Dems Propose “Wii Tax” To Fund Health Care

From The American Spectator:

Congress is desperate to find ways to pay for a government takeover of health care. Today there was discussion of taxing plastic surgery and Botox injections, a “Botax” on vanity procedures so to speak. (There goes the Hollywood and Palm Beach vote.) Also considered, a tax on video games, because — as well as know — they turn kids into couch potatoes.

That’s right.  Democrats are contemplating a “Wii Tax.”  I guess that they don’t really understand that Wii gets kids OFF the couch and active.


One thought on “Dems Propose “Wii Tax” To Fund Health Care

  1. I would note that Plastic Surgery and Botox Injection treatment are two areas not covered by insurance, and which therefore has to compete directly for people’s money.

    And just as you would expect, they are two areas where there is the most innovation and best price competitiveness, along with Lasix eye surgery.

    Anybody who has any experience with getting things fixed using insurance will tell you that if insurance covers it, there will be little reason to bargain on prices.

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