Jody Wagner Returns To Fantasyland (Or Else Is Calling Gov. Timmy! A Liar)

So, Dem LG candidate Jody “Financial Fantasyland” Wagner is saying that Gov. Timmy! would have jumped at the chance to join The Teleprompted One’s cabinet had there only been a Dem LG instead of Bill Bolling as No. 2.  Doesn’t that run contrary to what The Timinator himself has publicly stated on numerous occasions?

It’s not turning the keys over to Bill Bolling that worries me. It’s that I took an oath to be here for my whole term, and that’s what I’ve done, and I’ve actually communicated that to the President-elect already. We had talked about it a number of weeks back, but we’ve communicated since the election and I’ve made that plain.

So, is Wagner calling Timmy! a liar or is Wagner living in Fantasyland? You decide!

Oh, and while Timmy! does say in that same article that at that point he was not interested in being DNC Chairman, unlike a cabinet post he didn’t have to leave office to accept it.  Then again, it does raise the possibility that he is such a partisan hack that he remained as Gov. simply because the LG had an “R” after his name.

All I know is that Wagner has opened up quite the can of worms with questions for both her and Timmy! to answer.


7 thoughts on “Jody Wagner Returns To Fantasyland (Or Else Is Calling Gov. Timmy! A Liar)

  1. Virginia Governors do not voluntarily leave office before the end of the term. The last Governor to leave office before the end of the term was forced out by an invading army.

  2. Very true. So, do we chalk this up to more delusions of Wagner or that she’s calling Timmy! a liar who was going to break that long-standing tradition?

  3. Wow, talk about stirring oratory. So we should vote for her so a democrat governor can get appointed to something next year rather than keeping his commitment to Virginia voters?

    Do the Democrats really not have anything other than party label to run on again this year?

    This might get ugly for them, quickly.

  4. Of course Kaine would say it was about fulfilling his term – that is a much better sound bite, regardless of what the real reason was.
    If this is the best dirt you’ve got, then she must be pretty clean.

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