WMAL Reports Mark Warner Will Run for Senate

The WashPo reported the other day that Marky Mark was “weighing his options” as to what to do politically in the future.  Run for the Senate in ’08?  Run for Governor in ’09? 

Well, WMAL is reporting now that Marky Mark’s Funky Bunch are saying that he will announce tomorrow that he is running for the Senate.  This is somewhat surprising, especially if Marky Mark is aware that the opposition research compiled by Hillary!’s political hitman Howard Wolfson that forced him out of the ’08 presidential race has, shall we say, migrated to less than friendly hands.  Then again, I’ve made it no secret that I don’t believe Marky Mark is all that particularly bright.  I’ve met the man, spoken to him, looked him in the eye and seen that the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the penthouse.  It wouldn’t surprise me that Marky Mark is dumb enough to think that he can run and win.

I’m actually looking forward to Marky Mark running because I believe that he can be beaten without sinking to using the personal dirt that Wolfson dug up on him (I wouldn’t even wish that sort of treatment upon Marky Mark.)  I’ve seen the thick opposition research book on his public record and there is plenty of ammo in there.  This guy is 1 for 3 in political races — lost a senate race in ’96 despite vastly outspending John Warner, won a governor’s race in ’01 over a lackluster Mark Earley campaign, suddenly and mysteriously dropped out of ’08 presidential race after just a few weeks.

His decision to run for senate in ’08 is the best scenario for the GOP.  Why?  First, because they will keep the senate seat safely in GOP hands in ’08.  Second, because this campaign will signal the end of his political career, knocking him out of contention for governor in ’09 once his miserable record as governor has been touted far and wide among Virginians.

Marky Mark now has a record he has to defend and be held accountable for, something he has never had to do in a campaign before.  This includes his Enron-style accounting as governor – misplacing $137 million meant for education, forecasting a deficit requiring a $1.4 billion tax increase and then having the state show a $1.4 billion surplus, little things like that.  Not to mention his utter failure to get either of his tax hike schemes approved by the voters.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you hear the leftwing Nutroots try and claim (per our policy, get your own link) that U.S. Rep. Tom Davis or any other GOPer won’t run against Marky Mark, don’t believe it for a second.  That is just wishful thinking on their part.  Their guy is about to be exposed as just being a man behind a curtain.


20 thoughts on “WMAL Reports Mark Warner Will Run for Senate

  1. You sir, have this completely figured out. I would be highly interested in your writing a good blog on Mark Warner’s LIE of a tax increase. I recently heard him call it a “tax reform” not “tax increase”. What a crook.

  2. It is refreshing to hear that after his 6 year grace period, people are actually calling him out on his positions. We all know he lied about everything he said about Gov. Gilmore. Should Gilmore decide to get it, it will be payback time indeed.

  3. I know that it is difficult for liberals and some Democrats to grasp the concept that one should be held accountable for their actions and issue stands, so it does not surprise me that your tiny intellect cannot compute over $1.5 billion in accounting errors on Marky Mark’s watch.

  4. Riley:

    With all due respect, you are aware that Mark Warner had an approval rating north of 70% AFTER the tax reform of 2004, aren’t you? What are you proposing to do, travel back in time to 2003 and convince Virginia voters not to support tax reform in the future?

    That could be tricky Riley, but you’re welcome to try.

  5. That’s a good point, RD. However, I think most people weren’t looking at his overall record or whether he kept his promises, rather that for the most part their own personal situations were good and he pretty much left them alone.

    George Allen had sky high approval ratings when he left the governorship, too. Heck, Rasmussen polls just 8 months before his defeat had him leading well into the double digits. Marky Mark provides so much more in the way of issue targets.

  6. Yes, I understand, but unless Warner stumbles badly (and you know what I am referring to) it is unlikely that his lead can be overcome by a Republican challenger.

    Not to take anything away from Jim Webb, but a tremendous amount of credit for George Allen’s loss must go to Allen himself. I wouldn’t bank on Mark Warner making a comparable gaffe.

    The “issue targets” most Republicans seem to be talking about now all relate to the “raising taxes” meme that Virginia Republicans have been usining since the early 1990’s. Those arguments haven’t won a top-of-the-ticket state race since when? 1997?

    1997 – Gilmore wins on th car tax

    2000 – John Warner is unchallenged

    2001 – Mark Warner wins

    2005 – Tim Kaine wins, running largely on Mark Warner’s record, which included the tax reform of 2004

    2006 – Jim Webb wins

    2007 – The RPV seems likely to lose a few seats in the state senate, largely over the anti-taxer versus moderate split within the RPV itself

    2008 – Mark Warner will run as a moderate, well-beloved former governor

    It seems unlikely to me that the Republicans will be able to make a race out of this one, especially if you are building your campaign theme around fiscal responsibility and running Gilmore as your candidate.

    Where do you stand in Davis versus Gilmore race, Riley? Who will the RPV nominate and how will they do it, convention or primary?

  7. Before you criticize Gilmore’s fiscal responsibilities, why don’t you read the sources that I have cited here in the comments section?

  8. RD, I think there are some other issues involved here.

    First, Mark Warner pledged time and again during the campaign that he would not raise taxes, saying so emphatically a number of times. Once in office, all he did was try to raise taxes. That raises an issue as to his honesty, integrity and credibility — is he a man who will say anything in order to get elected and then abandon his campaign promises upon election?

    Second, there is the issue of his fiscal responsibility. He forecast a deficit that turned out not to exist in order to exact a $1.4 billion tax increase from Virginians. Lo and behold the Commonwealth wound up with a $1.4 billion surplus following that. He sat on reports of increased revenue growth in order to get his tax increase passed. On top of that, his administration then “misplaces” over $120 million intended for education. We’re talking $1.5 billion in accounting errors, roughly the same amount that Enron had. If he had committed these accounting errors in the private sector, he’d be cell mates at the country club prison with Jeffrey Skilling

  9. Wow. I dont know why all of you think Mark Warner is not a viable contender for the 08′ Senate race. I don’t know how any of you actually believe Tom Davis can beat him. Tom Davis is one of the worst Congressmen Virginia has, next to Randy Forbes. Davis’ wife will also be beaten in 2007, reducing his own political sway in the state.

    (Also, I would delete the comment above)

  10. Well, Warner’s campaign promise was premised on Gilmore’s own budget numbers and those were off by billions of dollars.

    Which kind of leads me to my point: you can’t really use the arguments you seem inclined to use if the RPV runs Gilmore because Gilmore’s fiscal stewardship was ten times worse and really caused the problems that Warner had to try and solve. Davis maybe could, but didn’t he and John Warner support the 2004 tax reform?

    There just isn’t a lot of “there” there. Factor Mark’s popularity, Kaine’s popularity, and the general political trend in the country away from the Republican Party and I’m not sure the RPV can make this a competitive race.

    You never answered my question, no secret agenda here, I’m just curious who you would be inclined to support from your own party: Gilmore, Davis, Buchanan? Or “any of the above”? Undecided?

  11. For any Republican to beat Mark Warner they’d have to take a significant amount of voters from NoVA which is not going to happen. Warner would have to get slaughtered in NoVA for any Republican cadidate to win.

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