Lopez Kicks Off Race In The 52nd With Big Splash

Former Dumfries Town Councilman Rafael Lopez kicked off his race to succeed Del. Jeff Frederick representing the 52nd Dist. on Saturday at Tiziano’s restaurant (just a stone’s throw across the street from the workplace of his Dem opponent, Pastor Luke Torian.)  The event was a rousing success with nearly $5,000 raised so far through it (and almost $2,000 of that collected at the door.)  Lopez is off to a great start and people are responding strongly to his positive, issue oriented campaign that is determined to improve the quality of life for the people in the 52nd Dist.

Meanwhile, Torian’s supporters are already getting down in the mud, calling Lopez:

“A 26 year old arrogant punk, who works as a network engineer and is unable to make time to meet his campaign obligations. He simply isn’t ready to step up to the job of Delegate.”

Where do these people get these claims from?  They got his age wrong — he is in his 30s.  They refer to a married father of two as an “arrogant punk.”  They deride the fact that he has a job like most constituents in the district and he recognizes that both campaigning and serving in the House of Delegates are meant to be part-time endeavors.  And finally they ignore the fact that Lopez already has experience as an elected government official.

Only one candidate has the experience and vision to work in Richmond to improve the quality of life for the people in the 52nd Dist. and that is Rafael Lopez.



6 thoughts on “Lopez Kicks Off Race In The 52nd With Big Splash

    1. To be fair, it is Torian’s supporters who are using insults like that. But by all mean’s send Lopez some money and show his campaign a lot of love over there on TC and link to his campaign site and online donation.

  1. How ridiculous that Torian’s supporters call Rafael Lopez “arrogant.” The Rafael Lopez I know is one of the most humble, gracious and generous fellows I have ever met. A church going family man, Rafael walks the walk of his religion when he is away from the pew. He even helped found an orphanage in Bolivia. Calling a hard working young American who is actively helping others in his community “arrogant” is laughable and desperate on the part of these Torian people.

  2. Rafael Lopez- A delegate candidate in Prince William County …..An American who CHOSE to be an AMERICAN and understands the beauty of our American history and heritage and appreciates the freedoms and rights that many Americans simply take for granted …who happens to be a Latino working hard for the American dream = “Arrogance?” Rafael is exactly the opposite.

  3. I thought that was a really cheap shot………so what if someone who professes to back Torian said something nasty? First, a private individual’s utterings should not be made automatically part of the Pastor’s campaign if Torian did not say it? There are huge numbers of crackpots on all sides…..second, who said this was said in the first place? I believe this was made up by one of Lopez’s supporters to make Torian look bad……and i hope Lopez dd not support that kind of crap. Come to think if it, why not start a campaign and say that Lopez himself put the remark out there./…….just as childish and unfair as accusing the other side!!

    1. Ken, with a name like Reynolds, you should know that only Reynolds brand tinfoil works to line your baseball cap with to protect you from the gov’t mind control rays…

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