Virtucon Live Coverage of RPV Convention

Virtucon contributor Jason Kenney will be anchoring our live coverage of the RPV convo tomorrow with updates from other Virtucon contributors as well (all depending upon internet access coverage in the convention center, of course.) Frequency of updates throughout the day still TBD. Check back tomorrow as the convo unfolds to find out the inside scoop and how your favorite candidates are faring.

Jason Kenney 1:35 PM Update: It seems internet connection to the conference is limited to a cybercafe near the exhibitor’s hall, so I will update during breaks for what happens in between. I am working on setting up other means of updating (maybe through my Twitter account) but once I have everything figured out I will update the world through here.

If anyone is attending the convention tonight, please feel free to stop by The Jeffersoniad Suite in room B-19 of the Convention Center. We will be having light desserts and coffee from 9pm-1am.

5/31 2:21 AM Update: Twitter’s going to be the way to go for immediate updates, though I will also include some audio tweets, but I will also update VV as I can get time away and over to the cybercafe.

If you didn’t make it to the Jeffersoniad suite you missed some good coffee, desserts, and conversations.


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