Worst. Consultant. Ever.

Photo courtesy of Carl Kilo

Read the round up of posts here:

SWAC Girl — Joe Stanley … did he “macaca” himself?

Kat from CatHouse Chat — Joe Stanley “I did it ’cause you deserve it.”

Virginia Oddsmaker — Reynolds Consultant Caught in Scandal

The Ward View — Democratic campaign consultant admits pedophilia link and Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison? (excellent “Airplane!” graphic there, Ward!)

Leslie Carbone — DemocratIC Consultant Equates Conservative Bloggers with Child Molesters


2 thoughts on “Worst. Consultant. Ever.

  1. I think that Joey will have to shed a few pounds before he plays “Comic Book Guy” in the live action Simpson’s movie. Might I suggest the “Subway” diet?

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