Red Storm Rising!

On Friday, Virginia Virtucon introduced a new feature, “Red Storm Virginia,” intended to make it fast and easy for people to donate online to conservative Republican candidates in Virginia using those candidates’ own secure contribution web sites.  While Virtucon has no information on who clicks on the links we provide nor how much (or even whether) a person donates, we can review total number of click throughs to those secure contribution pages.

In just a few days, we have already had 15 people visit the contribution pages for 7 of our endorsed candidates.  (To put this in context, Raising Kaine has had a total of 124 contributions made to their 8 supported candidates – plus their own PAC – through  Following is a breakdown of which candidates received hits from our links and how many click throughs each candidate has received so far:

Bob FitzSimmonds for Senate – 4

Jill Holtzman Vogel for Senate – 3

Ken Cuccinelli for Senate – 2

Jay O’Brien for Senate – 2

Lori Waters for Supervisor – 2

Jeff Frederick for Delegate – 1

Scott Lingamfelter for Delegate – 1

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our candidates so far!  Spread the Storm!!!


4 thoughts on “Red Storm Rising!

  1. Here’s what gets me about you Riley. You can’t compare hits to people who actually donate. I was a couple of those clicks.

    I think your new program is interesting, but comparing clicks to the number of people who actually gave money on RK? Do you think people are morons?

  2. No, Ben, and I made it clear that we couldn’t determine if anyone actually gave. We’re not out to take credit for actual dollars contributed like If we were, we’d set up a tracking system. We’re just saying there were so many click throughs and out of that, more likely than not, some contributions have been made.

    You didn’t happen to donate to a GOPer, did you? Clicking on a donation link is one step away from giving money to a Republican, so don’t be surprised if David Miller throws that back at you. 😉

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