GUEST POST: 5 Reasons Not to Vote for Prince William Board of Supervisors Incumbents this Primary

By Tom Whitmore

Remember if you want truly effective government that serves the citizens well, you must Vote based on Performance not Personality. Don’t be roped into another “There you go again” moment!

-PWC has the highest county taxes in NOVA, period. They are among the highest few in Virginia. The PWBOCS tries to lull you with median and average tax bills of houses that cost more, but that’s B.S. The high R.E. tax rate is driving away big business and quality jobs to surrounding counties and we have to drive long commutes to get to them, 146,000+ of us daily.

-PWC is the only county with its own road building department in VA. Problem is you are already paying VDOT to build the roads but the PWBOCS is impatient so they charge you twice and do it themselves.

-PWC spends the least number of dollars per student of any other NOVA jurisdiction, 20% to 40% less, and it shows. Our kids have the lowest ACT, SAT and SOL scores.

-PWC has the most overcrowded schools in VA. Over the last decade we went from about 20 students to a staggering 31 per classroom because there weren’t enough funds to build enough new schools. Where did the money go, after all, we have the highest taxes? Roads, roads and more roads resulted in more houses, and more kids, which made our problems even worse. Ever heard of “Catch 22”?

-PWC has the lowest average wages paid in NOVA at $840.00 per week, well below Virginia’s average of $939.00, while Fairfax is at $1580.00, Loudoun is at $1244.00 and Arlington is at $1669.00 per week. PWC’s high R.E. tax and BPOL tax keep high paying employers from locating here.

The PWBOCS record is very clear. They brought us the highest taxes, worst schools, longest commutes, lowest wages and least opportunity, resulting in the lowest quality of life. We can and must do better! Do you really want more of the same, if not for you, how about for your kids?

Don’t be a prisoner. Break free of the Incumbent Re-election Protection Racket. Vote for really Lower Taxes, more High Paying Jobs, more Schools and a Brighter Future for Your Kids and community.

Now is the time when we must forget Right VS Left or Left VS Right and focus on Right VS Wrong!

Op-Ed “I’m Tim Ciampaglio and I’m running for Delegate”




My campaign for the House of Delegates begins each morning at 5:00AM with a bunch of slugs. No, not the garden variety, but the hard-working residents of Stafford County who silently line up in the pre-dawn hours to commute with strangers in the hopes of beating traffic. My campaign will give a voice to those silent slugs.

I’m Tim Ciampaglio and I’m seeking the Republican nomination for the Second District of the Virginia House of Delegates. My op-ed will discuss what I will do as your Delegate and how I will distinguish myself from my opponent. I plan to do that by discussing two large spending projects and compare how my opponent mishandled one (transportation), and how I will deliver superior results on the other (Veterans’ health care). The message you’ll receive is that when it comes to efficient government, I’m the only candidate that has delivered on it, and the only one that has a specific plan to keep delivering it to the residents of Stafford and Prince William Counties.

Back to the slugs. I campaign with the slugs because I respect them. They live in Stafford County so they can give their families the fullest of what life has to offer. They have made the decision to miss breakfast with their children, to quietly ride for an hour or more with total strangers to put in a full day of work, just to give their families the best life they can afford. I campaign with the slugs because these are my kind of people; the people that get up at ridiculous hours of the morning to put their families first. I have said on the campaign trail that no elected official will work harder for you than I will, and I’m proving that because I campaign with them at 5:00 in the morning, and then I go to work. In the quiet of the morning, that message is being received loud and clear.

I campaign with the slugs because the slugs are the people that were misled by my opponent when he voted for the transportation tax, and they are the people he’s trying to mislead in this campaign. Both of us will campaign on making Virginia government leaner and delivering more effective results. I’ve done it. He did the opposite. And the slugs know that.

This is what it means to be a fiscal conservative. A fiscal conservative sets the lowest tax rate possible to bring in the revenue that is necessary to provide the core services of the government to the taxpayer, in a way that delivers the quality of service the taxpayer expects, and without wasting any of the tax revenue (at peak efficiency). A fiscal conservative prioritizes the goals of the spending, prioritizes the manner in which your tax money is spent, and prioritizes them publicly so the taxpayer knows that their money taken for a project is spent on that specific project, rather than being reshuffled to other spending programs like a New York City street card game. So, my conservative taxation priorities are: 1) set the lowest tax rates possible, 2) provide the core services, 3) at the highest quality service levels, and 4) without wasting any taxpayer money (peak operational efficiency).

Back to the slugs. When I talk to the slugs, I learn a lot about transportation in Northern Virginia. I also learn a lot about my opponent. Some of those slugs are funny. They’ve referred to my opponent as Mark “Duden-hiker” because he hiked taxes on them to make transportation better, and yet they’re still in the slug line. One of them must be a “CSI” fan because he kept assuring me that “he won’t be fooled again” by my opponent. But mostly I learn just how badly my opponent botched transportation.

When he voted for the transportation tax, he raised six separate taxes on my constituents: the state sales tax on Stafford, the regional sales tax on Prince William, the regional property transfer tax on Prince William, the Northern Virginia hotel tax on our business owners, an alternative fuel vehicle tax for hybrid owners, and a car tax on car sales. Six taxes raised on Northern Virginians, and yet still they line up in the early hours of the morning.

The transportation tax imposed on Northern Virginia was marketed as being very important to Northern Virginia because…Hampton Roads needed a new Route 460! So my opponent took my Stafford slugs’ money and he appropriated it to Hampton Roads. And the state spent two years developing the Route 460 project and spent a whopping $290 million on it. That’s right…$290 million! But before you think about taking a trip to Hampton Roads to see what $290 million bought you, I’ll save you the time. The company never put the first shovel into the ground. Not one inch of road was laid out. The first project from my opponent’s transportation tax vote wasted all $290 million of your money. Every single penny. The state canceled the project on this April 15.

Now it’s my turn to show you why I’ll deliver on a big project. I’m a business owner. I do strategic planning, and when federal government agencies really lose their way, I get called in to turn them around. My most recent project was strategic planning for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). I was hired to revise their strategic plan at the same time details leaked out about just how poorly they delivered health care to Veterans. If there is anything I know better than health care to Veterans, and as a retired Coast Guard Officer that does have particular importance to me, it’s how to deliver services and results to taxpayers, especially our Veterans who served us and now need us to serve them.

At the same time the state canceled the 460 project, they voted to provide an initial $65 million for construction of two Veterans Health Administration facilities in Virginia, one of which will be in Prince William County. It’s very unusual for the state to pay for a federal facility, but Virginia has a large share of Veterans and is at the very bottom of rankings for VHA facilities per Veteran, so Virginia’s contribution fast tracks the projects. Now that the money has been appropriated, our focus, my focus, will be on making sure your taxpayer money is spent well to provide top level health care for our Veterans.

There are three goals of VHA care: first, provide Veterans with personalized, proactive, patient-driven health care; second, achieve measurable improvements in health outcomes; and third, align resources to deliver sustained value to Veterans. The expertise comes in developing the return on investment metrics to make sure that what went wrong in the VHA does not happen here. It can’t. As your next Delegate, I won’t allow it to happen. I won’t allow it to happen because I am the lead subject matter expert for the VHA on developing these metrics. When I am your Delegate, the Virginia-funded VHA facilities will be designed to meet these returns from the beginning. We will not waste one cent chasing goals that have not been clearly defined before the first dollar is spent. Our Veterans capably served us. As your delegate, I will make sure that the money Virginia has put into construction for the facility will lead to the care the Veterans deserve.

I have helped the VHA work towards peak efficiency (eliminate wasteful spending) through project prioritization and strategic planning. I will proactively prevent waste in the Virginia government, and not just on this health facility, but with transportation as well. I will be an advocate for putting a lockbox around our transportation funds. I will prioritize the projects, and make sure the public knows the priority list. I will make sure I track spending on transportation. I owe that to my family. I owe that to your family. I owe that to my friends in the slug line.

Even in the dark of the morning, the slugs are still able to see $290 million of their transportation tax dollars completely and totally wasted by the Virginia government. And as they said, they will not be fooled again.


Timothy Ciampaglio is a candidate for the Republican Nomination in Virginia’s 2nd Delegate District

Ummm… Yeah. Not quite, Don…


I guess “maverick Republican” means a Republican who voted for Obama.

Scoggins says he’ll remain in the Republican Party despite his vote for Obama. “I’m not going to be driven out by people who shouldn’t be in the party in the first place,” he says. “Blacks looked up to the party when it was the party of commerce. But the party,” he adds, “has totally gotten away from that. It’s now about abortion, gay rights and guns. It’s frustrating.”

Schoeneman the choice in Sully

The race for the Republican nomination for supervisor in Fairfax’s Sully district has gotten a disproportionate amount of attention in the Virginia blogosphere. Part of that comes from the players involved and their relationships with the candidates – from bloggers helping one candidate’s day to day operations, to one candidate himself being a blogger, to Ben Tribbet of Not Larry Sabato fame running the show on the Democrat side (and stirring the pot on the Republican side), there’s plenty of opportunity for fodder and attention.

Through it all, Brian Schoeneman has shown through with the candidate and the campaign focused on the issues. Schoeneman has routinely shown an ability to rise above rhetoric and put forth policy positions that detail solutions to the problems Sully and Fairfax face.

Schoeneman has consistently shown a willingness and eagerness to engage in honest conversations about his positions and the needs of Sully’s families. These honest debates are the life blood of the political system and shows a maturity beyond the bumper sticker, Twitter communication strategy that drives too many campaigns these days.

Steve Albertson rightly cites the Buckley Rule when talking about the Sully race[1]: vote for the most conservative candidate who can win against the Democrats.

Schoeneman has a plan to cut taxes, spur job creation, oppose pay increases for the Board of Supervisors, prioritize transportation spending to ease congestion, and he is absolutely rock solid when it comes to the Second Amendment and the right to life.

Brian Schoeneman is a great man and a great friend(even though he is an orioles fan) . Even those who have disagreements with him walk away with a level of respect and understanding that is hard to find in politics these days. He is the right man for the job of Sully Supervisor and I am honored to offer him my support and endorsement.

Vote Brian Schoeneman for Sully Supervisor on Saturday, April 25th.



NOTE: This endorsement reflects the opinion of the author and does not signify an endorsement from Virginia Virtucon or any of its other members.

John Guevara For Sully Supervisor

So, it’s been a little while since the shock and horror of MailerGate. Here are both mailers. The Schoeneman mailer came first:

Schoeneman Comparison Mailer

Then, a few days later, Guevara came out with his:

Guevara Comparison Mailer

…and this is the sort of thing where the establishment types like to cry victim, and of course, they did.

Both mailers undersold the records of their candidate’s opponents. Shocker. But it’s not Brian Schoeneman’s job to point out how pro-gun John Guevara is, any more than it’s Guevara’s to detail Litzenberger’s Air Force record. I also don’t have a problem with Guevara pointing out that Schoeneman’s kid attends a private school (although I would not have if I’d been calling the shots) at all. Ergo, it is my considered opinion that this is much ado about nothing, which the machine types behind Schoeneman are trying to turn into something. Moving on.

I wholeheartedly support John Guevara for Sully Supervisor, and I think he’ll make a fine candidate in the general election. He’s got the resources, the limited-government message, and the determination it will take to win in November. He wrote a piece earlier this week on his campaign, why he’s running, and his view on taxes, particularly the BPOL tax. This is kind of thing I want to see from politicians. Figure out what the problems are, and fix them.

John Guevara for Supervisor.

UPDATE: Apparently TB has been catching heat from Schoeneman’s partisans over this post, which has been up for oh, 15 minutes. It should be clear this is my personal opinion, not that of VV, but if not… this is my personal opinion in this piece. *SIGH*


File Under “For Real?” In Virginia’s 12th

There’s a four way fight for the Republican nomination to replace Walter Stosch in Virginia’s 12th District. Former Delegate Bill Janis seems to be the candidate with the largest bullseye on his back given his past representation in part of the district and being the only candidate with elected experience. Vince Haley is making some great noise and appealing to a lot of the Tea Party groups and his Newt Gingrich associations aren’t too bad either (though he did get a ding for not voting in last year’s Cantor/Brat primary). Edward Whitlock is also running and not much is really known about him but in a divided field there’s a lot or room to sneak through and surprise people.

That leaves Dr. Siobhan Dunnavant, who is trying to carve out a position somewhere between Janis and Haley. She repeatedly beats the drum on typical Tea Party talking points: Obamacare bad, boo Common Care, and no Amnesty! Which isn’t a bad thing, even if it sounds canned and like she’s just checking off all of the boxes.

But with Janis being the elephant in the room, she’s taking an interesting approach by attacking “career politicians.” For example:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.14.35 AM

Just one problem with this line of attack: She’s from a political family herself. In fact, it was the focus of coverage when she entered the race:

But Dunnavant — an obstetrician/gynecologist and West End mother of four who also runs a small health care business with her husband — is not a newborn in the Republican political nursery. She is the sister of Del. Christopher P. Stolle, R-Virginia Beach, who is also a physician. Another brother, Ken, is the sheriff of Virginia Beach and a former state senator.

No to career politicians but hooray for political dynasties?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a political family. But can a candidate who will be the third member of this generation of her family to serve in the General Assembly really attack “career politicians” with a straight face?

Personally, I’d love to see her take a strong stand on issues such a life and women’s health. Dunnavant is an OB/GYN and would be a strong counterweight to abortion loving Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam who loves to brag about being a doctor so knowing better on the range of issues from Obamacare to Women’s Health. She mentions pro-life values on her issues page but as a bullet point.

There’s a lot there for Dr. Dunnavant. But these canned approaches and “career politician” attacks that ignore her own family history don’t do her justice.

Leesburg Today forgets how to use the SBE Website

What seems like a way to underestimate Ron Meyers fundraising potential, Leesburg today reported Rons numbers all wrong,  Ron Meyer’s camp is not happy about it :

Leesburg Today’s Embarrassing Error


Yesterday, Leesburg Today misreported that Ron Meyer’s campaign for Broad Run Supervisor received more than $22,000 from a previous campaign.

As is publicly available (click here), from when Meyer launched his bid for Supervisor on February 16 to the March 31 deadline, he raised more than $26,500 from business and grassroots leaders. None of that money came from his previous campaign.

Ron Meyer, President of Springboard Media Strategies and Republican nominee for Broad Run Supervisor, released the following statement:

My fundraising reports are all public. For a media outlet to misreport something that can be easily searched on Google is embarrassing.

Frankly, it shows either tremendous laziness or serious bias toward young candidates with a fresh Republican message. Business leaders and grassroots leaders are supporting our campaign because we have exciting plans to improve the lives of Loudoun residents.

Our tremendous supporters led us to out-raise all other candidates for Supervisor in Loudoun last quarter–including incumbents–and we only had half of a quarter to do it. We’re off to a strong start, and despite opposition from the media, we will take our message directly to voters.



Op-Ed from The Good Delegate Scott Lingamfelter

My mentor and Fav Del. Scott Lingamfelter wrote this great Op-Ed for the


Now that the 2015 General Assembly Session has concluded, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the result of our work. Despite all the gridlock in Washington these days, we actually get things done in Richmond, on time, responsibly, and in a conservative manner.

The 2015 General Assembly adjourned ahead of schedule this year, for the first time in 15 years, demonstrating the clear contrast between Richmond and Washington. While Washington is gridlocked with partisanship, Republicans in Richmond are leading and governing.

We passed a conservative, responsible and, most importantly, balanced state budget that spends $1 billion less in general funds than last year’s originally-adopted budget. We have kept general fund spending, spending that comes from your direct taxes, under control in Virginia by making wise decisions to constrain spending and not increase taxes. The budget we just passed contains less general fund spending than the budget the governor brought to us in December 2013. In fact, over the past 10 years, when controlling for growth in population and inflation, the general fund actually decreased by 4 percent.

We rejected the governor’s effort to impose the Obamacare Medicaid expansion on Virginians. And we re-prioritized funding for pay raises for state employees, teachers, and state troopers.

On jobs, the House of Delegates remained laser-focused on improving Virginia’s economy. We passed legislation to attract innovative new companies to Virginia, making it possible for entrepreneurs to get the funding they need, fought to protect Virginia’s status as a right-to-work state, and defeated job-killing legislation that would hurt small businesses.

In higher education, making college more affordable was a top priority this year. I supported several bills to do just that, including legislation to cap unreasonable mandatory student fees, encourage colleges to offer affordable “flat-fee” degrees, and make it easier for families to find the information they need about college costs. The House budget also included additional funding for more in-state tuition slots, financial aid, and transfer-student grants.

In K-12 education, we continued to reform and improve our public schools. Our goal was to give every child a path to succeed in the classroom. We passed legislation to expedite Standards of Learning re-take tests and require schools to submit less paperwork to Richmond. And our budget funds a 1.5 percent teacher pay raise.

In transportation, the House of Delegates continues to increase accountability in our transportation system by working to protect taxpayer dollars. This year we changed the formula used to decide how transportation dollars are spent, picking up on one of my legislative priorities, to send more money to local governments for secondary road maintenance and repair. We also passed legislation to require transit projects to be reviewed based on their metrics, just like every other transportation project.

We worked on several other important and challenging issues: ethics reform, legislation to aid victims and protect students from sexual assault on campus, and changes to Virginia’s Alcoholic Beverage Control System to make it run more like a business and not a bureaucracy.

But we had some bad ideas show up as well. The House defeated liberal efforts to enact Michael Bloomberg’s radical gun-control agenda, fought to hold Attorney General Mark Herring accountable for his actions, and defeated efforts to roll back Virginia’s pro-life informed consent statutes that protect mothers and innocent life.

At a time when many of us are concerned that our government is unaccountable to us, it doesn’t listen to us, it grows unconstrained, threatens our liberty, and has abandoned the founding vision, I want to assure you that here in Virginia we are on a distinctly different path from Washington.

Conservative governance works for everybody. When government refrains from taking your hard-earned money, you can address the needs of your family or small business so that you can prosper and grow. When government respects your rights and liberty, then you can make the best choices for you and your family, business, and community.

Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter
(R-31st, Prince William and Fauquier counties)

Hillary Clinton fuels Russia’s nuclear ambitions while Bill rakes in the cash… and once again no action from Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department.

New Picture (11)

Even the New York Times, print media’s most liberal bastion, is calling former Secretary of State Clinton out on this scandal that involves selling out the nuclear security of the United States to Russia for the favor of big Clinton Foundation donors.  This is even bigger than Hilary’s brother and Governor McAuliffe’s Green Tech scandal – which involved selling out the national security of the United States to China for 40+ million in investment.  Russia and China buying influence from Secretary of State Clinton in National Security Issues…   And what did Eric Holder’s Department of  “Justice” focus on during these actions? What national security threat were they looking into? What public corruption case was so massive that selling out on nuclear energy to the Russians or selling Visa’s to wealthy Chinese businessmen at $500,000 a pop wasn’t the primary focus of Mr. Holder’s Do”J”?

Bob McDonnell driving a sports car, running up a golf tab, taking some loans to help cover costs until his income increases after leaving the Governor’s Mansion, and all while not actually doing anything of substance for a nutrition supplement shill.  Clearly that is more important than raking in cash for giving Russia control of the Uranium market in the United States or blatantly selling U.S. visas to Chinese investors.

Mr. Holder, if the jury instructions that got Bob McDonnell convicted are the “Justice” Department’s actual view of what constitutes public corruption – then where are the indictments of Hilary Clinton, her brother and our current Governor in Virginia?  Their conduct was more egregious from an impact on our national security, from a monetary quotient, and from the hard evidence of an actual quid-pro-quo taking place.  Where are the indictments Mr. Holder? Where is the “justice” that your departmen is supposed to bring? You know, the “justice” that isn’t directly tied to the agenda of the viability of Democratic candidates for office and the goals of the Obama administration…

PWC Fire House Primary two days away

As we previously posted the PWC Republican Fire House primary is now just two days away.  In our previous post we provided our readers an opportunity to vote for their favorites in the races that will be on the ballot on Saturday in Prince William County.

Surprise, surprise our readers followed our endorsements, well except for the race for BOCS Chairman.  Does this mean the campaigns are over?  VV endorsed candidates are sure to win on Saturday?   NO!  Our polls don’t mean a hill of beans for what may transpire on Saturday.  We have no way to accurately measure how many voters that participated in our polls can actually vote in any of the elections on Saturday in PWC.   While fun to get a sense of what our readers think, and to kill time until election day, polls on blogs don’t mean squat.

The good news . . .it doesn’t appear any candidates or campaigns spent much time or effort trying to win our polls.  Hopefully all of the campaigns are doing what they need to be doing right now – contacting voters!  People who can actually vote for their candidates and decide PWC’s fate for the next four years.  Candidates that spend time worrying about what blog is endorsing them need to reexamine their priorities.

Good luck to all of the candidates on the ballot on Saturday in PWC.  Except for a select few, all of the candidates on the ballot on Saturday are worthy of carrying the Republican banner into the November general election.

48 hours candidates – STOP Reading BLOGS and get on the doors and get on the phones!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.57.33 PM


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.57.54 PM

GUEST POST: The State of the County – A Factual Review of Prince William County

Guest Post by Tom Whitmore

The State of the County a Factual Review of Prince William County

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors paints a rosy picture of the state of PWC. Let’s take the tinted glasses off and look from a factual perspective. Over the past decade our county has drifted into a very serious decline by most meaningful measures. Whether it is higher taxes, lower wages, lack of quality jobs, low VA DOE composite scores, out of balance commercial to residential development, high classroom populations, low SOL and SAT scores or traffic congestion to name a few, the PWBOCS has failed it’s citizenry miserably.

The Board claims our Real Estate taxes are 30% lower than the rest of NOVA. True, if you are comparing a PWC median value house of $319,000.00 against a Fairfax median value house at $500,300 or one of Arlington’s at $627,200. In reality the PWC tax rate including fire and rescue is higher at $1.22 per hundred of valuation, Fairfax is at $1.09, Arlington is at $0.996 and Loudoun and Alexandria are at $1.135 and $1.043 respectively. This claim gives a false sense of security while the county picks the citizens pockets. Additionally, this high tax rate poses a very real impediment to attracting large employers to PWC.

Most people buy as much house as they can comfortably afford in the location that is right for them and suits their requirements and priorities. A $319K home in PWC with a $3663 tax bill would be taxed $3270 in Fairfax and only $2988 in Arlington, with Loudoun and Alexandria incurring lower tax bills also. The truth is our tax rates are among the highest in the entire commonwealth.

The Board is proud of the high median household income in PWC, currently at about $95,000.00. Looking closer we find it is not a result of their efforts but rather a lack thereof, resulting in the necessity for 146,000+ of the 200,000+ workforce to commute outside of the county each day for jobs and be able to earn those higher paychecks. PWC has just over 116,000 jobs mostly service related and lower paying. Of these approx. 60, 000 are filled by commuters from other jurisdictions. The average wage in PWC is about $840 per week while the average for Virginia is at $939 per week. The other jurisdictions in NOVA are substantially higher with Fairfax at $1580, Arlington at $1669, Loudoun at $1244 and Alexandria at $1368 in weekly wages.

One may think that the Cost of Living in PWC might be lower since home prices are less, but there is only a slight difference. With the U.S. average COL index at 100.00, Arlington comes in at 137.7, Fairfax at 135.4, Loudoun at 133.6, Alexandria at 136.7 and PWC has a 132.5 COL index. This high cost of living forces many households to have two or more wage earners just to get by, which of course also helps to boost the high median household income.

A December 2014 George Mason University Center for Regional Analysis study notes that for a jurisdiction to maintain a healthy economy and be able to provide necessary core services without over burdening the residential taxpayer it must have a substantial part of its tax base in commercial properties. They state that commercial property is revenue positive as it only uses $0.35 to $0.40 in services per revenue dollar, while residential properties are revenue negative since they consume $1.20 to $1.60 in services per revenue dollar. In Arlington the commercial/residential ratio is 49.5/50.5, in Fairfax it is 21.1/78.9, in Alexandria its’ at 42.5/47.5, Loudoun is at 25.4/74.6 and PWC has a 17/83 ratio.

GMU notes that these residential numbers do not include multi-family and apartment units as most jurisdictions report them on the commercial side. To get an accurate picture of revenue positive/negative mix and demand for services they should be included with the residential properties. PWC has 95,700 single family houses, town houses and condos along with 35,000 apartment and multi-family units which represent 28% of the total housing units. This high percentage of multi-family and apartments effectively reduces PWC’s actual ratio to 14/86.

Many experts assert that a commercial to residential ratio of 30/70 or better is ideal, making it easier to fund the schools and core services. Obviously PWC falls far short of this which has resulted in higher tax rates and road congestion as citizens look outside the county for jobs.

The Board often mentions the 56.75/43.25 % revenue share arrangement with the school district as being a positive, but actually it has a negative impact on funding other core services like fire & rescue, police and public welfare. The NOVA jurisdictions with a higher percentage of commercial property are the ones with lowest revenue share percentage with the schools and the highest per pupil dollar allocations which result in lower student classroom populations and higher test scores. Arlington shares 45.9 % of revenue with the school district which equates to $17,041 per student annually, Fairfax has a 52.7 % revenue share at $ 13,519 per student, Loudoun shares 46.00 % at $ 12,195.00 per student while PWC’s 56.75 % share only yields $10, 365 per student.

No wonder PWC has the highest classroom populations, having gone from approximately 20 students to 31 students on average per class over the last decade and the lowest ACT, SOL & SAT scores in the NOVA region.

The Virginia Department of Education “ability to pay” composite score affirms the unhealthy state of PWC’s economy. Arlington has a score of .80, Fairfax is at .68, Loudoun is at .56, Alexandria comes in at .80 and PWC follows the pack with a .38 score.

The Board often speaks of the myriad road projects it has financed, yet traffic still backs up, as so many of the projects opened up new areas for more residential development which just added more traffic and additional burden on schools and services. Quite often this additional traffic has made it necessary to do improvements on existing roads to handle the increased traffic at even more expense and inconvenience to the taxpayers.

The Board is especially proud of having the only road building department in Virginia aside from VDOT. Paying for both PWC and VDOT to build roads is a very expensive proposition and not very wise. Suspending the PWC road building program and allowing VDOT to build the roads, then using the saved revenue for the schools to catch up on their building program, thereby reducing class sizes and hopefully improving test scores is the more responsible thing to do.

Building more developer friendly roads and increasing the tax base with residences while hoping to relieve school overcrowding and road congestion is akin to trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

The Citizens of Prince William County are faced with some serious decisions this election year, do they vote for more of the same failed leadership or take their chances and vote for some new and hopefully more responsible leaders? Do they vote for more roads leading to higher taxes and more congestion and school overcrowding or do they vote for more jobs and smaller classroom sizes so their kids have a chance for a bright future?

The 2nd Delegate District Primary match up is starting to heat up.. Dudenhefer wants to save you hundreds of thousands

Yesterday I reported that Candidate Tim Ciampaglio vowed to not raise taxes if elected to the House of Delegates, going as far as to say he would sign a pledge. Today former Delegate Mark Dudenhefer announces his “Lean Government Initiative”. This sounds very interesting, as always I will post his press release and you draw your own conclusion:



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  

April 22, 2015


Dudenhefer proposes Lean Government Initiative

Proposal can save Virginia Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Stafford, Virginia – Mark Dudenhefer, Republican candidate for Virginia House District 2, has proposed an initiative that can save Virginia taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Lean Government Initiative is developed from a business philosophy that many businesses use to cut waste, save money, and constantly improvement efficiency. A handful of other states have implemented this initiative and have recorded savings ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

The Lean Government Initiative will do more with less, and help streamline government more like the private sector. Lean government models have been used in other states to cut down backlogs, use taxpayer money more effectively, and improve governmental processes to ensure peak performance.

Mark Dudenhefer has a proven track record of cutting taxes and reducing the size of government. He has proposed solutions like the ones below, not empty campaign promises.

Lean Government Initiative proposal:

  1. Direct the Inspector General to implement the lean government philosophy into state government.
  2. Train state government managers to learn and incorporate lean government at all appropriate levels of government.
  • Target government processes that will simplify and streamline procedures to reduce backlogs and cut down on waste.

“I have a proven track record of cutting taxes and reducing the size of government. If elected, I will propose legislation to implement lean government in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This initiative can save Virginia taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars; it’s time that the government starts operating as efficiently as possible,” said Dudenhefer.

Ciampaglio pledges not to raise taxes if elected Delegate



Tim Ciampaglio, who will go head to head against former Delegate Mark Dudenhefer for the Republican nomination on June 9th ( 2nd Delegate District), said he would sign a pledge to not raise taxes as Delegate.

In an  interview with Potomac Local Ciampalio stated:

“The tax burden on businesses and the tax burden on people is way too high…[I’m] going to sign a pledge…that I will not raise taxes and I won’t introduce new taxes. We need to level it off and stop it. And then we can look, and if we need more money, we can increase the tax base – not the tax rate,

Ciampaglio a retired United States Coast Guard Commander has a battle ahead of him, he has to go up against Dudenhefer’s name recognition (though Ciampaglio is not a name to forget) and the former Delegates fundraising connections.

This is my District so I will be watching very closely

Steve Chapman worries non-Repubicans might walk away from Republican Firehouse Primary on Saturday

This Saturday, Prince William County Republicans will choose their nominees in a series of firehouse primaries across the county. When they arrive, they’ll be asked to sign a statement of intent which simply says, “hey, you are choosing to participate in the Republican nominating process so it’d be nice if you’d pledge to support the actual Republican nominee come this November, whether or not it is your guy.” More or less.

To one candidate in particular, that is a bridge too far:

Steve Chapman, who is running for the Republican nominee for Woodbridge supervisor, said he’s concerned voters could be turned off by the “statement of intent.”

“It would be terrible for the party if a bunch of people come in and feel disenfranchised because they have to sign a blood oath to the Republican Party or be turned away,” Chapman said. “That’s un-American.”

“Un-American,” he says. Like a Constitutional right to free association granted to political parties not by a Supreme Court decision or the highest document in the land but by our Creator himself?

Or how about the well documented series of great “American” acts like adultery, threatening a 9 year old girl, and just being a jerk as documented regularly by BVBL?

Mr. Chapman, Steve if you will, Steve-o if I may, who exactly are you trying to get and come vote for you that would be offended to say they’ll support the Republican nominee in November even if it isn’t you?

Also, you do realize it’s non-binding, right? No pin prick, no knife and bowls, no ceremony of any sort, no one checking your ballot come November and hauling you off to a reeducation camp for voting the wrong way (Republicans don’t do that, Democrats do /snark).

Get over yourself, Steve-o. And be ready for the people of Woodbridge to elect Lee Price to be the Republican on the ballot in November – and the next Supervisor out of Woodbridge.

And I do hope you’ll vote for him in November, Steve-o.

Prince William County Fire House Primary – Saturday April 25

On Saturday April 25th voters from across the county in Prince William County will be going to the polls to set nominees for the Republican ticket for the fall elections.   In what is called a Fire House Primary voters will have  from 10am to 3pm to go to designated polling locations to vote for their choice to represent the Republican Party in the November election.

This year’s election in Prince William County is shaping up to be the most exciting election in Prince William County since 2003.  With an anti-incumbent sentiment growing in the county otherwise expected shoe-in incumbents are facing strong challenges for their party’s nomination.  For Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors Corey Stewart is facing a challenge from newcomer Chris Crawford and in the Coles District Marty Nohe is facing a challenge from Paul O’Meara.

Virginia Virtucon has been watching the races that are on the ballot Saturday and have made our endorsements.  Below find all of the candidates on the ballot and our label next to those we find to be the best choice for the future of Prince William County.



Race Candidate Candidate
11021530_1391559871164039_2734001692066890660_o Glen Hill
1284d7b Mike Messier
Clerk of Court
52e203a3e9c98.image Michele McQuigg
1234744_10151658168908269_128633255_n Austin Haynes
BOCS Chairman
1234744_10151658168908269_128633255_n Corey Stewart
crawford Chris Crawford
Coles Supervisor
VOT_Martin_E_Marty_Nohe_8057_1317409020 Marty Nohe
O'Meara169 Paul O’Meara
Occoquan Supervisor
Anderson_Headshot (2) Ruth Anderson
11156253_444984835675392_4506503143123809939_n Donald Scroggins
Woodbridge Supervisor
1234744_10151658168908269_128633255_n1 Lee Price
s6-2-257x300 Steve Chapman

Tell Us what you think about the races in PWC – who would you vote for?

Schoeneman responds to the barrage against him



Brian Schoeneman candidate for the nomination for the Republicans in Fairfax County’s Sully District has been catching it pretty bad on the interwebs lately.  Everything including the kitchen sink has been thrown at him as of late.. on all social media, and frankly it’s getting on the nerves of many who are not in Fairfax or in the Sully District, that being said Brian took to social media this morning to respond :

Throughout this campaign, I have focused on voter contact. My team and I have been working tirelessly, every day, knocking doors, calling voters, sending emails and getting my positive message out on who I am, what I have done, and what I want to do as your Sully Supervisor.

We are down to the last week. In the last week, the attacks against me have ramped up, whether they be via emails, blog posts or direct mail, authorized or not by my opponents. This is unfortunate, but I refuse to respond in kind. My opponents are both good men, and I won’t level the kinds of attacks against them that have been leveled against me. That kind of politics of personal destruction is what is killing our representative form of government, and I refuse to play that game.

Voters don’t want to see attacks like this, and rightfully so. That’s why my campaign is going to keep doing what we are doing, talking to voters everyday and earning votes, not tearing people down.

I for one will be happy when this particular primary is done, so we can get to the business of getting our candidates elected.  The pleasure that some take in tearing down folks, i hope is translated into the general election in November, then we can start getting folks elected again.

Full disclosure the author has publicly supported Brian Schoeneman, but this post is not an endorsement, or does it reflect the views of the blog as a whole

Ruth Anderson the right woman for the job in Occoquan

Anderson_Headshot (2)


Air Force Veteran (20 years), Community Activist, Dedicated Wife and Mother; Republicans rejoiced when Ruth Anderson decided to jump into the race for Occoquan Supervisor. Ruth faces Don Scoggins for the Republican nomination on April 25th.

Ruth has been someone I have known since I began my sentence in the political arena many years ago, and she is one of the most dedicated of all the people that I know. She will make an awesome Supervisor not only in representing her district but Prince William County as a whole.

The quote on her website represents not only the Republican Party, but what the folks of Prince William County need,” As County Supervisor, my priority will be to protect taxpayers. I believe the people make better choices with their hard-earned money than the government does.”

I encourage my friends and all Republicans to vote for Ruth on April 25th


This post reflects only the view of the blogger 



Follow-up On Slating… And A Word About The Sully Mess

A little over a week ago, I wrote here about the slating affair of last year and what its lasting consequences have been, are, and should be. A few days later, I got an email from Delegate Jimmie Massie (R-72nd) expressing his concerns that he was being unfairly named as one of the slaters. He copied the illustrious T. Boulden on it, asking me to retract that part of my post. So I again reached out to some Henrico activist folks I know that were at the Henrico mass meeting. What I got back was interesting.

Delegate John O’Bannon (R-73rd) actually taunted someone before the meeting, sticking his finger in the guy’s face, saying “When your side starts winning elections, then we can sit down and talk.”

Whoops. How’d that work out for you? See you in 2017.

Both O’Bannon and Linwood Cobb clearly were in on the slating, and Janis was seen whispering with Cobb at the back of the room. And… “Massie addressed the audience before the voting began to prepare our side for losing. He said we had to ‘leave there and stay friends after the vote.’ After the vote, I went up to Jimmie and asked him if we were still friends?”

Also, these letters went out shortly before the Henrico County mass meeting (editorializing and highlighting not mine, this is the state in which I got them):


Remarkably like some emails that went out in Hampton Roads before the meetings down there, which were courtesy of Ray Allen and the YG Virginia crowd, aren’t they? Bearing in mind as well that O’Bannon was obviously involved in the planning and execution of the Henrico slating effort, it certainly doesn’t look good to be coordinating with him.

To sum up, I stand by my previous post.

Moving on to the Sully Supervisor primary, I just want to state that while I’m personally a firm supporter of John Guevara in that race, the attack on Brian Schoeneman yesterday was ridiculous. He went to his personal network, as every smart candidate does, to raise money. Not a thing wrong with that.


Frank Principi wants to continue his vision for Woodbridge………


Though he has not ramped up his fundraising yet, Democrat and frequent neglecter of the Woodbridge District Frank Principi made it official he wants another term. Speaking to POTOMAC LOCAL he says he plans to run on his past record as Supervisor, stating:

“I’m running on my record. My record of not just the vision of a new Woodbridge, but the fact that we’ve got a billion dollars in public and private investment over the last four years in Woodbridge. I think we have a lot to be proud of”

I am not sure where in Woodbridge he is talking about, but he is proud of his record and he wants to continue the work he is doing here….Maybe it’s the rundown strip malls, or the various cash checking places up and down route 1 that he is proud of? Perhaps it’s the crime and gang issues we deal with and overcrowding schools and failing infrastructure that can be found throughout the neighborhoods of Woodbridge…but if he is proud then he is proud.


We have two challengers vying for the Republican nomination here in Woodbridge, Steve Chapman and Lee Price. Whoever wins the nomination on April 25th will have their work cut out for them , the Democratic machine will be out in full force for Principi and when he starts fundraising and using money to cover his failings as Supervisor, it will be a huge battle.

Virginia Republicans vote to get rid of the death tax…all except Rigell



In a vote of 240-179, the House Republicans voted to repeal the Death tax today. Proudly the entire  Virginia Republican delegation voted for repeal, except Congressman Scott Rigell.  In his press release, the Congressman explains his vote and I will leave it to the reader to agree or disagree with his reasoning:

“Today I voted against cutting the estate tax to zero. As our military absorbs the impacts of sequestration, I cannot justify supporting a bill that adds nearly $270 billion to the debt without providing an offset for these costs.

“Members of Congress hold different views on this, and I understand why many of my colleagues cast a principled vote in support of this bill. However, Congress and the White House have already made significant progress in this area. Legislation signed into law in 2013 allows an individual to pass on $5.4 million without paying an estate tax. A couple can pass on $10.8 million. The bill we voted on today would only affect an estimated two-tenths of one percent of Americans or about 5,500 households.

“Our nation’s financial problems are very serious and if not addressed, threaten the future of every American regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or political affiliation.

“We know with certainty that there will be a 33% increase in the number of seniors enrolling in Medicare and Social Security over the next ten years. Additionally, defense spending cuts driven by sequestration threaten our national security and reduce investments in other critical areas including transportation.

“My focus is on reversing sequestration, protecting our military, and putting our nation on a better fiscal path. I will continue to fight for sound financial policy driven by facts and an unapologetic resolve to pass on to the next generation of Americans the blessings of liberty and freedom.” – Congressman Scott Rigell


With that being said Barbara Comstock voted with the majority of the GOP and the Virginia Delegation and voted against this invasive tax. Her statement is as follows:

“Imagine building up a family business or family farm your whole life only to lose much of that business upon the death of Mom or Dad.  Under current law, Uncle Sam swoops in and can take up to 40% of what you spent a lifetime building up for your children and grandchildren.  Today we voted to stop that injustice.


“Family businesses are the backbone of the American economy and should not be punished for saving responsibly and investing in our country.  This legislation provides hardworking families and small businesses with the economic security they need to create jobs and grow our economy.  No longer will families be forced to sell parts of their farms and small businesses in order to pay an unfair tax to the government due to the death of a loved one.


“The Death Tax is double taxation on income already earned and taxed as well as an undue burden on American families.  With passage of this legislation, those who own family farms and small businesses will be able to plan ahead for their future and pass along their hard earned businesses to their children and grandchildren.” – Barbara Comstock


This Blogger agrees with Comstocks explanation, I’m curious to what others may be thinking. 





Austin Haynes one of the good guys



I usually shy away from making public endorsements, but in the case of the Prince William County Clerk of the Court race I think it needs to be done and said.

Austin Haynes is weathering a barrage of attacks from his career politician opponent. And while his opponent spends thousands of dollars and time running a gutter campaign, Austin has emerged as the good person – and the right person – to be the next Clerk of the Court. Austin has been doing all the right things in this primary, and no matter what the outcome he will emerge from this race as the better person.

Unlike the current Clerk of the Court, Austin has vowed not to use the office as his own political bully pulpit and has pledged to update the office into the 21st century. Austin brings a level head, a good attitude, and the right ideas to an office that has lacked all three qualities as of late.

The tactics that are being used against Austin are disgusting and unfair and these scorched earth efforts will come back to haunt those using them. We have an opportunity to reject this style of politics and elect a great Clerk of the Court. Vote Austin Haynes in the April 25thFirehouse Primary.


This post reflects the views of the author

Democrats struggle to play catch up in the 29th Senate District.



Well, the numbers are out for the three Dems vying for the nomination in the 29th District.

McPike at $50,220; Qarni $35,778, Futrell at $31,716.

The problem for them is, with their combined total, they are way out of reach of Hal Parrish:


For Immediate Release                                                                                                   

April 14, 2015


Parrish Campaign Announces Record

$330,000 Fundraising Quarter


Builds a Broad Coalition of Virginians For Servant Leadership


Manassas, Virginia — Hal Parrish, candidate for the Virginia State Senate in the 29th District, raised a record $330,000 since announcing his candidacy in late January. The campaign’s first quarter fundraising total represents the most raised in any single quarter by any candidate in the 29th District and places the Parrish campaign in the top tier of Virginia Senate races this cycle.

“A campaign is only as strong as the people in it, and I am humbled and grateful to the hundreds of supporters here in Manassas, Prince William, and across Virginia who support our message of servant leadership,” said Parrish.

“There is a legacy of servant legislators that have come before me that have put the needs of their constituents and districts before politics and before themselves. I believe in that tradition and so does our growing coalition of supporters. Our campaign will work to provide Virginia families common sense ideas to improve the quality of our life and our infrastructure, create better jobs, and better fund our schools.”

Highlights of Parrish’s first fundraising quarter:


Total Individual Donors: 400

Total Contributions of $100 or Less: 212