Le Blog C’est Moi?

That wacky bunch over on Ranting Kids are at it again.  It seems that they are all up in arms (get your own link) that someone would actually hold them accountable for something that someone said on their blog.  How shocking!

Del. Tim Hugo’s latest commercial features two short quotes about his opponent from a public user diary on Ranting Kids and includes citations to the web site on which it appeared.

The last time I checked, Lowell Feld had not changed his name to “Raising Kaine.” In fact, as far as I know, the crew at Ranting Kids still lets just about any member of the loony left nutroots post blog entries on Ranting Kids.  Mind you, we are not talking about things from just a comment section that they should not be accountable for, but the pitfalls of having the diary-type site setup that they do.  I guess now they know what it feels like for some Democrat candidates who get “help” that they don’t want or need from groups like MoveOn.org or DailyKos.

A number of us on the right have had discussions over the past few years about the merits of a community blog with user diaries the way that Ranting Kids is set up (we nearly did it with Allen’s A-Team in 2006.)  This is precisely one of the reasons why to this day none of us on the right have gone down that path, though.

Unless you are prepared to stand by and defend what anyone posts on your site, you are better off not having an open community-type blog.  As Jim Malone in “The Untouchables” said, “Here ends the lesson…”