Joe Stanley Admits Role in Scandal

This just in…


No one ever asked me if I forwarded the domain. If you had, I would have readily admitted it.

Open calls on the internet for an individual to identify themselves will go unheeded.

I didn’t realize Megan Rhodes was being pilloried for posting the link because I stopped reading Daily Whackjob when Greg B. called for the drowning of Greg Leticq’s child.

In our conversation the other day, you said politics was a “tough game” and recommended, “if you can’t handle that then you should get out.”

If you will recall, I told you then that you should make note of the date and time you said that to me. I am more than prepared for any fight the ODBA wants to have. Fortunately, our conversation turned a corner and before our call ended, I had redirected the domain to

I might add that I came to own the domain through perfectly legal means.

I pointed the domain to NAMBLA for specific reasons. NAMBLA is an organization that advocates a set of beliefs that turn my stomach. Through misinformation, prevarication, and a false sense of earnestness, they pursue a predatory agenda that brings direct harm to countless innocent individuals. Their primary defense is the first amendment.

It is my opinion that the ODBA conducts itself in much the same way. While the end product is far less repugnant than pedophilia, no fewer individuals are hurt by the organization. The main distinction I can make between the two organizations is that NAMBLA believes in the first amendment, and ODBA only believes in their right to free speech.

Nonetheless, I believe there are actually a few good people involved in the ODBA. Following our conversation the other day, I count you as one. I concur with Greg Leticq on quite a bit regarding illegal immigration. I also enjoy reading Elephant Ears, I’m Not Emeril, and From On High. I don’t always agree with them (read rarely) but I enjoy their insight.

As to our conversation the other day, I said nothing to you that I wouldn’t say to the world. I do not believe George Allen is racist because he used the word “macaca.” I do not believe that owning a Confederate flag makes you a racist, nor does an appearance in Gods and Generals. George Allen fumbled his way through the campaign looking for the politically expedient thing to do.

You have my full permission to reprint this email, in its entirety, on your blog or others.

If you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me. With great hope for the Commonwealth, I remain,

Sincerely yours,
Joe Stanley

Not good enough, Joe. Your “specific reasons” for forwarding the ODBA domain name to NAMBLA don’t matter. It was done with malice. You and Ben Tribbett obviously thought this was funny in some sort of juvenile way. Child sex abuse is NEVER funny.  Neither is defamation.

Take a good look at the man behind all this, Virginia…

Joe Stanley of Yellow Dog Strategy


35 thoughts on “Joe Stanley Admits Role in Scandal

  1. How fat is Joe Stanley?

    Joe is soooo fat:

    the shadow of his ass weighs 80 lbs.
    naked, he looks like 300 lbs of chewed bubble-gum.
    if he were to walk down the street wearing a yellow raincoat, kids would jump on him, thinking he was a schools bus.
    when he walks through a crowd, he has smaller, fat people in orbit around him.
    if he were to hit the ground running, he would leave a crater.
    a siding company recently asked if he needed help fixing the hail-damage on his ass.
    Spaulding uses an imprint of his ass, to make golf balls.
    he has boobs on his back.
    hasn’t seen his winkie in years.

    they are drilling a new hole to find the crew lost in his navel.

  2. Does anyone know why Joey is no longer allowed on the premises of a certain church and day-care center in Roanoke?

  3. Does anyone know why Joey is no longer allowed on the premises of a certain church and day-care center in Roanoke?

    WOAH! Gimme more details!!!

  4. That was a joke, I am fat.

    I was thinking of other words, words like —

    Corpulent. Porcine. Excessive. Bulbous. Monolithic. Superfluous. Assmaster. Fatty. Shamu-like. Big Boned. Obese.

    Not to metion a jewbaiter and a racist… You’re like a whole NAMBLA-tastic Klan of fat ass, Joe.

  5. Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of “Comic Book Guy” from “The Simpsons”?

    Does he live in his dad’s basement like Ben does?

    Want to place bets on whether he has “Spock-ears” in a drawer someplace and a Star Trek shirt that is 15 sizes too small?

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  7. I think he’s as trustworthy as Ben Tribbett is. Take that for what you will.

    Also, one of the other contributors here on Virtucon gave me a background story about what a sore loser Joe can be after he beat Joe in a campaign a few years back.

  8. “While the end product is far less repugnant than pedophilia, no fewer individuals are hurt by the organization.”

    Someone please enlighten me. Who are all these people being hurt by a blog alliance? I’m thinking they must be people with thin skins and/or sorry lives.

    Thanks for outing this guy, RNO’R.

  9. Republitarian is allowed to post here again?

    He does have a point… let’s just ignore Ben and Joe and move on with our lives.

    Then again, how many times has the blogosphere resolved to sideline Ben and then… gone back on their word like Kaine on his campaign promises?

  10. Sounds like what Joe Stanley did is pretty awful. I think you’re spot on in criticizing it as “done with malice” and ” funny in some sort of juvenile way”.

    While you are criticizing Joe and Ben for their juvenile humor, your entire comments section turns into a “fattie, fattie” hate fest the likes of which most people grow out of in 3rd grade, if not 7th grade at the latest.

    People come in all shapes and sizes. Instead of sticking to legitimate criticisms of Joe’s behavior, you guys abandom legitimate criticisms to make fun of him for being fat! That’s pathetic.

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