Virginia politics, policy and entertainment from the Greater Richmond-Washington Metro Area perspective.

Feeling Slated

State Senator Frank Wagner is back in the news. He slated the Virginia Beach delegation last night in order to all but clinch his victory at…


Wasinger Campaign Goes Sexist

This type of language has no place in the Republican Party of Virginia, in political discourse, and deserves much more than apology. This deserves a resignation, a removal from the race, or an epic loss at the polls come April.

JHPolitics: Obamacare By Any Other Name

This needs to be called out for what it is, and Senate Republicans need to be taken to task for kow-towing to Democrats who have shown absolutely no intention on working with Republicans on anything other than their own Liberal agenda.


  When I started to volunteer and become active in the Republican Party, it felt like home. I was comfortable it was the good guys versus…


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