Jim Webb MIA in the Senate for Virginians

Yesterday we told you about an opportunity that Sen. Jim “Thinskin” Webb (D-WashPo) had to stand up for Virginians on their number one issue — transportation.  In the end, a bipartisan group of 72 senators including Virginia’s senior senator John Warner signed the letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) urging him to support funding FY ’07 transportation appropriations at the level previously authorized by law and already paid for by dedicated funds that you and I have paid in the form of the highway user fee (a.k.a. the federal gas tax.)

Jim Webb was not among those 72 senators even though a number of other freshman Democrat senators were.

Freezing transportation funding at FY ’06 levels would mean a loss of $80,753,221 for Virginia’s roads and mass transit systems and translate into 3,836 fewer jobs in Virginia according to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Staff based on information provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Why was Jim Webb MIA in the Senate for Virginians yesterday on their top priority?  If Webb can’t (or won’t) do his job, then perhaps he should revert to form and just quit.


The final signatory count was 72 and Webb never signed it.  The full letter complete with signatures can be found here.  Following is a list of the senators who did sign the letter:

Thune, Baucus, Boxer, Inhofe, Bond, Dorgan, Dodd, Warner, Isakson, Bingaman, Lott, Clinton, Tester, Voinovich, Craig, Cardin, Sanders, Thomas, Crapo, Conrad, Lieberman, Murkowski, Obama, Kerry, Grassley, Stabenow, Vitter, Salazar, Snowe, Landrieu, Kennedy, Alexander, Allard, Feingold, Levin, Coleman, Smith, Biden, Sessions, Lincoln, Brown, Hutchison, Specter, Carper, Menendez, Enzi, Burr, Schumer, Wyden, Roberts, Collins, Lautenberg, Bill Nelson, Whitehouse, Feinstein, Harkin, Martinez, Brownback, Akaka, Corker, Chambliss, Klobuchar, Reed, Bennett, Dole, Pryor, Hagel, Rockefeller, Casey, Lugar, Bayh, and Hatch

Webb may have been “Born Fighting,” but obviously he isn’t fighting for Virginians in the U.S. Senate.


13 thoughts on “Jim Webb MIA in the Senate for Virginians

  1. Maybe he was using the restroom.

    Maybe he was fine tuning another soft porn novel.

    Maybe theres no glory in jobs in Virginia, like there is in kicking the president in the ass and taking names.

    I’m just sayin’…

  2. Let’s be honest here – the reason this is an issue in the first place is the Republicans could not complete the spending bills last congress.

  3. Nice try at changing the subject from Jim Webb’s dereliction of duty to Virginians. The fact of the matter is, Jim Webb had a chance to help his constituents and he blew them off on their number one priority. It is simple as that.

    Now get back to your job working for Gov. Timmy! at the Virginia Information Technologies Agency….

  4. I thought transportation was a big issue for Virginia Democrats? They complain that we don’t raise enough state revenue to pay for our roads, and then they don’t stand up in the Senate to stop federal fund s being cut by close to $81 million?

  5. We knew all along that Webb had no interest in all this. He was pulled from relative obscurity and gleeful semi-retirement and was asked to run against Allen. He’s now stumbled into office and has no desire to be there.

    Expect many more stories like this as time goes by.

  6. I was under the impression that Webb didn’t want to sign it because he doesn’t want any sacred cows on the table when it’s time cut the budget. Which I fully agree with. We have got to eliminate this defecit and bipartisan agreements to keep spending the same amount of money that we have been are exactly what is NOT going to balance the federal budget.

    So how exactly is it that Jim Webb’s refusal to agree to run a defecit makes him ‘MIA’ as a Senator? He’s there and doing his job all right. He’s just not voting the way you want him to, assuming that you are one of those pro-defecit types.

  7. Sorry, Jackson. This move does not affect the deficit as the Highway Trust Fund is offline and does not count towards it. However, if the money in the dedicated fund is NOT spent, weasles like Webb will count the money in it towards making the deficit appear lower even though there is no way for that money to be expended elsewhere.

    Webb was MIA, no excuses. 72 U.S. senators of all ideological persuasions signed this letter with the remainder being members of leadership to whom the letter was addressed and members of the Appropriations Cmte. who were keeping their powder dry. Webb is the ONLY freshman senator not to sign on this letter.

    Simply put, Jim Webb was asleep at the switch for Virginians on our number 1 priority. I guess he was too busy cozying up to Jane Fonda to do the people’s work.

  8. Webb’s utterances and actions during the campaign and following the election expose a level of ignorance remarkable in its’ breadth of subject matter. His deficits include obvious economic naivete’, constitutional illiteracy, filial negligence, and questionable judgement in addition to his demonstrated boorishness.

    One must hope that these qualities will be recognized by our voting public and that they rid themselves of this mistake if he stands for re-election.

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