Shame on the Kennedy’s and Diocese of Boston

Today I was flipping through some cable news channels and notice the Kennedy Funeral Mass.  At first I enjoyed the regal liturgical order of the Mass and was definitely touched by the true love that they had for Sen. Kennedy’s life.  Even that I disagreed on almost every political position Sen. Kennedy stood for, I can still celebrate God’s gift of life.  However, a few moments after turning to the Mass my stomach turned as I heard the grandchildren, nieces, nephews say a prayer for Sen. Kennedy.  I was expecting that I would hear prayers for his passing and maybe a few blessing and thanksgiving for all the great memories that they had for their grandfather/uncle.  However, the Kennedy family could not pass up using the children for political gain.  I am equally appalled that the priest, bishop, and Dioceses of Boston allowed these adults to use the children to deliver a political message during sacred prayers.  One child said Sen. Kennedy’s 1979 political tag-line about health insurance being a right not a privilege.  Another said as their prayer that it was  a responsibility that we reform policy.  Prayers can be for anything but usually it is a thanks to God and/or a request for God’s help or intervention.  I have never seen political slogan’s used for prayer. 

The actions by the Kennedy’s reminded me that they will use anything at anytime for political gain.  They have no morals and common decency as they will even use a church service to advance their cause.  Shame on the Kennedy’s for not even respecting a funeral Mass.


3 thoughts on “Shame on the Kennedy’s and Diocese of Boston

  1. But, he had such a “big” heart, and he was always for the little guy. Ya, whatever. Did they happen to say a prayer for the poor lady Kennedy left in his car after his accident? Did they say a prayer for the millions of babies that have been killed in the name of “choice”?

    It’s a disgrace, but par for the libs.

  2. Yup. Just as they are trying to pass the health care bill because of his death. There is nothing in the bill that would have or could have prevented his death, but that is not going to stop the Dems from trying to milk more from his death.

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