Update On My Godson The Eagle Scout

The other day we brought you the story of my godson, Matthew Whalen.  Matt is an Eagle Scout, a high school honors student and a U.S. Army soldier with a dream of attending West Point after he graduates from high school.  He was suspended from school for having a pocket knife locked in his car.

Well, after the local ABC affiliate ran a story on it, this has just exploded all over the media now (okay, it sort of helps that I passed the story on to every media outlet I could get contact info for.)  This morning, Matt was on Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel.

There is also an article on the FOXNews.com mainpage about Matt as well as a poll.  (With over 35,000 votes as of this writing, 98 percent are siding with Matt.)  Apparently, Neal Boortz was also talking about it on his nationally syndicated radio show today.

The local paper, The Albany Times Union, is now carrying the story and the other local network affiliates are taking notice now that Matt has gone national.

And this Thursday night, Matt and his father Bryan are slated to be back on the Fox News Channel on Sean Hannity’s show.

These people picked the wrong kid to mess with…


6 thoughts on “Update On My Godson The Eagle Scout

  1. Not that it counts for anything but I talked about this issue and kind of went on a rant (in support of your Godson of course) about it on my college radio show up here in Vermont the other day. Best of luck to him.

  2. I was just wondering if you have a number we can call so we can ream the school board and or superintendent out. Such arrogance on there part is rediculous.

  3. Copy of the e-mail I sent to Administrator Goodwin:

    Superintendent Goodwin:

    I am writing you with regards to the recent controversy involving a young man attending Lansingburgh High School, Matthew Whalen. Much has been made for his having a small pocketknife in the trunk of his vehicle as a part of an emergency kit. I find it very disturbing that this fine young man is being persecuted for a non-issue. From all appearances, Matthew Whalen is a young man that represents the finest of what this country has to offer and is of remarkable character and responsibility by anyone’s account. Any parent would be proud to have this young man as their son and any learning institution would likewise be proud and hold him as an example for all to follow.

    I find your decision of not only accepting the logic of a five-day suspension, but its extension of an additional fifteen days as completely heavy handed. If this is how you treat a young man whose only desire is to serve our nation, and possibly make the ultimate sacrifice upon the altar of freedom, than I question the set of values that you are using for this decision. Additionally, you are insulting the honor of this young man’s father and grandfather who have served with distinction and shed blood for our nation. This family has risked life and limb serving this country so that people like you can afford the luxury of making foolish decisions like this.

    It is plainly obvious that this family has shown remarkable restraint and discipline in the face of this outrage. I do not know if I would have been as restrained had this been my son you were humiliating. Given this young man’s past conduct and his family history, it appears that you and your fellow administrators are haters of the military. I for one feel a deep sense of respect, gratitude and obligation to this family and to others like them for their selfless service. It is out of this sense of obligation that I am writing this letter. It is my sincerest hope that you and your district come to their senses and do the right thing by rescinding this unjust sanction and clearing his record of any wrongdoing.

    Thanking you for your attention, I remain,

    Yours very truly,

    Michael Chávez

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