Desperate Dems — Part 3

The Old Dominion Blog Alliance (ODBA) has been hitting state Sen. RoscoeFoot In MouthReynolds pretty hard lately.  So much so that Roscoe’s attack puppy Joey Stanley had to trot out his go-to guy for spreading dirt and disinformation, Ben Tribbett, to whine that Roscoe and Joey are the victims of some vast right-wing conspiracy.


First, we learn that Ben has been obtaining and reading private ODBA group emails.  That says something about the Dems’ desperation right there.  Now, Ben is publicizing a post on the Daily Whackjob blog by Whackette that someone has registered the domain name for the ODBA and redirected it to the site for a group that promotes illegal and repugnant relationships between adults and children.  (Bill O’Reilly has gone after this group for years and South Park lampooned it with a group that used the same acronym, but instead stood for the “North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes.”)

So, how did Whackette find out about this site?  Well, one of the ODBA members emailed Whackjob to ask.  He responded that Whackette was informed of this site by… Ben.  The question then is, how did Ben learn of this site if not through the Daily Whackjob?

The person who registered the website used Domains by Proxy in order to hide their identity.  Currently, ODBA members are working with Go Daddy to resolve this issue with regard to both the domain name dispute issue and the potential defamation issue related to the forwarding of the website to an organization that promotes an illegal activity.  The latter should be enough to get Domains by Proxy to release the name of the registrant (even if we have to issue a civil subpoena for it under GoDaddy’s stated legal policies.)  We’ll be sure to get that information out as soon as we obtain it and then let the chips fall where they may.

In a bit of irony, this domain name was registered on August 16th — the same day that a year ago the term “macaca” first appeared on Wikipedia as being “widely considered a racial slur” — five days AFTER George Allen had uttered it.  Looks like August 16th is the day Dems like to play their dirty tricks.


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