Roscoe Reynolds — Smells of Desperation

Word just in that State Sen. RoscoeFoot In MouthReynolds is smelling the desperation dripping from his shirt.  Seems that Roscoe has just hired Joey Stanley’s Yellow Dog Strategy — the gang behind Sen. Thinskin Gump’s (D-WashPo) controversial (some have said anti-Semitic) attack on Harris Miller.  Only this time, instead of being able to exploit an incumbent’s gaffe and turn it into the sole political issue of the campaign as he did with “macaca,” little Joey has a gaffe-prone incumbent that he must defend.

No wonder Roscoe cancelled his tour of the high school security system at Magna Vista that had been scheduled for today.  The Martinsville Bulletin can’t shield you forever, Roscoe!  Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!


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