Roscoe Feeling The Heat; NLS Blog Corpse Found In The Trash

The other day, we reported that state Senator RoscoeFoot In MouthReynolds must be really feeling the heat to have hired Joey Stanley and his Yellow-Bellied Whiney Puppies Strategy Group — best known for Sen. Thinskin Gump’s (D-WashPo) controversial (some in the media have even said anti-Semitic) attack on Harris Miller during last year’s Democrat primary.  After all, Roscoe should be cruising to reelection, right?  Apparently not.

Well, gaffe-prone Roscoe seems to have disappeared from public view.  Instead, we now see that Little Joey has trotted out Ben Tribbett who is apparently still blogging at the deceasedNot Larry Saboto” website despite the fact that his “#1 source of … income since 2005 is poker in Atlantic City or Las Vegas“.  Sorry, Joey, but that Yellow-Bellied Puppy won’t hunt.

Ben Tribbett“Hey, I found the corpse of my deceased blog!”

Now, it is no secret that we here at Virtucon and several other conservative blogs in Virginia are part of what is called the “Old Dominion Blog Alliance.”  Heck, we proudly display our seal on our blogs, list blogrolls and even put up RSS feeds from it.  We also have a private Yahoo! group that is accessible and only viewable to members of the ODBA.  We use this and its email distribution list to discuss topics, share news and yes — even strategize and coordinate.  (Shocking, I know!)

Well, what will surprise you is this comment from Ben:

A lot of the conservative blogs are members of a group called the “Old Dominion Blog Alliance“. I usually just sit back and read the emails from that list with amusement…

Whether these emails are being forwarded to Ben via a mole in the group or one of the little noticed members of the group is actually him, this is perhaps the most unethical thing to have been perpetrated upon the Virginia blogosphere since its inception (and that includes the “Too Conservative” incident that we uncovered.)

Call it what you will, but the bottom line is some Democrats have adopted Watergate-style tactics and ethics here in Virginia, secretly spying on their political enemies.  We shouldn’t be surprised, though — after all, it is the party of Clinton.

UPDATE: Leslie Carbone sums it up nicely.  And Kat adds her two-cents.

This all tracks back to Roscoe and his desperation.  You know a candidate is desperate when Joey goes to Ben for help.


9 thoughts on “Roscoe Feeling The Heat; NLS Blog Corpse Found In The Trash

  1. I don’t think it is fair to say that “Democrats” have adopted the tactics. If a bunch of Democratic blogs were doing that, fine, but that is not the case.

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  3. Riley – thanks. But the casual reader may not make the same distinction. And I just hate it when folks use such broad brushes as this. I think it’s fine to say “some” Ds or “some” Rs.

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