Who Should The Next RPV Chairman Be?

A slew of names have been tossed about for who should be the next RPV Chairman in the event that Jeff was ousted today.  With that now having happened, who should the next RPV Chairman be?

Here are some names we’ve seen so far by the Great Mentioner:

Former Loudon Co. GOP Chairman Randy Minchew

Fairfax Co. GOP Chairman Anthony Bedell  

Warrenton Mayor George Fitch

Former RPV Chairman Ed Gillespie

Former RPV Comm. Dir. Shaun Kenney

Northern Virginia businessman Earle Williams (although he supported Mark Warner in 2001)

Sandy Liddy Bourne

Pat Mullins

Charlie Judd

Jay Hughes

So, any of these or do you have your own suggestion? Make your voice heard here!


35 thoughts on “Who Should The Next RPV Chairman Be?

  1. Great list of solid Republicans all of whom know how to lead and win.

    I like Ed Gillespie the best. Our Red Tide will rise based on McDonnell’s campaign and we must have RPV and the McDonnell Campaign in total sync.

    The Northern Virginia Unit Chairmen (Bedell, Mullins, Minchew) would all be superb and George Fitch would bring a new energy (but, we would have to check with Fauquier Unit Chair Jim Fisher and make sure his GOP credentials are still strong).

    I like Jay Hughes a lot also. I understand he was one of the finest YR Chairs Virginia ever had and we cannot forget that Dick Obenshain started there.

  2. I’d be fine with Gillespie, Kenney or Hughes. Gillespie ran the freakin’ RNC before RPV. His only fault was answering the call of W. and leaving RPV. Had he stayed, we all would have been spared the drama we’ve experienced the past year and a half or so. Kenney and Hughes both are great organizational AND idea guys. Either of them would be great in the post. I’ve known each of them for quite a while and Jay was even a groomsman in my wedding. I served as both State Vice Chairman and SCC Rep. under Jay in YRs, too.

  3. There are a lot of conservatives who will see Gillespie – a DC area lobbyist/Bush hand who helped get the country into the shape its in – as another elitist slap in the face to conservatives. If you want the conservatives to enthusiastically help McDonnell, go another direction. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  4. Just as Jesus was sacrificed to atone for our sins at the hands of the Romans, so too has Jeff Fredrick been sacrificed to purify the souls of RPV at the hands of the wicked McDonnell supporters. The true conservatives among us can move forward knowing that Jeff has made the ultimate sacrifice to save all of us.

    Just as John the Baptist rose to build the church after the crucifixion of Christ, so too will Steve Waters become our new RPV chair! The good Lord has ordained it to be so and the signs are undeniable!!


  5. Sword…
    You are a funny man…

    My vote though is for Sandy Liddy Bourne.
    She would do an awesome job.

  6. polling I’ve been shown by reliable sources had Warner winning 25% of the Republican vote against Gilmore. We need a chairman who can bring those Republicans back in the fold. Those people who would say they aren’t “real” Republicans imo are part of the problem. and, the great mentioner has one person on his list who endorsed warner publicly against gilmore.

  7. Though I disagreed with this reversal of a recent election, it is done and we move on.

    The major problem here is that now the fissure in the party is wide and deep. This fissure is what I feared, because of people continually referring to other Republicans in derogatory terms as “the enemy”. And we will need everyone pulling in the same direction to elevate Bob to Governor.

    So, the next Chairman should be a conciliator type, someone who can listen well and bring both camps back into the fold. This person need not be an ideas person, but it does need not to be one of the main actors in the “remove Frederick” camp.

    AND, importantly, each faction can veto any candidate. We need someone widely acceptible.

    Bedell would be good but Fitch might not be bad either.

  8. It’s interesting how quickly we move on.

    The key is getting McDonnell elected as the next governor of VA. I hope the GOP of VA can move past this in-fighting.

    As for the next chair of VA’s GOP…I really hope it’s someone who can bring people together instead of turning them against each other.

    Frederick’s only 32-33…what’s next for him?

  9. I think we will look at this putsch as the moment Bob McD slit his own throat. I could care less about Frederick, he was too much of a shameless self-promoter but that aside, he won his election fair and square and I have a feeling if this decision were put to the people it would have been a much more closely run thing. As it is, despite some of the fine candidates mentioned here, there can be little doubt that the feckless imbeciles who ran this coup/putsch will pick a horrible retread hack and will lead us to a catostrophic defeat in November.

  10. Moron, there is an interim pick until the convention in less than two months. Then there will be a new election. Let’s find a real true conservative who can unite the party and actually do the job.

  11. A good friend of mine once said “There are great leaders and great managers. But great managers don’t always make great leaders.”

    Some of them names above are a very scary thought to me as I do not believe they qualify at all or have proven they do not belong in a leadership position in one or more ways. I have been involved with SCC for 4 years and involved in VA politics since 2001, seeing several Chairman come and go I believe I have a grasp on what has worked and what hasn’t.

    Here are my thoughts for what I believe are the characteristics necessary of the next RPV Chairman:
    1. Someone who is a true conservative, and just doesn’t use the name as an adjective he/she never plans to follow through with when it comes to messaging and policy, and has the ability to represent VA as such. (this is comment is solely directed at the idea of some of the names mentioned above)
    2. Someone who is well respected through out the SCC as a grassroots activist that has placed their boots on the ground as well as fundraised for our REPUBLICAN candidates. They will need to understand the importance of planning and execution of GOTV efforts months in advance of election day. They should already have an understanding of the different dichotomies of the each of the regions of VA when it comes to planning and execution. In addition to the grassroots and fundraising portion, he/she has the ability to recruit viable candidates for each of these regions.
    3. Someone who has business experience and is well respected in the business community so that they can raise funds for the party.
    4. Someone who is agreeable by the leaders of our party such as Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, etc.
    5. Someone that can continue to implement new media uses to attract and retain the youth of our party to stay involved and enthusiastic about being a Republican.
    6. And this goes without saying, but someone who has a new vision and fresh ideas to unite and move our party forward.
    7. And lastly, someone who can work with all the different personalities on the SCC.

    Do we know anyone that qualifies with all of these characteristics? I think the one who comes closest is Ed Gillespie, but he is the Chairman on Bob McDonnell’s campaign.

    Whoever we end up with I pray will stay for the remaining 3 year term and has the above characteristics.

  12. Loudon,

    Did your parents have any other children that survived? I certainly hope you have not procreated and further polluted the gene pool and hope the current damage is limited to your existence.

    So what you are saying is that a bunch of feckless insiders will pick an interim chairman to run things for two months, so they can prepare the ground for another feckless retread hack who will then drive merrily off the cliff with Bob McD. Then what? Another coup in December?

    And while Frederick sucked, the odds are severely stacked against the appointment of anyone who doesn’t have his fingerprints all over the train wreck that has been the RPV for the past 5 years. Replacing incompetence with more incompetence (and sparking a destructive civil war in the process) is not sound politics.

  13. Let’s be honest, none of this is sound politics. I really wish people would stop with the ad-hominem attacks against fellow Republicans. What purpose does it serve? So everyone can feel a little better, having put a fellow GOPer down while the party drives merrily off the cliff?

    I didn’t like it during the removal attempt and I like it even less now. This is why I think the next Chmn has to be a conciliator. No more flame wars. No more name calling. No more savaging fellow Republicans. We will lose until this happens.

    And if we have an honest election for Chair, all sides better damn well accept the vote of the people. How can we claim to be the party that trusts the people while some in RPV won’t trust their own?

  14. “The key is getting McDonnell elected as the next governor of VA. I hope the GOP of VA can move past this in-fighting.

    As for the next chair of VA’s GOP…I really hope it’s someone who can bring people together instead of turning them against each other. ”

    Thank you for this offering. It’s sound, and feasible. I can only hope that the very few “Einsteins” who still have not let this go yet (and who haven’t looked at the democrat’s blogs to see that the far-right and the far-left are united in their preferred outcome for Frederick –pretty telling stuff) will swallow their false pride and unite to give McDonnell the win this year…or suffer under a democrat …again…for the next term.
    That’s the only two choices here, people.
    If you don’t plan or want to help Bob, get out of the way and let us get people to the table who will.
    I will help anyone who actively wants to help McDonnell and Bolling, as well as the eventual nominee for AG.

  15. Ignoramus:
    “Replacing incompetence with more incompetence (and sparking a destructive civil war in the process) is not sound politics.”
    Look, slick…it’s gonna be REAL hard to replace the incompetence of Frederick…. from the stupid things that came out of his mouth, to the stupid things he twittered with his fingers, to the stupid leadership he brought McCain in Va.
    If we’re truly trying to raise money, we couldn’t…but now we can.
    If we’re truly trying to unite folks out here…we couldn’t (because under Jeff—half of them were RINOs) But now we can put aside the theatrics and get behind McDonnell.
    This is a crossroads. And if you’re not comfortable with it…move on and let real volunteers man the arena.

    1. TBM, you can get the Red Storm PAC widget code from the RSP web site. You just have to click around a bit to find it. (Try clicking on donate and then when you get to that page, click on the campaigns header to get to the pages with the codes.) As for the Bolling banner logo, just copy the one I’m using.

  16. Bulletproof- can we stop with the ad hominems? You make a reasonable point about getting behind McD. I mean, the mere thought of a carpetbagging, union-beholden, party hack Dem governor who would raise taxes and make us less business-friendly should be enough to shock any of us into uniting behind McD.

    McD is a solid guy. He was a great, accomplished AG; he’d be a good gov too. He’s done right by both the social conservatives AND the business community. He came from the grassroots. This is exactly the kind of guy we all should be able to get behind.

    Notice how I said that without calling anyone “stupid”, “genetically challeneged”, or any such thing. It just takes away from the larger point- and right now, we need to be focused on a larger goal.

    I didn’t want the election overturned by having Jeff removed, I thought it was a bad move. BUT having been done, we need to separate the feelings to the chairman’s situation and the gov’s race. We’ll have new Chmn’s elections next month. We’ll see what comes out there. But we need to get behind Bob. Need to. Can’t take another loss, not with a candidate of his caliber.

  17. Alright Mr.T…we agree on the meat of that matter.

    Riley…thanks for the heads up. I just wanted to be able to funnel traffic to Bolling’s site. The McDonnell campaign hit us all with his code a month ago.

  18. I know Bulletproof. But at the end of the day McD will need your vote, Ignatius’ vote, LI’s vote, Sword’s vote, one and all. It does no one any good at this point to ad hominem. I’ve called out both sides on this issue and am asking both to be the better person because it’s the only way to start healing the rift here.

    I know there are feelings on both sides. But right now we should keep those separate from the gov’s race. That gov’s race becomes the pivotal issue, above all other things RPV-related.

  19. Absolutely, Steve. Bob McD has ALWAYS had my support.

    Frederick and his fanatic followers need to get over themselves. if Frederick runs again as he’s threatening to, he will prove once again that this is all about Frederick and nothing else. He will lose of course.

  20. “That gov’s race becomes the pivotal issue, above all other things RPV-related.”

    We agree 100%, Steve. But it appears that Ignatius is not prepared (in the least way) to support McDonnell. The only alternative to that logic is …well, a vote for a democrat, in my book.

    I’m all for cooperation, and ready to stand down and let the healing begin (sooner than later) but those who will openly denigrate McDonnell from our own Party have no place in the Party at this sensitive juncture.

  21. The Swordsman provides a revelation. Despite of years of diligent Bible study, I never had before seen the close link between our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ and Mr. Jeff Frederick of Prince William County. Even more stunning is that I never before was aware of the resurrection of John the Baptist following the crucifixion of Jesus to build the Church. this is why I read these things. Despite years of study and reflection, I find gaping voids in my education that are filled by fellow bloggers who are right on top of things all the time.

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