of a larger shift in Arlington politics?

The other two members of the Democratic junta board majority, Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada, are both up for reelection in 2015, and going into Election Day a few weeks ago, they were worried. There was scuttlebutt that Hynes might not run for reelection if Vihstadt defeated Alan Howze, the same man he bested in the special election a few months ago to fill the board vacancy. Now that has come to pass, and Fisette and Hynes (over Tejada’s temper tantrum) have decided to give up on the vaunted streetcar project.

What happens this coming year? The rumor among the Arlington GOP is that Mike McMenamin may challenge Hynes or Tejada, and he garnered the best result of any Republican candidate for county board in Arlington in decades in 2007, so he would represent a great threat to either. Democratic activists have admitted to this author and others that they “don’t have a deep bench” if Hynes retires from the board. And not to put too fine a point on it, but Walter Tejada is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, as evidenced by his intransigence in the face of rejection by Arlington voters on the streetcar. Will a second strong candidate be recruited to run alongside McMenamin? All the anti-junta alliance has to do is win one of the two races, and that person can form a governing majority with Garvey and Vihstadt, which would be a nightmare for the Dem establishment in Arlington. And if both Hynes and Tejada go down… batten down the hatches. It look to be an interesting year in Arlington politics, for the first time in a long time. And that’s a great thing.

Corey Stewart Versus………????

Chairman Stewart has all but announced his intentions to run for reelection, holding his annual Fall fundraiser last month. Chairman Stewart who is a powerhouse at fundraising has the advantage of name recognition, and the power of incumbency.

However Corey has caught some slack lately, and has been painted as a tax raiser. In fact, in one Board meeting fellow Supervisor Democrat Frank Principi proclaimed:

Corey you’re looking more and more like a democrat everyday

No doubt if there is a challenge mounted against Corey, he will be painted as going too far left, and abandoning his Conservative base.

Enter Supervisor Pete Candland, who according to sources met on Saturday morning with several well-known political players who approached him about running against PWC board Chairman Corey Stewart. They represented several conservative groups who were upset over Corey Stewarts running of the board, and more specifically his financial policies.

Furthermore they have committed to financially backing Supervisor Candland if he decides to challenge Chairman Stewart.

Supervisor Candland is said to be discussing this possible venture with several other local activists and most importantly analyzing the impact of a county wide campaign on his family.

Whoever the nominee on the GOP side will be, they will likely face liberal activist Rick Smith. Grab your Popcorn folks this is getting interesting.



Police Pop PWC Planning Post Perv

InsideNOVA is reporting that Prince William County’s (apparently now former) assistant planning director Ray Utz was arrested Wed., Nov. 19 on charges of indecent exposure after police received not one, but TWO calls from women reporting that a man driving a vehicle registered to Utz was exposing himself to them at stoplights in Woodbridge and Lake Ridge. He was officially charged with “two counts of indecent exposure and two counts of obscene sexual display.”

Readers of Virginia Virtucon may recall that Virtucon has been writing about Utz’s alleged sexual harassment issues for 5 1/2 years, so the fact that he has been arrested on such charges is not the least bit surprising.


     EXCLUSIVE! – PWC Planning Office Sexual Harassment Scandal EXPOSED!    – 6/4/09

     GUEST POST: Latest Ray Utz Scandal    – 3/13/11

     Culture of Corruption Continues – PWC Fills High-Level Position Without A Competitive Search    – 7/8/14

(My, how prescient that first headline “PWC Planning Office Sexual Harassment Scandal EXPOSED!” was in light of these charges…)

We have detailed sexual harassment claims against Utz dating back to as early as 2006 via a memo written to then-Planning Commissioner Kim Hosen by women who attended an April 23, 2008 Planning Commission meeting who were appalled by Utz’s treatment of her during the meeting and alluded to conditions allegedly faced by female employees in his office over the course of the previous two years. In addition, we published a January 26, 2009 letter to the Prince William County’s Human Resources Dept. detailing “the indignity, humiliation, abuse and non-professional experience [women] have suffered working at the Planning Office under Ray Utz” and that goes on to allege various abuses and unethical behavior in detail as well as corroborating statements and information for the allegations contained in the memo to Hosen.

If these past allegations and the new charges prove to be true, then this would seem to indicate an escalation in this man’s behavior to the point this week where he had become so reckless that he was daring to be caught. He was arrested after he was alleged to have done this during the middle of the day at the intersection of Gideon Drive and Smoketown Road in Woodbridge and the Old Bridge Road at Mohican Drive intersection in Lake Ridge. That would seem to be the sign of a sick, sick individual if this is accurate.

Perhaps just as disturbing as his alleged behavior over the years is the fact that Prince William County was made aware of these problems in 2008 and again in 2009. Not only did they do nothing about it (other than sweep it under the rug and cover it up), but they chose to keep him on staff and then promote him to a plum position without engaging in a competitive search for the post despite both county board Chairman Corey Stewart and County Exec. Melissa Peacor claiming that all vacancies are publicly advertised and filled competitively. Utz was already one of the county’s highest paid employees earning in excess of $100,000 in his previous position before his promotion.

In light of the lengthy public record of allegations against Utz and now his arrest, Stewart and Peacor must be made to answer for their decisions regarding Utz and be held accountable for their actions as well.

Voters should not renominate nor return Stewart to the chairmanship in 2015 (nor should they elect Democrat Rick Smith – formerly known as the blogger “Mitch Cumstein” in the early days of Virginia Virtucon and on the old Too Conservative blog – as he is chairman of the taxpayer boondoggle known as the Hylton Perfoming Arts Center that is at the center of a whole other set of county scandals, but that is another story for another day.)

An interesting aside – according to the InsideNOVA article, Prince William County’s assistant planning director chose to live not in Prince William County, but in Fredericksburg despite being one of the county’s highest paid employees and being able to afford to live in PWC. Obviously he either knows something that the rest of us don’t or else he knows what a lot of us already do and that our county property taxes are too high and our county government wastes our tax dollars with reckless abandon. My guess is that it is a little of both.


Obenshain Thanks Loudoun YRs

State senator Mark Obenshain was the special guest at last night’s Loudoun County Young Republicans meeting in Leesburg.

Senator Obenshain thanked the YRs for all their hard work during the election cycles and congratulated them for their contribution to Barbara Comstock’s election to Congress, before going on to speak about the importance of staying active and engaged as the next round of elections are coming up soon. He talked about how the Democrats do such a good job at blowing out a few concentrated areas which are heavily Democratic and how that carries the state for the Ds. Obenshain talked about how Republicans can win statewide if we stay competitive in places like Northern Virginia while blowing out the turnout of the highly Republican 5th, 6th and 9th congressional districts. Congressional districts are divided by population so there are the same number of voters in those three districts as there are in the 3rd, 8th and 11th, the three congressional districts held by Democrats. With a Republican lead of 8 to 3 in Virginia’s congressional delegation it is clear why higher turnout in heavily Republican areas will result in Republicans taking back control of the statewide offices next time they are on the ballot. But first we need to hold the majority in both chambers of the General Assembly and Obenshain made sure to stress the point that 2015 is an important election year in Virginia where nothing can be taken for granted.

Obenshain is a strong supporter of Virginia’s Right to Work status. I greatly appreciate how often he works in the importance of how Right to Work contributes to our economy. Last night Obenshain mentioned strengthening our Right to Work laws as an example of work he has done in the General Assembly with Barbara Comstock.

The YRs in Loudoun are a very active club. They have a lot to celebrate right now with the huge win by Barbara Comstock in the 10th District. The Loudoun YRs put in a lot of work on the Comstock campaign and deserve a share of the credit for Comstock’s substantial win margin. Expect them to stay active in 2015 as Loudoun County has some competitive Delegate and State Senate races to watch.


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Parisot vs. Johnson This Friday In Race To Replace Comstock (UPDATED x2)

This Saturday, Republicans in Virginia’s 34th House of Delegates district will choose their nominee in the race to replace Congresswoman-Elect Barbara Comstock:

The canvass (also known as a firehouse primary) will take place at Colvin Run Elementary School, 1400 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia, 22182. Voting will be conducted from 10:00am to 2:00pm on November 15, 2014.

Craig Parisot and Al Johnson are working hard to get out the vote before Saturday’s primary to determine who will challenge Democrat Katherine Murphy (who lost to Comstock in 2013) in the January 6th Special Election.

Craig Parisot came out earlier this week with endorsements from Gov. George Allen and Rep. Tom Davis. Said former Senator and Governor Allen:

I’m proud to endorse Craig Parisot in the special election for the 34th House of Delegates district. As a family man, veteran and successful entrepreneur, Craig has the experience and background to help grow our economy and create jobs. Craig will be an energetic and strong voice for Virginia families in Richmond in the hardworking tradition of Barbara Comstock and I respectfully ask you to join me in supporting his campaign.

Al Johnson has the endorsement of his son in a column at National Review:

Putting familial bias aside, anyone in Virginia’s 34th district looking for a representative that upholds Barbara Comstock’s legacy should consider Johnson at this Saturday’s firehouse primary. Comstock and Al Johnson (I mean, dad) have résumés with many similarities: They both have private- and public-sector experience, have raised a family in the district and know the community well, and have been committed conservatives for years.

Johnson’s endorsement by Susan B. Anthony chair Jane Abraham backed up a National Review comment concerning the Johnson campaign polling on social issues. The other comments attacking Craig Parisot and George Allen show how contentious even short campaigns can be.

While the race will come down to turnout, Craig Parisot has an edge on social media with more Facebook likes and Twitter followers while Al Johnson’s Facebook page seems to get the most engagement in Guatemala. While not an exact measurement of enthusiasm or momentum behind races, it’s an odd tidbit with the election being tomorrow.

Check out both candidate’s websites for more information:

Craig ParisotFacebookTwitter

Al JohnsonFacebookTwitter

UPDATE: Fairfax Supervisor Pat Herrity has endorsed Craig Parisot for Delegate:

Now that we have Barbara Comstock elected to Congress, the focus shifts to making sure we have a great replacement for her Delegate seat. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 15th, there is an important firehouse primary election taking place at Colvin Run Elementary School between 10am and 2pm. You must live in the 34th House of Delegates district to participate in the firehouse primary,

I am fully supporting Craig Parisot in this primary. He is a leader in the community and a successful businessman who understands how to create jobs and grow Virginia’s economy.

If you or someone you know lives in the 34th House of Delegates District, which covers parts of McLean, Great Falls, and Loudoun County, please get (them) out to vote for Craig Parisot on Saturday, November 15th between 10am and 2pm at Colvin Run Elementary School at 1400 Trap Road in Vienna. You can check which district you are in at this link –

UPDATE x2: Word in the 34th is Al Johnson’s campaign and surrogates are allegedly contacting potential voters and saying that Craig Parisot is not pro-life and is weak on taxes. There is nothing to back up the statements critical of Craig Parisot — in fact, Parisot’s website is the only one to address abortion:

Having just welcomed my son Jackson into the world, I understand the importance of life. We must work to strengthen our families, support systems and give parents more rights.

Both candidates commit to lowering taxes on their issues pages.

In a short campaign span of a week and a half, misinformation goes a long way. One would hope that campaigns could commit to an honest exchange of idea and discourage smear tactics among fellow Republicans in any election, but there are plenty of elements at play here that go beyond Parisot and Johnson.

One Out, One In for Coles GOP Primary

Prince William County Republican Committee Vice Chairman D.J. Jordan issued a statement this morning stating he will not be a candidate in the 2015 Republican Primary for Coles District supervisor, a post currently held by Marty Nohe.

Jordan To Forgo A Run For Coles Supervisor


October 2, 2014

WOODBRIDGE, VA — D.J. Jordan today released the following statement regarding the 2015 election for Coles Magisterial District Board of County Supervisor:

“I’m extremely honored by the many people who have encouraged me to run for Coles Supervisor, but after much prayer and consideration, I have determined that the timing is not right for me and my family for this particular race. I cannot dedicate myself as fully to a campaign like this as I would like; therefore, I will step aside for others to pursue this election.

“There will be other opportunities for me to seek public office and I look forward to doing so when the time is right. The conservative principles that I believe in will make our community a better place. As an activist, I will continue to advocate for a limited, efficient government that fosters personal freedom, improved quality of life, and opportunity for all.”


This news comes just one day after local businessman and lifelong county resident Paul O’Meara filed to run in next year’s GOP primary against Nohe. O’Meara owns Ballsford Kitchens & Bath and is a graduate of Hylton High School. His father founded both Paul O’Meara Construction, Corp. as well as Ballsford Kitchens & Bath. O’Meara was one of the signatories on the petition opposing the Bi-County Parkway submitted to VDOT a year ago and is a donor to Gainesville District supervisor Peter Candland, so those are two pluses in his favor in my book.


This morning I filed as a Candidate for the Coles District Supervisor Office. I have also formed a Candidate Committee, Friends of Paul O’Meara. I know it will be a great deal of work, but I am looking forward to it! As a professional courtesy I have also called each member of the Virginia House and Senate which have portions of their districts lying in the Coles District. Thank you to each of you who have lent advice and support to me leading up to this point. I greatly appreciate any advice and support you may lend during this campaign!


Corey Stewart Feeding Democrats’ Caricature of Republicans

Prince William Co. Board Chairman Corey Stewart steps in it . . . again. Really? Sharing this on Facebook? How stupid is that?


Go ahead and insult half the electorate in one fell swoop and then add insult to injury by demeaning the problem of mental illness.

As Democrats make the false claim that Republicans are “waging a war on women” (never mind the despicable treatment of women by such Democrat luminaries as Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy), it is dumb things like this that Corey Stewart did that continue to feed the caricature of Republicans they are trying to paint.

Corey Stewart and his ilk just need to go away.

Supervisor Riley?

Jim Riley and his wife Julia reside in Prince William County with their children Jacqueline and Jimmy. He is an attorney and the Senior Director of Government Affairs for a major national trade association based in Northern Virginia while she is a kindergarten teacher for the county school system. Since 2003, Jim has been a member of the Southbridge Community Association’s Board of Directors for the community of over 1,500 homes and more than 5,000 residents, spending nine of those years as its president. He has served in a number of appointed positions including as the At-Large representative on the County Housing Board.
VV. Why did you meet with Loudoun BOS Geary Higgins today?

JR: I met with Supervisor Higgins to discuss with him how he balances his job and family life while also serving in political office. It is no secret (or if it is, it is a very badly kept one) that I am interested in running for the Prince William County Board of Supervisors to represent the Potomac District. If I commit to doing this, I want to be certain that I have done my due diligence before jumping in the race. Geary works in a position similar to mine and is a coworker of one of my neighbors, so it was natural for me to sit down with him. I have reached out to other such officials as well to discuss this and am compiling everything that I have learned so I can make an informed decision.

VV. Why are you running for a BOS position in PWC?

JR: As I have said, I am considering a run, but am not running yet. As for why I am considering a run, I just see so much potential being wasted in Prince William County. We are losing out in the competition for good paying jobs to neighboring jurisidictions such as Loudoun and Stafford counties. That means people have to travel greater distances for such jobs which in turn increases traffic and decreases the amount of time that moms and dads have with their kids and each other. Our overall tax burden is too great, our regulations are too onerous and our priorities are misplaced. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. At least not if we instituted some very common sense policies and reformed the way that our county government operates.

VV. Why do you think you are a more qualified candidate than your opponent?

JR: Assuming the incumbent supervisor stands for reelection, that person will have had 20 years in office to make a difference. Our schools are still overcrowded, our teachers’ pay still lags behind their peers in the region, our business tax base is still anemic (and that description is being kind), our home values are still suppressed and our taxes are set to spike by more than 20 percent over the next five years. Obviously what this supervisor is doing hasn’t worked and it is time that we try a different approach. The current supervisor’s campaign slogan is, “I listen. I care. I respond!” That’s all well and good, but it is completely reactionary if you are simply responding to something that has already happened. At that point, it is often too late. The difference between us is I want to be proactive and not reactive. I have a vision of what we need to accomplish in order to get the county on the right track so it is not just a great place to live, but also one where businesses want to locate and create good paying jobs.

VV. How would you describe yourself politically speaking?

JR: I come from the Jack Kemp – Steve Forbes – Paul Ryan pro-economic growth wing of the Republican Party. I have been very fortunate in my life where I have worked closely with each of them. Kemp was my first paying client as an attorney and Forbes had the confidence in me to name me as his Deputy General Counsel for his first presidential campaign. Ryan was a coworker of mine at Kemp’s think tank “Empower America.” I closely identify with their brand of politics which is based on ideas that help people to realize their full potential and strive for success.

VV. If you could cut the budget in PWC, what would be the first item to go?

JR: I would end the county’s subsidy of the Hylton Performing Arts Center which amounts to $400,000 per year just for operating expenses. The county is already on the hook for $1.7 million per year for 25 years for debt service. There is no reason whatsoever that the county should be paying a penny more than what they are obligated to do under that agreement. George Mason University was supposed to pay the operating expenses, but somehow the county got stuck with the tab.

VV. Do you have a campaign website that is currently private?
JR: I purchased the domain a few years ago and have a VoteJimRiley Facebook page. I have used them in the past for my HOA elections and could transition them to another race should I decide to undertake one. I currently use them to promote issues and other campaigns that are of interest to the area where I live.
VV. Have you assembled a campaign inner circle yet?
JR: I have some close friends who live in the district and have different areas of expertise that would be beneficial to a campaign. We have held some preliminary discussions about this, but have not put together anything formal yet.
VV. Do you have someone in mind for a campaign manager?
JR: My 11-year old daughter is angling for that job.
VV. Have you considered how you will raise money for the campaign?
JR: My initial thoughts are to have a three-level approach where I would reach out to individuals and businesses here in the district; approach others in the county and Northern Virginia who care about what happens in the county; and utilize my state and national political connections to raise campaign contributions. I have discussed in passing with Steve Forbes about him coming in to do an event for me at some point should I run and I would likely reach out to my former colleague Paul Ryan as well.
VV. Do you have connections with the grass roots in PWC?
JR: I have lived in Prince William since 2001, so I have gotten to know people from all walks of life whether they be party regulars, TEA party members, libertarian types – you name it. I have been an active blogger since 2005 and have also been a columnist for the local newspaper, so I have attracted support from many people based upon the ideas I have put forward to make our county a better place.
VV. How many people will knock doors for you outside of the grass roots?
JR: One of the most amazing things about a campaign is the surprise you get when you see who turns out to help. I have gotten to know so many people not only through my HOA and the local party committee, but also through religious organizations, swim teams, and the parents of my kids’ classmates. I frequently am asked by people I would never expect to help in a campaign if I plan to run and to let them know if I do so they can lend a hand. It is moments like that which encourage me to take the plunge and run. If you are just running in order to be someone and not to accomplish something, you are doing it for the wrong reason. I want to get something done and if I do this, it will be for them.
VV. Thank you for your time Mr. Riley.                                                                                                                  .

Given Mr. Riley’s answers, it certainly appears he has thought this through, and is close to a decision.

DJ Jordan Ramps Up Potential Campaign for PWC Supervisor

The following email hit many inboxes last week, portending what many of us have been expecting to happen in Prince William County next year…


I’m writing to you today to thank you for your contributions to my life and tell you about a new chapter that may be on the horizon. I appreciate your friendship immensely and I’m excited about what lay ahead for us individually, and as a team.

God has given me a passion for public service and helping people through charity, my church, and through political involvement. Whether it be with a pregnancy resource center, an adoption awareness event, a youth mentorship program, or the Virginia State Board of Social Services, Glorya and I have been drawn to helping and serving people. However, through these experiences, I have seen the impact of bad public policy on poor people, and the society as a whole, and it has challenged me to do something about it.


Over the next 6 months to a year, I may have an opportunity to run for local elected office and I want you to be the first to know! Next year, there will be elections in Virginia and I have been encouraged to think about running. After praying and discussing it with my wife, I have decided to do several things now to prepare for a possible run next year. Therefore, today I’m announcing the creation of a new Political Action Committee (or PAC) called the Commonwealth of Opportunity PAC. This PAC is a fundraising account that will allow me to begin raising support for future political elections. As you know, money is needed to run a strong campaign and get your message out to a wide audience. While I consider opportunities to run for local office, I want to be prepared to run a dominant race that brings people together, rather than divide and tear communities apart. And showing significant financial support this Fall will send a strong message to my community that I would be a serious candidate.

You know me. I will advocate for policies that foster strong families and opportunity for all, and I will defend the truly vulnerable, no matter if I’m a community activist or an elected official. However, being in elected office can bring about significant change in public policy, which can impact a greater number of people. If you would like to join our team and provide early support for a future campaign, go to the PAC’s website or CLICK HERE to give online. The Commonwealth of Opportunity PAC is officially registered with the Virginia State Board of Elections in compliance with all necessary requirements. If you can’t give at this time, I still solicit your prayers.

I am grateful for your friendship and support through the years. I’m excited about what we will do together in the future!

God Bless,

Darrell “DJ” Jordan













Corey Stewart’s Next Big Lie On YFT & UACs

Can you still call it someone’s next big lie if you expose it before it is uttered and you wind up pre-empting it?


Here’s what Prince William Co. Board Chairman Corey Stewart’s next big lie will be regarding the housing of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) at Youth for Tomorrow facilities in the county – the Commonwealth of Virginia made PWC give money to YFT.

Let’s rewind things 3 1/2 years to then state Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli’s opinion banning state grants to charities as unconstitutional. Following this Virginia could no longer provide direct grants to any charities not controlled by the state. The system that was put in place in order to meet constitutional scrutiny allows localities to award grants to charitable organizations on a competitive basis.

So, there you have it. Any attempts by Chairman Stewart to claim that Virginia forced or directed the county to give grant money to YFT is pure bunk. In fact, grant money provided by the state to the county was sat on by the county for quite a lengthy period of time before the county made the decision to award it to YFT.

Again, we have no quarrel with YFT itself or its Christian mission. The last thing that we want to see is this organization harmed by someone so willing to throw them under the bus in order to preserve the tattered remains of his political career.

What did Corey Stewart know about UACs and when did he know it?

Black Velvet Bruce Li has done quite the expose on Youth for Tomorrow’s program of housing illegal immigrant children for the federal government. Greg Letiecq lays out dates, specific federal grant awards and the amounts of those awards tracing the roots of this program back at least as far as June 2012. It appears that things really began to ramp up in January 2014:

On January 23, 2014 personnel from YFT and the Virginia Department of Social Services toured five off-campus properties to determine whether they would be suitable for expanding their program.

Why is this date important? Because later that same week the U.S. Department of Homeland Security put out a bid for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children.”


January 2014 is also important because multiple sources have stated that Prince William County Board Chairman Corey Stewart was informed directly by individuals working at Youth for Tomorrow during that month about this program to bring illegal alien children to the county. Stewart then attempted to weasel out of this by stating, “Without providing the County any notice, the Federal Government is now placing illegal immigrant children at private and perhaps federal facilities in our county” and then saying that he was informed by Youth for Tomorrow “more than a week ago.”

Take note Stewart just says that the Federal Government never provided the County with notice. There is enough room to fly a planeload of Unaccompanied Alien Children through that statement. That leaves open that he could have been informed by YFT at an earlier date, which in fact he does admit to in his “more than a week ago” statement. Technically, January would have been “more than a week ago.”

So, it is with heavy hearts that we must ask the questions asked in every scandal since Watergate – what did he know and when did he know it?

A Freedom of Information Act request must be filed asking for Prince William County to produce all e-mails between Stewart, County Exec. Melissa Peacor, School Superintendent Steven Walts, and Youth for Tomorrow’s officers, directors, trustees and other personnel from January 1, 2014 through July 14, 2014. We should get some very interesting reading out of that…

PWC Supervisor Candidates Show Their Fundraising Totals

Following is a list of current candidates for the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County and their fundraising totals from Jan. 1 through June 30.


Corey Stewart
Starting Balance: $2,544.22
Raised: $70,051.77
Spent: $9,103.04
Cash On-Hand: $63,492.95

Stewart ramped up his fundraising machine to bring in a decent haul this period and kept his spending down. While $63K+ is a respectable total to have on hand at this point, should Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland jump in the race or a proven monster-fundraiser such as former Del. Jeff Frederick throw his hat in the ring, Stewart will have to do much better than this. Frederick already has $15,451 sitting in his Virginia’s Future PAC that he could tap to kickstart a campaign. In his 2011 race against Toddy Puller, Jeff spent a total of $629,886 and won the PWC part of the district (which is the more Democratic part of PWC), but fell short in Puller’s home territory of Fairfax County.


Jeanine Lawson
Starting Balance: $24,590.27
Raised: $14,257.65
Spent: $15,283.82
Cash On-Hand: $23,564.10

Scott Jacobs
Starting Balance: $0
Raised: $26,319.86
Spent: $17,799.97
Cash On-Hand: $8,519.89

While Jacobs outraised Lawson this quarter, that isn’t surprising given this was his first fundraising reporting period while she was in her second. The more important numbers to look at are the cash burn rates and the final cash on-hand numbers. Jacobs spent 68% of all the money he took in and is behind by nearly a 3-to-1 margin in cash on-hand. That is significant since the special election date has not even been set yet for this seat. While Lawson spent more than she raised this period, the percent of funds available that she spent was somewhat lower than Jacobs at 60%. More importantly, Lawson is showing strong support from individual donors within the district while Jacobs can only point to 4 individual donors who live in the district and gave over the $100 threshold for itemized reporting.


Marty Nohe
Starting Balance: $21,786.96
Raised: $1,000.00
Spent: $590.00
Cash On-Hand: $22,196.96

Nohe’s sole contribution this period was a $1,000 donation from “Covington for Prince William County Board of Supervisors” made on 06/23/2014. Should PWC GOP Vice Chairman DJ Jordan jump in this race with his national GOP fundraising connections, this could make for an interesting (and expensive) contest.


Peter Candland
Starting Balance: $12,287.29
Raised: $21,264.00
Spent: $3,038.10
Cash On-Hand: $30,513.19

Candland has begun ramping up for his next race and has been judicious in his expenditures. This next period and whether he decides to run for reelection or challenge Stewart for Chairman will determine just how much money he will be raising.


John Jenkins
Starting Balance: $47,880.84
Raised: $0
Spent: $2,855.00
Cash On-Hand: $45,025.84

Jenkins either thinks he’s untouchable or is preparing to hang it up. With him, you never know (and he may not, either.)


Mike May
Starting Balance: $43,591.17
Raised: $6,845.00
Spent: $4,481.17
Cash On-Hand: $45,955.00

May added slightly to his overall cash on-hand total during this period, just barely outraising Caddigan in the Potomac District.


Maureen Caddigan
Starting Balance: $20,904.84
Raised: $6,348.74
Spent: $2,971.43
Cash On-Hand: $24,282.15

While never a prolific fundraiser, Caddigan managed to secure just 10 contributions of $100 or more that were itemized. Two of them were from her employees in her supervisor’s office while a third was her husband who lists as his occupation that he is her campaign Treasurer. This number would look even worse if it weren’t for Nohe, Principi and Jenkins who basically didn’t do any fundraising.


Frank Principi
Starting Balance: $6,236.74
Raised: $100
Spent: $1,099.80
Cash On-Hand: $5,236.94

This is simply horrible on all counts. Principi must think that the Democratic-tilt of his district will carry him. A well-funded GOPer or a likable Democrat could certainly give him some real problems.

Stewart Skips Out On Closed Board Session To Go On Drive-Time Radio

Prince William Co. Board Chairman Corey Stewart apparently thinks that going on evening drive-time radio to promote himself is more important than presiding over a closed session of the Board of Supervisors he leads. Stewart appeared this afternoon on WMAL’s “Drive at Five” just after the 5:30 p.m. news to discuss the issue of Unaccompanied Alien Children being housed in the county. The problem is, the BoS was still in closed session until just before 6 p.m. (their second closed session of the day.) I have confirmed that Stewart in fact left the meeting early in order to go on the radio.

Perhaps he should aim to be a radio show host instead of County Chairman – he might actually be better at that than he is at his current gig.

Scott Jacobs – The Rob Wasinger of Brentsville

Earlier this year, Rob Wasinger ran for the nomination to replace Frank Wolf in Congress and provided us with plenty of unintentional laughs with his poorly run campaign. (Who would have thunk it since he is a ’94 grad of “Harverd” and a “Rebublican.”) He was unheard of inside the district before the race and had to work hard to raise his name id and prove his credibility. To that end, he released a press release with the endorsement of former CRFV state chair, Michael Cogar. While Cogar is a solid well respected activist, the endorsement fell flat as Cogar was also Wasinger’s consultant. When you have to resort to publicizing the endorsement of your own consultant, you have to wonder about the strength of a campaign.

Last week, Scott Jacobs running for Brentsville Supervisor released a similar press release which was picked up by the Bristow Beat. Much like Wasinger, Jacobs was largely unknown in the district until he decided to run for office. The press release touts Jacob’s small business support. The heart of the endorsement is a quote from Gary Desilets, a local business owner, supporting Jacobs and slamming his Republican opponent Jeanine Lawson. However, Gary Desilets is also the father of Joe Desilets the consultant for Scott Jacobs.

When the only person you can get to go on record talking about their support for Jacobs is the consultant’s father, much like Wasinger you have to wonder about the strength of the campaign. Wasinger came in fifth with 2% in April. While Jacobs will do better than that (it is pretty hard to finish lower than second in what is shaping up to be a two person race), we’ll see how well he does on election day when he has such a hard time showing support.

Corey Stewart Expresses Shock That There’s Unaccompanied Alien Children In PWC

Prince William Co. Chairman Corey Stewart has expressed his utter shock and dismay that there’s Unaccompanied Alien Children being housed in his county:

The crisis at the border has again reached Prince William County. Without providing the County any notice, the Federal Government is now placing illegal immigrant children at private and perhaps federal facilities in our county. Although no County facilities are being used to house the children, I will ask the Board tomorrow to direct the County Executive to attempt to find out more about the location(s) where these children are being held and whether there is anything that the Board can do to stop it. While it may seem cold hearted, it is important that these children be sent back home since letting them stay simply entices even more children to attempt the long and dangerous journey to the United States.

I’m shocked – shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.

Your winnings, sir…

Oh, thank you very much.

I’m shocked – shocked to find that Unaccompanied Alien Children are being housed here.

Your campaign contributions, sir.

Oh, thank you very much.

Take note that Stewart uses weasel words in his statement. “Without providing the County any notice, the Federal Government is now placing illegal immigrant children at private and perhaps federal facilities in our county.”

Stewart just says that the Federal Government never provided the County with notice. He never says that he was unaware that they were being placed in the county or that he wasn’t informed by some other source such as Youth for Tomorrow or the Greater Prince William Community Health Clinic that is run by Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi.

Quid Pro Quo Results in Unaccompanied Alien Children Being Shipped To Prince William Co.

As if the political situation for Prince William Co. Chair Corey Stewart wasn’t bad enough already, we’ve been handed this smoking gun by one of our regular confidential informants…

Recall several years ago during the budget battles, Corey fought against and got all the Youth Shelters closed, ostensibly to save a few hundred thousand dollars. Pure [expletive deleted]. It was a quid pro quo to Gary Jones, the longtime Executive Director of Youth For Tomorrow and the YFT Board for donating bunches of money to Corey’s campaigns. Those kids had to go somewhere. They did. All the troubled youth in PWC were and continue to be placed at YFT. It was and remains an exclusive source contract. (source redacted). YFT has grown substantially as a result of this sole source contact. They aren’t just on Bristow Road anymore. They have eight locations in PWC, the others being single family residences.

Long story short, these troubled kids, not just the recent UAC’s, when placed at YFT have to have medical attention as they are all essentially neglected in every way. The kids qualify for Medicaid and YFT arranges for these kids to be medically cared for at, guess where: The GPW Community Health Center, (source redacted). All of this is completely legal and of course, above Board.

But here’s the tie-in to Stewart: the YFT Board has a sole source contract with the Virginia state Board of Social Services also. Over the last month to month and a half, YFT has had about 120 of these UAC’s placed with it, meaning being housed in their facilities and every last one of them have come to the GPW Community Health Center to be medically treated. (source redacted) I want to be explicitly clear it is not the responsibility of the CHC to confirm or verify legal status of any youth sent over by the YFT to be medically treated as the contract is with YFT, not these individual UAC’s. But the fact is YFT is fully aware these children are UAC’s and I have to wonder if being YFT has a sole source contract with the County if the County knows of these UAC’s being housed by the YFT. In the course of the (source redacted), I said “[expletive deleted], can you image the political embarrassment Corey Stewart would get if people found out the County is directly responsible for these 120 UAC’s being in PWC?”. Well, now I wonder if the County is in fact aware of all this, what the political and career risks are to Melissa Peacor too!

While Stewart has no control of this, his “actions” have directly resulted in these UAC’s being placed with YFT here in PWC. He rants about illegals being released back into the general population yet his own actions are directly resulting in about 120 UAC’s being housed in PWC.

[Expletive deleted] indeed!

Corey Stewart Reaches New Heights in the Art of Beating Dead Horses (and Getting His Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar)

The headline of PWC Board Chairman Corey Stewart’s email yesterday said it all.

Fox & Friends Tomorrow! Again!

The key part of it being “Again!”

When I first heard yesterday that Corey was going to be on Fox & Friends, I thought it was perhaps an old email regarding his appearance on Friday, July 11. Alas, it was not and why the operative word “Again!” was used in the email header.


Dear James,
Guess who is going to be on Fox & Friends tomorrow? Again!
Tune in bright and early to Fox & Friends at 6:15 am, while you are enjoying your Sunday coffee, as I discuss Prince William County’s renewed fight with the Federal Government over the disposition of the 7,000+ criminal illegal aliens our law enforcement officers have apprehended and handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.



Corey Stewart


Paid for by Corey Stewart for Chairman

While I caught Corey’s Friday appearance, I wasn’t motivated enough to wake up for it this morning to find out whether the weekend hosts of Fox & Friends asked Corey about his high dollar donors who are operating facilities in Prince William County where Unaccompanied Alien Children are being housed. From the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince William County’s blog:

The Sheriff has learned that Chairman Stewart gave permission to Youth for Tomorrow, a taxpayer-funded non-profit serving at-risk youth in Prince William County, to open their doors to house children for Homeland Security that have been flown to Prince William County from Texas and other areas on the southern border.

Secret meetings were held several months ago, and the entire Board of County Supervisors were briefed on the program and asked for their blessing.  Stewart specifically directed that it should not be brought to a vote, but handled quietly.

As the Sheriff stated, one cannot blame the operators of Youth for Tomorrow for engaging in their Christian mission to help children in need regardless of their immigration status. However, if this is true that Corey has known about this for months, gave it his blessing, ordered that it be kept quiet, and then goes out to make political hay out of this on Fox & Friends, then he is toast.

Corey Stewart – The Return of the Illegal Immigration Publicity Hound

Fresh from the ol’ email in-box…


Dear James,
Guess who is going to be on Fox & Friends tomorrow?
Tune in bright and early to Fox & Friends at 6:15 am as I discuss Prince William County’s renewed fight with the Federal Government over the disposition of the 7,000+ criminal illegal aliens our law enforcement officers have apprehended and handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
I will also will be on the Laura Ingraham Radio Show at 10:30 am discussing our efforts to protect our community from these dangerous individuals.



Corey Stewart


Paid for by Corey Stewart for Chairman

Yeah, that’s all well and good, but exactly what will the county DO with this information IF they get it from the Federal Government? I get it that, for whatever reason ::cough:: he’s got nothing else to run on ::cough:: Corey wants to find out what happened to the illegal aliens that were apprehended in PWC and turned over to ICE. However, what good is that information to the county and what could they even use it for? No one has really articulated that yet.

The only use I see for gathering this information is to score political points since that information can’t be used by the county to send out the police to round them up or anything. Just how much of our tax dollars are we talking about spending with regard to the FOIA request and possible lawsuit? And exactly to what end? Those are the questions that need to be answered.

I’m not opposed to deporting those individuals who were arrested for committing crimes and then turned over to ICE. I’m not even opposed to finding out whether this is all just a big dog and pony show where ICE is simply sending them on their merry way and are trying to keep us in the dark. This is not, however, something that falls within the ranks of what a county government should be doing.

About the only thing the Board of Supervisors did do right on this yesterday was include a paragraph in the motion that directs Corey to send a letter to members of the county’s congressional delegation since this is really a matter of congressional oversight of ICE.

Culture of Corruption Continues – PWC Fills High-Level Position Without A Competitive Search

The following is a guest post from a long-time VV reader, The (Fringe) Observer:

When Prince William County Gainesville Dist. Supervisor Pete Candland raised the issue of ghost employees to pad the budget, PWC Chairman Corey Stewart and County Exec. Melissa Peacor both claimed among other things that all vacancies are publicly advertised and filled competitively. Stewart said that at least on one occasion during a Board meeting.

At the same time Stewart and Peacor were making this claim, they quietly promoted Ray Utz to Assistant Planning Director. As Long-Range Planning Chief, Utz was already being paid in excess of $100,000 per year and was one of the County’s highest-paid employees. They did not advertise the Assistant Planning Director position. Senior level, high-paying planning jobs like this one are highly sought after. Jurisdictions normally not only advertise locally for candidates, but also in the job vacancy listings with the professional associations, and their journals and websites. Had PWC followed that normal procedure, we would have had a boatload of good candidates from which to choose. Finding someone far superior to Utz would have been a cinch.

Stewart and Peacor did this despite Utz’s well-documented incidences of gender harassment and mismanagement. The new Planning Director, Chris Price, has not been as much of a rubber stamp for the developers as was his predecessor. Utz has always done as he was told, and was protected despite his behavior because he has always carried out instructions from Stewart and Peacor.

My guess is that Chris will be pushed out at some point and Utz installed as Planning Director as a payoff to the developers who fund Stewart, Nohe and other Board members. The “national search” for a County Executive a few years ago was nothing more than a figleaf designed to provide cover for Stewart to hire Peacor, which he had already decided to do prior to the search. In the recent case of Utz being promoted, they must have figured that no one would be watching and that they could get away without even the pretense of a competitive process to fill the job.

Score one more for corruption at McCoart and developer interests, and one more loss for taxpayers and honest citizens.

RUMOR: Feds May Relocate Illegal Aliens To Prince William Co. Fairgrounds – UPDATED!

UPDATE:We have been informed by a credible source that 120 unaccompanied alien children (UACs) have already been placed in Prince William Co. over the past month and a half. The Virginia State Board of Social Services, which has sole source contract with Youth For Tomorrow, has been placing these childen in YFT housing facilities in the county. These children are being treated for a variety of maladies at the Greater Prince William Community Health Center, which has been informed that they could see more of these UACs being treated at their facility.

This just came across my Facebook feed and while it remains unconfirmed, this bears watching given recent events across the country. It isn’t just Texas, Arizona and California where they are relocating illegal aliens. They’re in Oklahoma, Massachusetts and there has already been one attempt to locate them in Virginia.

URGENT: Just rumor, but they may be re-locating illegal aliens to Prince William County Fairgrounds. We need to:

1. Stop the internment of people like Democrats did in WWII

2. Defend our community from the tyranny of the obama

3. This may be your day, you up for it? I am

4. Let’s roll

Why would they try to intern them in Prince William Co. the way that they did Japanese-Americans in California during World War II? As has already been written here:

When the kids are apprehended (in reality, willingly surrender) at the border, they aren’t being shipped off to states at random to be housed. They are being sent to states where they have family waiting. That is why the Feds wanted to send kids to the small town of Lawrenceville in rural Southwest Virginia to be housed at the closed St. Paul’s College – their parents and relatives are waiting for them here in Virginia from the last wave of illegal immigration a decade ago when the U.S. economy was booming.

japanese-internment[1]Japanese-American Internment Camp during WWII (Photo from the National Archives)

Prince William Co. was ground zero in Virginia for the debate about illegal aliens nearly a decade ago, so by this logic it would make sense to bring these kids here. Even if their families are no longer in the county, they are most likely nearby.

One also has to wonder if placement of illegal aliens in Prince William Co. might not be a direct slap at County Board Chairman Corey Stewart who has made illegal aliens his political bête noire in his campaigns to cover-up his tax and spend ways and is gearing up to do so again for his 2015 reelection. Later today, Stewart plans on bringing a motion before the board to fund an expensive FOIA lawsuit against the federal government to find out what happened to the illegal aliens the county detained and turned over to ICE. Can you say “publicity whore” boys and girls? I knew you could…


Corey Stewart Predictably Learns The Wrong Lesson From Eric Cantor’s Loss

How can you tell that you’re entering into an election cycle in Prince William County? Board Chairman Corey Stewart trots out the illegal immigration issue in an attempt to save his declining electoral prospects.

Just a month ago, we reported that Stewart was obviously gearing up for what promises to be a bruising Republican primary driven by his support for tax increases and the lack of quality jobs created in the county under his watch. Now, the Washington Times reports that Stewart is seeking the deportation data on those illegal immigrants arrested in the county.

It certainly is no coincidence that this is being raised again not even a week after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his congressional primary amid claims that he supported amnesty for illegal aliens. This was totally predictable that Stewart would learn the wrong lesson from Cantor’s loss and rush headlong back to his go-to campaign issue. (In fact the only reason why I didn’t already write another post calling it in response to the Cantor loss was a lack of time on my part – and maybe a desire to see how fast he would fall into his own trap.)

The fact of the matter is, whatever Cantor did with regard to immigration was secondary to his problem of putting his Washington / congressional constituency and ambitions ahead of his duties to the 7th congressional district of Virginia.

In this sense, Stewart has the same problem that Cantor did. Stewart has the baggage of his failed 2013 campaign for Lt. Gov. as well as his 2009 bid for that office and his 2012 bid for U.S. Senate. It is clear to everyone that he can’t wait to get out of Prince William County government and Republican voters are ready to grant him his wish – just not in the way he would prefer.

Stewart can tell himself all that he wants that his tough stand on illegal immigration will differentiate him from Cantor. His real problem, though, is that he can’t undo these three campaigns for higher office that he has embarked upon over the past five years or his abysmal record on taxes, spending and quality job creation. That combination will ultimately lead to his downfall in just 51 weeks come the 2015 GOP primary.