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Best Superbowl Commercials 2013

Great Superbowl game!  Congratulations to the Ravens who dominated the game from the opening drive.  Of course the commercials were a highlight.  You can see them…

harbaugh Brothers

The Harbaugh Bowl is On!

For the first time in NFL history, brother coaches will face each other in the Super Bowl.  Separated by only 15 months, older brother John Harbaugh,…


Football, Kids and Marriage

Everyone is talking about Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher who murdered his girlfriend this weekend before he killed himself.  Then there’s NBC’s Bob Costas turning this…

David Stern

David Stern went too far

Let me be blunt: the NBA has no business demanding teams set their rosters as David Stern sees fit. Every fan (and I say this because…

Donnie Walsh is out

The now-former President/GM of the Knicks has left under a “mutual decision.” Is Isaiah Thomas coming back? Please God, I hope not. Cross-posted to the right-wing…


For the first time in ten years, the New York Knicks have a winning season. For those of us used to the tragedy that has been…


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