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Other’s live-blogging the convention: Bearing Drift, Crystal Clear Conservative, James Martin at Raising Kaine, and Rick Sincere

Jim Gilmore is the Senate Nominee

Jeff Frederick is the Chairman of the RPV

Thanks for reading and watch for discussion and analysis of the results.

4:10pm – Jim Gilmore is sitting here, Jim is interviewing him for Bearing Drift, watch for audio of the interview.

4:06pm – National Committee nominations and Electoral College electors are happening but I’m afraid I’m closing up shop.

4:00pm – Every Republican Representative is taking the stage to speak.

3:45pm – Eric Cantor takes the stage.

We are united.

Huge issues is gas prices and Democrats in Washington don’t want to do anything about it.

DPVA is having a conference call about Gilmore’s win.

3:41pm – Frederick.

“Are you ready to start winning again?”

Thanks Jesus, family, supporters.

Thanks Hager for his hard work, service, dedication, taking over last year and hopes he’ll stay involved and join the Frederick team.

3:40pm – Ayes have it, Jeff Frederick declared newly elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Media is aghast and just can’t believe it.

3:37pm – Convention comes to order. No results announced but Hager introduced.

Hager motions to elect Frederick by acclamation. Wow.

Frederick/Hager Unofficial Word
1st: 579-544 Frederick
4th: Frederick
5th: Frederick
6th: 736-235 Frederick
8th: Frederick
9th: Frederick
10th: Frederick

3:18pm – Will call for results in two minutes.

3:00pm – Call to order for introduction of keynote speaker: George Allen.

“American’s aren’t addicted to oil. American’s are addicted to freedom!”

2:54pm – Paperwork issues may have caused four delegates out of Virginia Beach to be unable to vote for Bob Marshall (36 votes).

2:47pm – “Hager got crushed in the 6th district.” Not hearing much else, but the room’s clearing out pretty quick.

2:37pm – Some Marshall delegates out Virginia Beach are saying they weren’t allowed to vote. Not sure how true the talk is but given how close the results were I’m not surprised to hear some grumblings.

2:35pm – Eric Cantor is here talking with Jim for Bearing Drift (I won’t steal Jim’s thunder, keep an eye on BD for a future post).

2:33pm – Voting begins.

2:25pm – Jeff Frederick takes the stage.

Running because:

1) We’re in big trouble. Turnout low, redistricting on the horizon, registration is low.

2) Wants his children to grow up in a good Virginia like he did.

3) This year and next are two of the toughest elections we can face and he has fought and won tough elections.

Effort is admirable but results are what count. We have lost 9 seats in the last 6 months. “We can do better, can’t we?”

“If we are going to start winning again we need bold, new leadership.”

2:19pm – Del. Jack Reid announced to nominate Jeff Frederick.

Last November was not good for the party. 2008 and 2009 are pivotal as we face redistricting.

Losing now 1st Dist. Rep. Wittman’s Delegate seat was tragic.

The Chairman of the party is the face of our campaign. Can a former member of Gov. Warner’s cabinet target Warner like we have to? Jeff Frederick will deliver a state party that works as hard as the grassroots.

Del. Morgan Griffith (Majority Leader), seconds the nomination. “For new energy, Jeff Frederick.”

Amy Frederick speaks for Jeff Frederick and introduces him.

2:15pm – John Hager takes the stage. “Are you ready to win?”

We can unite despite negative attacks within the party.

If we stand together united, if we stand on principle, we will win in 2008 and 2009.

2:07pm – Susan Allen, Morton Blackwell, and Rob Wittman nominate John Hager.

The unifying theme seems to be “don’t rock the boat” and highlighting that Hager has been on the job for 9 months and is the fourth chair in five years.

2:05pm – Chairman election time.

1:50pm – Gilmore takes the stage, accepts the nomination.

Contentious conventions are fine and we as Republicans emerge unified. We come together because we have a common cause, to win this Senate seat for all Virginians and all of America.

This is a campaign against the platform of liberal Democrats in DC.

People want action and we’re going to give it.

Declaration of Energy Independence for America. We have to have more domestic oil production (ANWAR). We have to use clean coal and nuclear power. We have to do something about these high gas prices. Democrats don’t believe this.

We stand with working people.

I’m a bad liveblogger, went and got a drink, Jim Hoeft will have full audio of the speech.

1:45pm – Bolling announces Jim Gilmore. The Life Of Jim Gilmore video plays.

1:43pm – Bob Marshall takes the stage.

This party needs to be united behind principle: pro-life, real pro-life. Need a vision, the vision of our founders. Was outspent 14-1, started Jan 9th, came within 80 votes, now we need to beat Mark Warner.

1:40pm – Bolling announces Gilmore is the nominee. Announces Bob Marshall.

1:35pm – Gilmore is the nominee

1:15pm– Convention comes to order. Results:

1st – GIlmore: 490.73 Marshall: 643.27
2nd – Gilmore: 612 Marshall: 345.6
3rd – Gilmore: 121.83 Marshall: 75.16
4th – Gilmore: 319.45 Marshall: 382.53
5th – Gilmore: 666.17 Marshall: 419.65
6th – Gilmore: 530.62 Marshall: 507.47
7th – Gilmore: 1035 Marshall: 581.52
8th – Gilmore: 156.96 Marshall: 145.04
9th – Gilmore: 551.78 Marshall: 335.22
10th – Gilmore: 160.5 Marshall: 584.5
11th – Gilmore: 577 Marshall: 1137

Gilmore: 5222.83 Marshall: 5156.97

Gilmore/Marshall Results (updated as I get them and corrected as needed)
1st – Marshall (643-490)
2nd – Gilmore (5-1)
3rd – looks Gilmore
4th – Marshall (383-319)
5th – Marshall
6th – Gilmore (530-507)
7th – Marshall
8th – Gilmore (116-105)
9th – GIlmore (2-1)
10th – Marshall (581-160)
11th – Marshall

1:10pm – Marshall took 782-45? in Fairfax

1:05pm – Marshall carried Charlottesville. Media’s getting active, folks are smelling a shocker here.

12:45pm – 5th district Marshall (slim), the 10th went 581-160 for Marshall. 3rd looks leaning Gilmore but is close.

GIlmore won the 6th by 23 votes (530-507).

4th for Marshall, 383-319.

12:30pm – 6th and 11th looking Marshall.

9th going Gilmore 2-1. BUT, margin is close enough that Spotsylvania alone wipes half of that out.

2nd is looking Gilmore.

12:26pm – 1st District will go Marshall and I hear Marshall got a larger percentage out of Spotsylvania than he did out of Prince William.

Jim Hoeft is off hunting interviews, stay tuned to Bearing Drift

12:20pm BUMP – James Martin of RK says the 7th looks like Marshall 2-1, Jim Hoeft is reporting that Marshall won the 4th (383-319). The 10th looks Marshall. This is really looking good for Marshall, but then again I’m not hearing any GIlmore news. There might be a reason for that, tho…

12:15pm – Via Shad Plank’s Liveblog:

I caught up with Bob Marshall, standing in line to vote with the Prince William County delegation. He showed me the money line he wanted use, had he not used up his allotted time. After railing against Gilmore, he planned to thunder out: “Governor Goliath, you just met David!”

12:00pm – They are currently voting and this should be interesting. The Marshall group is certainly louder if not larger than Gilmore. Frederick/Hager is yet to come (as the song “The Best Is Yet To Come” plays) and that looks pretty close as well if stickers are any sign, but we’ll see once the Senate nomination pans out who sticks around and what signs start going up.

11:55am – Going over for rules for delegates and voting.

Voting should be interesting.

11:54am– Music starts and Bob is CUT OFF! (Took too long.)

11:48am – Bob Marshall (and the crowd goes wild)

Virginia was necessary to establish America and today you are called to bring it back.

Must protect life. Marriage supporters will be the army that beats Mark Warner. Warner’s tax referendum was beaten by that same army. He fought regional taxing authorities. Supported Saxman’s exploratory committee. Supports ANWAR, stands against Warner/Gilmore support for ethanol, enough deficit spending.

Keeps hammering pro-life stance and the crowd roars. Gilmore supports abortion in the first 8 weeks, 700,000 dead is not pro-life.

11:40am -Ken Cucinnelli speaks for Bob Marshall. Crowd changing “Go Bob Go”.

Video is weird, I’ll get what I can up later today but probably won’t record much more, audio is questionable. Have part of Chuck Smith and Jim Gilmore speeches and all of Bob McDonnell’s, I’ll see what I can use. Jim Hoeft is getting audio (and it keeps maxing out when the crowd gets going).

Cucinnelli is highlighting Marshall’s fight against regional authorities, protection of property rights, protection of life.

Introduces Marshall’s son Joe.

Joe and Tom Marshall second their father.

Joe – Passionately believes Marshall’s 100% pro-life from conception (crowd roars).

11:30am – Pat McSweeney speaks to nominate Marshall.

Oh, wow, is the crowd loud.

Quick note: not Twittering, I’ve found wifi, but if this goes down I will update through here.

Gilmore’s speech focused on issues and Warner, McSweeney’s going after Gilmore directly, on the issues but still going after him. Can you change delegate minds at the convention?

11:24am – Jim Gilmore takes the stage.

Straight Talk: Will not raise taxes, will vote against federal subsidies of abortion, will help appoint solid judges, will stop illegal immigration, lower gas prices and energy dependence.

Warner lied and will vote for liberal democrats out of touch with America.

11:13am – Cantor nominating Gilmore.

We know and trust Gilmore because he keeps his promises. Promised more teachers, 250k new jobs, to cut the car tax, and he kept his word.

Gilmore crowd cheers as Cantor wraps up. Strong showing.

Thelma Drake seconds.

Will cut taxes and help strengthen America’s economy.

Scott Ligamfelter, Rob Stuber, Chuck Smith, and more step up to second Gilmore.

11:09am – Official business time: Senate first, the Chairman.

Tepid response at mention of Gilmore, HUGE roar at mention of Marhsall.

New mention, cheer for Gilmore, EVEN LARGER ROAR for Marshall. We have ourselves a race!

11:00am – Recording McDonnell speech, hope it turns out well.

10:52am – Bolling: Let’s get together to elect John McCain President.

Either of our Senate candidates will contrast well against Mark Warner and CAN beat him. Our challenge this election is to pull back that curtain and show the difference between Warner’s record and rhetoric.

Good mix of Marshall and Gilmore signs.

This November we will show that the Republican Party is alive and well in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Introduces the next governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell.

10:44am – Bolling: we have to reach out to new Virginians, welcome Chuck Smith.

Reach out and reinvest in the ethnic communities of this great Commonwealth. We are the party of Lincoln, the party of faith and guidance.

We do not strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

Now is the time to build, become the face of faith, go forth one party, one faith, one Virginia.

Must reach out and leave no American and no voter taken for granted.

10:39 am – President Bush video address.

Bush: Combat terror by spreading freedom, keep the tax cuts, affordable health care but not government run, reduce dependence on foreign oil, invest in clean coal and clean nuclear power, strong judges with up or down vote from Senate.

Jim Hoeft is liveblogging for Bearing Drift.

James Martin is here for Raising Kaine.

Seems there’s a “free speech zone” if you want to waive signs for your candidate. At a Republican Convention?

10:37am – Getting settled. Hager welcomes


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  1. Numbers
    Final numbers for Chairman’s race
    1st : 579-544 Frederick
    2nd: 422-534 Hager
    3rd: 85-117 Hager
    4th: 426-275 Frederick
    5th: 576-508 Frederick
    6th: 772-285 Frederick
    7th: 709-908 Hager
    8th: 176-125 Frederick
    9th: 492-394 Frederick
    10th: 593-154 Frederick
    11th: 1267-433 Frederick

  2. Not that were released, at least not to me. The RPV may have that information available but generally I think the numbers are tallied by district. The county numbers I got were from people who sought out or heard those results directly.

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