Harbor Station has a new name…

We’ve been hearing for a while now that the Harbor Station development in eastern PWC would be getting a name change and now it appears that the cat is out of the bag.  The Jack Nicklaus web site is reporting that the new Nicklaus Signature golf course opening this spring will bear the name Potomac Harbor.  It appears that the entire March 2006 press release has been updated as well, replacing “Harbor Station” with “Potomac Harbor.”  Personally, I like the ring to it.  I’m definitely looking forward to playing one of the first rounds on this course.


8 thoughts on “Harbor Station has a new name…

  1. What is the deal with Potomac Harbor? It was supposed to open spring 2008 and here it is almost spring 2009. Is the course ever going to open?

  2. This area was going downhill long before the housing crisis. Prince William county has been banking on BRAC. But no one in their right mind would want to live in this crime ridden area. They should turn the golf course into an ATV track.

    1. Rick, you obviously don’t know the area at all. It is not “crime ridden” where this location is. I don’t know why you are trying to talk it down, but your description is way off the mark. In fact, not far from there they built the new Wegman’s grocery store and word on the street is that deals for PF Chang’s and The Container Store will be announced shortly.

  3. This definitely is not a high crime area. I have high hopes that perhaps the people running the golf course will open it soon. That would being a few job into PWC

  4. Potomac Harbor already offers the community some noteworthy benefits. To wit:

    Rick, the golf course is already off-road vehicle friendly for your ATV/dirt bike/dual sport. Just stick to the concrete paths so ruts aren’t left all over the greens. Railroad ties and large corrugated pipes will test your manueverability on entering the ‘terrain park’.

    Take a left from River Heritage Blvd onto old Cherry Hill Road’s remnant. You’ll soon find your way blocked by a derelict pleasure craft spray painted with a large red penis and the acronym ‘STD.’ (also notice the crude, pac-man like figure administering a bj!) Here you can dump your construction debris, old mattresses, etc., just as the locals do. If you can’t afford a GPS, check out the behemoth LORAN navigation radio still installed in the pleasure craft! There’s also an interesting collection of historical military battle maps printed on sheet metal strewn over the road beyond the boat (originally from USMC Quantico).

    Check out the cute little restroom buildings located along the paths meandering through the greens. Their windows apparently offer target practice for the local rock-wielding hoodlums. With the development’s holding company bankrupt, a few hundred $ in plywood couldn’t be spent to save $1000s in window glass.

    After working up an appetite at Harbor Station, sate yourself on greasy crab cakes at Tim’s River Shore. On leaving, the discerning eye may catch sight of the puffy-lettered, gangland graffitti adorning the small red utility bldg before Rt 1. The wise traveller will keep their head down, as there have in fact been multiple shootings in the immediate area!

    1. Sorry, but this property is now in receivership and Wachovia / Wells Fargo are moving foward with developing it now. A new developer with strong ties to the county has been appointed and by spring 2011 new homes are expected to be ready and the golf course will then be open.

  5. I should say what other developers have promised. There is a lot of wasted efforts on the proerty right now. The road going back into what will be the community is blocked so I can’t check it out.

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