Race for the 52nd Dist. Gets Interesting

Remember those bumper stickers from 1996 that Mark Warner used in his senate race against John Warner — “Mark NOT John”?  Well, residents of the 52nd Dist. may see some variation of that in the not too distant future.

It seems that efforts to recruit former PWC Chairman Sean Connaughton to run for the 52nd House of Delegates seat being vacated by RPV Chairman / Del. Jeff Frederick have fallen through.  Sean had been until recently the U.S. Maritime Administrator in the Bush administration.  Having only been out of office for about a week and a half or so, and not having been able to negotiate future employment while still serving as a presidential appointee, Sean is obviously busy tending to his career and family needs.

So, with Sean apparently out of the picture, three names quickly emerged on the GOP side — former Dumfries Town Council Member Rafael Lopez, Devon Gray and Amy Frederick, Jeff’s wife.  The latest word is that Devon has decided not to jump in and has offered his support to Lopez.  Meanwhile, all signs point to Amy forming an exploratory committee prior to committing to join the race (“Amy NOT Jeff” anyone?)  And while a few people had inquired with me whether I had any interest in this race myself, I have explained to them that I didn’t and that the General Assembly’s schedule would not permit for me to continue with my current job which I love and am not willing to give up.  Given that, I have offered my full support to Amy in this contest.

On the Dem side, Mike Hodge has already filed and Chris Brown is planning on running. However, rumblings are that the Dem leadership doesn’t really like either of them and are trying to throw them both under the bus in favor of Rev. Dr. Luke Torian, who is the pastor of First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dumfries.

All this should make for an interesting contest on both sides and in the general election.

I hope that Amy decides after considering this race to enter it and do us proud in Richmond.  She is intelligent, knows the issues and the needs of the constituents, is accomplished in her own right, and is very politically savvy.  I believe that Amy would make an outstanding delegate.


7 thoughts on “Race for the 52nd Dist. Gets Interesting

  1. I’ve gotta disagree, Rafeal Lopez is a great guy and will be a major force in helping our party reach out to Hispanics, His election will be vital to picking up the 11th CD next year.

  2. Jeff Frederick should do what’s best for the party – give up the RPV Chairman post, which he has been an embarrasment in, and try to hold on to his HOD seat. Without the power of incumbency, chances are very high that this seat will flip to the Dems.

  3. Jeff’s not going to give up the Chairmanship, and why should he? He was elected to the post by the grassroots. Sorry, LI, he’s not going anywhere.

  4. Amy Frederick is a superb choice to replace Jeff as our Delegate. Amy is a known quantity. She is experienced, well spoken, and understands the issues our area faces. I have been in a group of volunteers who have been whipped into shape by Amy – she will be a tough campaigner. Having Jeff around can only help her. What always impressed me about Jeff was the depth of knowledge he had about all the issues – he will be a powerful ally for Amy. With apologies to Jeff in advance, thinking of Amy brings the term “better half” to mind. Go get ‘em Amy!

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