Bill Bolling on Transportation Deal

“Building a transportation system for the 21st century is the most important issue currently facing
Virginia.  To do this we must increase funding for the Transportation Trust Fund, we must do a better job linking land use planning and transportation planning, and we must reform VDOT to make sure our transportation dollars are being spent wisely.”

“The Republican transportation plan is not a perfect plan.  However, it does address each of these issues.  This plan will increase funding for transportation by more than $1B a year.  It will make VDOT more accountable and better position our local governments to manage growth and development.  And it will do this without imposing the massive statewide tax increases that had been proposed by Governor Kaine and Democrats in the General Assembly.”  

“Now is the time for leadership and action.  Now is the time to put
Virginia first.  General Assembly Republicans have cast the difficult votes that leadership required.  Now, we call on Governor Kaine to sign this bill and enable us to move forward with our efforts to address
Virginia’s transportation needs. 
Virginia families and businesses will be watching to see if the Governor will put progress over politics.”


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