I didn’t know Denny Crane lived in the 51st Dist.

Apparently someone by the name of Paul Nichols is interested in running for the Democrat nomination for the 51st House Dist. located in PWC against the only already-declared Democrat candidate, defeated Occoquan Supervisor candidate Jeff Dion.  Mr. Nichols practices family law and divorce law (sidenote:  while working at a law firm as an associate, I once had the occasion to work on a divorce case — I still feel dirty from that one instance.)

I’m sorry, but in this picture, Mr. Nichols looks like he is entering a Denny Crane look-alike contest for the show “Boston Legal.”  I just don’t think I can take a candidate seriously who is, consciously or not, trying to look like William Shatner.  I think if Jeff Dion were to sport a pair of Leonard Nemoy “Spock Ears” I’d find it less humorous.


4 thoughts on “I didn’t know Denny Crane lived in the 51st Dist.

  1. Hm. But Riley, did you READ that essay I linked on the post you left this link on? [spockian raised eyebrow] Will you come back and let me know your opinion of Bill Whittle’s essay?

    Otherwise, cute comparison, but this looks like a fairly standard “I’m a dignified (but not moribund) lawyer (or whatever)” pic… So what are the policies this guy supports which you don’t like?

    I don’t know the guy, I’ve got no dog in the race, but a bit more ping for the promo would have been nice.

    — Kat

  2. I agree with Jim Young on this. Yes, I know Paul too. He was my divorce lawyer. The man is a SHARK in the courtroom, a generally decent man (from what I know of him). Mind you, I ONLY know him on a professional basis and NOT a personal basis like Jim does.

    That being said, at least you didn’t use THIS photo (http://www.ganglandnews.com/gotti21.jpg)!!!

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