Show Your True Colors Reynolds, Ferguson et al

Last year when the controversial anti-Harris Miller flyer came out just before the June Democrat-ick primary, no one (at least on the right) knew of Joe Stanley’s involvement with it (to be honest, most of us had never even heard of Joe Stanley until a few weeks ago.)  People criticized it and questioned whether the flyer was anti-Semitic, but no one mentioned Joe at all.  To my recollection, no one has ever called Joe an anti-Semite and I do not believe that he is one.  The focus was always on the Jim Webb campaign (where it belonged) and what they were condoning.

The same question must now be asked of Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson, Chap Peterson and other Democrats who have retained or associated themselves with Joe and Ben Tribbett over the years.  Do these candidates condone the actions of Joe and Ben, using pedophilia as a campaign tactic to go after their political enemies in order to silence them?  If not, where is their condemnation?  Or does their own political expediency outweigh common decency?  (Heck, Joe Stanley is the Chairman of the Franklin County Democrat-ick Party.  What do the rank and file members think about their Chairman doing such a despicable act?)

The good people of this Commonwealth deserve to know.  If these Dem pols won’t answer to the people, I know for a fact that they are now or will soon be getting calls from some members of the media seeking their comment.  If that is what it takes to get their responses, then so be it.