Police Make Arrests In Double-Murder

The News & Messenger reports that police have arrested 17 year-old Xavier Pinckney for the murders of Jean and Jim Smith as well as Pinckney’s 22 year-old girlfriend Jacqueline Munoz for obstruction of justice for providing him with a false alibi.  According to the N&M, Pinckney lives in the same neighborhood.  411.com has a listing for a Pinckney on Langstone Drive, which is the next street over.

Accused murderer Xavier Pinckney and his girlfriend Jacqueline Munoz

PWC Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert is seeking to have Pinckney stand trial as an adult and wants to upgrade the murder charges to capital murder. Unfortunately, on March 1, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling held that the death penalty for 16 and 17 year-olds was unconstitutional, reversing a 1989 ruling that had upheld it.  That said, Ebert’s move should ensure that this dirtbag never sees the light of day again in his miserable (and one can only hope extremely short) life.  Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing this case serve as a challenge to the 2004 ruling which relied upon a so-called “national consensus” against the practice and a “desire to end the United States’ international isolation on the issue” rather than the Constitution.

Now this next part is interesting and raises questions for me:

Ebert would not say if the teen has a criminal record, but did say he “was known to law enforcement.”

So, was this suspect someone who the police should have already had locked up (or at least in juvenile detention) for a previous crime? Did the Commonwealth’s Attorney office botch a prior prosecution of him or were they lenient with him because he was a juvenile? In short, was there something that could have been done that would have placed the suspect in such a position where he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to commit these murders? Given that juvenile arrest records and court proceedings are sealed, we may never know the answer to those questions.

What is done is done and this piece of garbage has stolen two shining lights from this world.  May Jean and Jim rest in peace with our Heavenly Father.  May God comfort their family and friends.  And may their murderer experience eternal justice…


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