Desperate Dems Part Deux

Democrats in Virginia are getting desperate as we’ve noted over the past few days, particularly with regard to State Sen. RoscoeFoot In MouthReynolds who has retained Little Joey Stanley and the Yellow-Bellied Whiney Puppies Strategy Group as his consultants.

Now, we hear of Desperate Dems Part II.  From Del. Jeff Frederick’s latest eNewsletter:

It’s an election year, and I’m disappointed that the mud slinging has already begun.

Yesterday, many 52nd district residents received a phone call from some of my opponent’s friends in Richmond. The recorded message claims that I voted for HB 3202, the bill that created the abuser fees you’re hearing so much about.

Of course, that’s false, and in fact the exact opposite of what is true.

They seem to never let the truth get in the way of what they want to say.

Fact is, I voted against HB 3202 (see the vote to adopt HB 3202:

I’ve even asked the Governor to call the Legislature back to Richmond immediately for a special session to repeal or fix this law (as I wrote in my last update to you).

As my re-election campaign unfolds and my opponent and his Richmond cronies unveil their tactics, please always feel free to write, call, or email me if you ever hear anything that is of concern.

Also, when you get these sorts of calls, it’s always helpful if you let us know. That way we can do our best to quickly respond quickly with the facts.

Just like Democrats to never let the facts get in the way — they’ll say and do anything to obtain and hold on to power just for the sake of the power itself.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me.