A Taxing Stroll Down Mark Warner’s Memory Lane

Our good friend state Sen. Ken Cuccinelli put up a great website back in 2003 that is still active today and even more relevant tomorrow.  From that site come these gems:

“Had I had any idea that he would be embarking on raising taxes for Virginians, I would not have been there for him”
– former Governor Douglas Wilder referring to Governor Mark Warner, whom he endorsed in 2001.

“I will not raise taxes.” – Candidate Mark Warner, October 10, 2001.

Warner himself was blunt. “I will not raise taxes! I will not raise taxes! I will not raise taxes!” he insisted.  October 2001.

“The fact is I will not raise taxes. You can say it 20 more times, but the people will know the difference.”  October 10, 2001.

“What I believe the people of Virginia want is they want people who are going to keep their promises.” – Governor Mark Warner, March 25, 2003.

Under pressure from his gubernatorial campaign opponent, Mark Warner seeks to reassure voters he will not raise our taxes: He stated that he was “Someone who understands that government has to live within its means. Someone who will not raise your taxes.” October 2001

Mark Warner pushes the Sales Tax Increase Referendum legislation through the 2002 General Assembly Session and the Referendums are placed on the November 2002 ballot in the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads areas. February 2002

The voters of Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads overwhelmingly reject the Sales Tax Increase Referendums. November 2002

Mark Warner embarks on a public relations campaign to confuse the citizens on his tax reform plan. When challenged on whether this might be a Trojan horse for raising taxes, the Governor stated, “Absolutely not!”. However, the Governor said he could not commit to revenue neutrality. March – July 2003

When asked about the term “revenue neutral”, Mark Warner said “I’m not sure what that means.” July 2003

(Yes, folks, I told you he was dumb.)

“Warner Opens Session With Call to Raise Taxes” – Frontpage Article Headline, Washington Post, January 15, 2004.



16 thoughts on “A Taxing Stroll Down Mark Warner’s Memory Lane

  1. GHWB was a one-termer. Elected in ’88, defeated in ’92.

    Clinton’s tax increase in ’93 lead to the GOP winning Congress for the first time in 40 years in ’94.

    You guys are going to have to do better than that.

  2. Tax increases are never good.The more money i have in my pocket to do with as I wish.the better.The more money corporations have to spend on r & d and other investment the better.Democrats are going to have to do a lot better but I don’t think they can.A leopard can’t change it spots….

  3. Mark Warner did good work balancing Virginia’s budget and increasing educational funding. Educated voters will see through this attack website.

  4. Joel, if you were educated yourself, you’d know that the following were true:

    2004 Budget is passed.

    Mark Warner starts to downplay the tax increase aspect and talk about the wonderful new spending.

    The surplus is discovered.

    12 whole days elapsed between the time the budget was approved with the $1.4 billion tax hike and the time when it was “discovered” we were running a surplus, not a deficit.

    There was nothing in need of balancing. It already was. Without the tax hike, we were going to increase spending by 11 percent in one year, but Marky Mark wanted to increase state spending by 20 percent.

    I hope voters do educate themselves because rather than being conned by feel good platitudes, they’ll see the hard numbers and the $1.5 billion in accounting errors committed by the Warner administration. As for education funding, ask Marky Mark how he could have “misplaced” $137 million meant for education.

    That my friend is governmental malpractice.

  5. All Warner did was put Sales taxes up to a vote, he didn’t raise any taxes, he gave the Voters the option to raise taxes I don’t see anywhere on this site a list specifically what taxes he allegedly raised. Typical GOP Red Herring attacks….if you want a no new taxes pledge how about George H. W. Bush’s read my lips pledge? Mark Warner reversed the huge deficits created by Republican Jim Gilmore’s irresponsible elimination of the car tax, and Turned around the huge deficits of the GOP governor before him.

    The Republican state auditor found that there was no misplaced $137M deifict and that this was another Republican lie….

    What tax, specifically, did Warner raise? Mum’s the word on this one, this site only says he put a tax increase up for a vote.

    Bill Clinton reversed 12 years of GOP deficits only to have it squandered away by an irresponsible Dubya tax cut and illegal occupation of a foreign country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, even though he coddles the Saudi’s where mos of the 9/11 hijackers came from. Not one 9/11 hijacker was from Iraq and Al Queda did not even exist in Iraq until Bush illegally invaded there and incited Al Queda there.

  6. So this is how devout right wingers spend the anniversary of the the worst attack on American civilians in our history — making baseless allegations against an as yet unannounced candidate.

    Sure the baseless attacks worked for y’all in 2004, but the other party has learned from the Swift-boat Nazis, and it won’t be quite as effective this time.

    The only thing that is stopping America from realizing our true goals — ending the war in Iraq, universal health care, fair wages and focusing on recovery for Katrina victims — is the Senate Republicans who stop progress. America is growing to know this, and all the attacks in the world won’t keep Mark Warner from winning.

  7. Dave, when Warner put the tax increases up to a vote of the people, he got flattened in both NOVA and Tidewater.

    He then went on to raise taxes by $1.4 billion even though he KNEW tax revenues were already on the rise and there wouldn’t be a deficit.

  8. Riley,,,,What taxes did warner increase? $1.4B? From what? I never had any increase. You say he increased taxes by $1.4B but he did not. Typical red herring GOP attacks…
    My taxes didn’t increase….

  9. Then you must have either moved into Virginia after he was governor or else you don’t do a very good job of tracking where your money goes. Even Marky Mark will admit he raised taxes by $1.4B as part of his so-called “reform”.

  10. You still never cite exactly what taxes were raised. I moved to Virgina under Gillmore’s disastrous attempt to slash state revenue and dig a deep hole by irresponsibly rebating the car tax. Again, I ask, specifically what $1.4B taxes were raised? You have yet to give an itemized list of what taxes actually increased. The fact is that Warner actually balanced the budget hole left by the GOP.

  11. In 2004, Warner actually LOWERED food and income taxes on middle and low income viriginans, and increasing cigarette taxes. I’m not rich and I don’t throw money away on cigarettes…..Give us a real example of his so called “tax increases” please…

  12. The Northeast Liberal ideals (is he from the Northeast?) that helped Governor Como destroy New York state with out raising Taxs called “User Fees”. was used very effective by Warner. I asked him about this face to face, and he turned tail and ran as fast as he could. If the Republican every get a set of b–ls and invesigate the number of fees he raised while govenor and expose him as the Northeast Liberal Carpetbagger he is, like Hillary in New York, they might awaken the people In Virginia to the fact they are become a state a lot like the Northeast by electing these people. If you like what he did as Governor of Virginia you’ll love what he’ll do for you as Senator.

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