New PPP (D) Poll – McDonnell +12; Bolling +10; Cuccinelli +15

The latest PPP (D) poll is out and it is more brutal news for the Democrats.

Not only is Bob McDonnell leading 52-40, Bill Bolling leading 49-39, and Ken Cuccinelli leading 52-37, but the generic ballot for the House of Delegates races gives the GOP a 10 point advantage, 46-36.

The most accurate Virginia poll in 2008 was Survey USA.  The second most accurate poll was PPP.  Taking that into account, McDonnell leads somewhere between 12 and 19 points as of today with less than 2 weeks until Election Day.

UPDATE: Tertium Quids looks at the generic House ballot as broken out by telephone area code.  Most interesting, in the Northern Virginia 703 area code the two parties are tied with 40 percent a piece.  Republicans hold solid leads of between 5 and 32 points in every other area code.  This spells real problems for Dem House candidates.


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