More Proof Saxman Is In The Race


Chris Saxman left the group Draft General Pace for US Senate.


Chris Saxman left the group Jim Gilmore For Senate 2008.


5 thoughts on “More Proof Saxman Is In The Race

  1. Very interesting Riley. Too bad no one outside of the blogosphere noticed… Someone last night said it best: Gilmore’s running against Mark Warner, not Chris Saxman.

  2. Actually, the radio station out of Fredericksburg (B101.5) mentioned Gilmore’s announcement on their morning news today and added that Warner was a candidate and that Saxman was considering the race, too.

  3. Saxman needs to put his ego aside and not jeopardize a senate seat because he wants to be lt. governor. This is about Virginia, not Chris Saxman. If he wants to be Senator Saxman, he should run. Otherwise he needs to run for the office he really wants, lt. governor.

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