Corey Stewart Cleared of Any Wrongdoing; Paul Ebert Guilty of Fudging Facts

BVBL breaks the news that PWC Chairman Corey Stewart has been cleared of any wrongdoing in relation to mailing out a notice to every household in the county regarding the recent vote to crack down on illegal aliens in PWC.  The special prosecutor found that the expenditure was “related to a public matter” and therefore a permissible use of discretionary funds.

The special prosecutor also made note that contrary to what was contained in the complaint, the website listed on Stewart’s mailer was a County Government web site and not “Black Velvet.”  Why on earth would Paul Ebert have alleged to the special prosecutor that BVBL was listed on Corey’s postcard when anyone could figure out in an instant that there was no such connection?  Could it be because BVBL has been a partner in the write-in campaign on behalf of Ebert’s opponent, Ham Sandwich?  Was this a weak attempt at retaliation against a private citizen who is disgruntled with the subpar service the county receives from Mr. Ebert & Co.?

Another question to be asked — why was the letter from the special prosecutor dated 10/26 not received until 11/2?  It takes a week for mail to get here from Chesterfield?  And wouldn’t these findings have previously been made known to Mr. Ebert via telephone, email or fax given the time sensitive nature of this investigation in relation to the pending election?  Did Mr. Ebert’s pal in Chesterfield date the letter last Friday and not have it sent out until Monday?  Even then, it took a full 5 days to reach PWC?  Did it arrive today by mistake when in fact they had hoped it would not arrive until this coming Monday when it would be too late for Corey’s exhonoration to be made public? 

Send Ebert and his cronies packing on Election Day.



One thought on “Corey Stewart Cleared of Any Wrongdoing; Paul Ebert Guilty of Fudging Facts

  1. Why can’t anyone see how dirty he is? He withheld information in the Justin Wolfe case and Justin now sits on death row. Ehbert does not care about the truth-just winning! How can our VA courts be so bad? How do we help Justin get a fair trial?

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