Come 2010, Perriello is in for a world of HURT!!!

(big kittipurrs to Jim Riley for the post title and the heads-up… )

Go Dan River (which is apparently the Danville Register Bee‘s online presence) is reporting that Robert Hurt, Virginia‘s Senator for the 19th District, has decided to campaign for a seat in the House of Representatives:

Confirming what many political pundits have been assuming for months, state Senator Robert Hurt, R-Chatham, filed the paperwork Tuesday to run for Congress in 2010 against Rep.Tom Perriello, D-5th District.

Hurt, a lawyer and Pittsylvania County native, said he and his wife began seriously discussing the idea after former Rep. Virgil Goode opted against another run earlier this year. Hurt said he would wait to make a formal announcement of his candidacy until after the November election, but filed now “because there’s so much to get done.”

Sign me up, Sen. Hurt!

His website, though incomplete at the moment, is live – so go sign up and show your support!

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7 thoughts on “Come 2010, Perriello is in for a world of HURT!!!

  1. Maybe you should take the picture of Ronald Regan off your blog page. He probably would not support a RINO like Hurt, a Senator that voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history. Something I am sure he would like to hide from.

    1. I hate to break the news to you BRG, but Reagan actually signed some tax increases into law and even proposed a few. That being said, he cut far more taxes than he ever raised.

  2. If you think Reagan’s picture ought to be taken off this site, you really ought to take it up with Jim Riley, who is the owner… And, frankly, I would prefer to see Robert Hurt representing the 5th district to Periello getting a second term.

    I am fairly new to Virginia politics, and was unaware of Hurt’s 2004 vote (when he was a Delegate) until several minutes after crossposting this (Oh, reminds me, I should add those links…) from CatHouse Chat. I will be checking into it further, of course, if only to satisfy my own curiosity.

    It is early days yet, and I certainly haven’t set my choice in stone – there are several other declared candidates, several of whom I could support whole heartedly.

  3. Kat,

    The 2004 vote is pretty important as it is an issue in this year’s election. Deeds continues to attack McDonnell’s vote against the tax increase and claims it means McDonnell isn’t “pro-business” like Mark Warner. McDonnell has clear conservative credentials on the issue, unlike our last failed Republican candidate for Governor, Jerry Kilgore, who was saddled with his brother’s vote in support of the tax increase.

    Also, look into Hurt’s vote in support of the tax abuser fees in 2007.

    Be careful about assuming that Hurt is better than Perriello getting a second term. Let’s focus this next month on getting McDonnell elected Governor and we will be in a good position going into the next redistricting cycle. I’m willing to give Perriello a second term if we can redistrict him out of existence and get a better conservative than Hurt into office for the long haul.

  4. notandysere: Perriello voted for cap ‘n trade & the GIVE act. there is NO Republican that could be worse than that.

    let’s focus on the gubernatorial–good 1st step.

    2d step: get rid of Perriello. Robert Hurt will be bashed on his tax increase vote. but he was trying to get things straight for Virginia. unfortunately, our current idjit Governor has been destructive to the Commonwealth.

    we’ll revisit this later.

    for now: gubernatorial & defeat ANY form of obamacare.

  5. NAS, your points are well taken, and I agree that we need to get the ’09 Virginia elections closed before we really go into gear for the ’10 Federal elections. I do agree with Kelley, though, that I cannot see Hurt voting in favor of Cap and Trade-type issues like Periello.

    Again, as a fairly new participant in VA elections, perhaps I should have moderated my response to Hurt a bit. I’m not totally hard over for him, but I do like him (“full disclosure” – such as it is – he lives not far from me, so he’s kind of an “ooooo, I know him” candidate for me).

    And, as I linked in my comment above, I’ve found some other candidates, and find several (on first look, anyway) to be quite worthy. We’ll see how it works out.

    But in the meantime, as you say, let’s get McBollinelli elected 😉

  6. All I am saying about Hurt is that he has a weak record and wouldn’t be the type of Republican I would ideally want in office right now. Especially given his record of giving into Democratic Chief Executives.

    Kelley, so are you saying that a Republican who voted for Cap & Trade and the GIVE Act would be great? Because there were Republicans who supported both pieces of legislation. We have to stop nominating liberals over conservatives. I’m actively following the upstate New York special election for this reason, I want to see if we’re on the edge of another RINO in the House.

    Hurt has a lot to answer for and that’s what we can start doing after November.

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