Some Answers?

Recently, Greg L. over on Black Velvet Bruce Li has raised some concerns over Faisal Gill, a potential GOP candidate for the open 51st House of Delegates District.  Faisal has provided Virtucon with copies of some documents that may help provide answers to at least some of the questions that Greg has raised.

Click on the links below to access the documents we have been provided. (We’re taking the FOX News approach to this entire matter — We report. You decide. — as we have a good relationship with both individuals involved here.)

Ethics Forms

IG Letter


6 thoughts on “Some Answers?

  1. I love it when the right-wingers eat their own. Keep it up guys!

    p.s. Please Jim, you’ve not lost all your integrity by actually BELIEVING that Fox News “We report, You decide” crap have you?!? It’s almost as laughably transparent as that bufoon O’Reilly’s so-called “No Spin” Zone. Yeah, OK, no spin. Whatever.

  2. Geez, I can’t believe this guy works for the government in Homeland security…looks suspiously close to many, many terroists and terrorit organizations.

  3. Thanks, Jim. This should put to rest the uninformed charges that Faisel failed to disclose all of his dealings, as well as the inaccurate claims that he worked for these islamic organizations.

    The disclosure shows that he was a consultant, not an employee.

    For those who think you should be disqualified for past associations with groups that later have allegations against them, this will verify what we already knew,which is that Faisel DID have associations with these groups — something he never denied.

    For the rest of us who know Faisel or know those who support him, and who understand that hindsight is 20/20, this should put this islamophobia incident to rest.

    Of course, for Greg this was never about Faisel being Muslim, it was about Faisel being Chapman’s attorney. And some will disqualify Faisel for that as well, or for just being a Chapman supporter.

    But I certainly hope we have nipped in the bud the “guilt-by-association” crap. I hate it when its done to democrats, I hate it when it’s done to republicans. If someone meets with a “known terrorist” after THEY know the person is a terrorist, then let’s blast them for it. These organizations here are all ones that, at the time Faisel provided consulting for them, were NOT considered enemies of the state.

  4. Look this dude consorted with known enemies of the United States, I hope he is CIA and acting as an agent and not just some fool funnelling information and money to terrorists..

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