Your VDOT Dollars At Work

Yes, they’re doing this on purpose.

The first such lucky locality to have zig-zag lines painted by VDOT on the road is Loudoun County.


5 thoughts on “Your VDOT Dollars At Work

  1. Riley, I think it’s an interesting idea and a rather inexpensive way to slow motorists in school zones, etc IF it works. I’d love to see some data on this method. We will have to see what Loudoun’s speed trackers find out. I wonder if they tracked speeds and decrease in speed before putting the lines down so they could compare against a baseline?
    They should also track speeds again a year out, to make sure the lines are actually effective at reminding folks and not just effective at confusing them initially. I can see people slowing down when the lines first appear because they don’t know what’s going on, but once they get used to it they may return to older and faster habits.

    1. Virtucon reader “Pedro’s Dwarf” emailed me with the following:

      Actually, I drove over it Sunday. It’s weird, but not a bad idea … it is on either side of the W&OD trail, at a spot where Belmont Ridge dips down, and curves at that spot. So you don’t have great visibility of the trail, and it alerts you (yes, by freaking you out) that there is good reason to slow down.

      Honestly, I think it might be more effective than posting a sign that said, “W&OD bicycle trail crossing ahead … speed limit 35”.

      So there you have it. It works by freaking you out. 🙂

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