Red Storm PAC Outraises Raising Kaine PAC in 3Q

In the battle between the online conservatives of Red Storm PAC and the liberal nutroots of Ranting Kids, RSPAC raised more money in the last reporting period than RKPAC.

Sure, Red Storm was only $65 ahead of the nutroots, ($891 to $826), but RSPAC did this in only about one week of operation during the reporting period compared to an three months RKPAC had to do their business.

Want to know another secret?  Since Oct. 1, RSPAC has raised another $5K online (and has contributed back to candidates and organizations such as “Help Save Manassas”) almost $6,000 to date.  (These numbers will be reflected on Who says we’re playing catch-up?  Seems to me all we had to do was get in the game and now we’re ahead.  No wonder the Ranting Kids are worried and trying to minimize the effectiveness of RSPAC.

Just wait until they see what we have next for them…




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