Another Day and Three More Polls Show McDonnell Walking Away With This Race

Today, Roanoke College, Suffolk University and Daily Kos / Research 2000 all released their polls showing Bob McDonnell holding a lead of anywhere between 10 and 17 points.  Roanoke and Suffolk polled the downballot statewide races as well and found the GOP holding significant double-digit leads in both of those races as well.

If all these numbers hold and the undecideds either stay home or jump on the McDonnell bandwagon to be on the winning side, there is a VERY real possibility that McDonnell will be elected by a margin not seen since the GOP became competitive in Virginia during the last 40 years.  In fact, a 17 point victory would match the one that George Allen won in 1993, which to date remains the largest of any modern Virginia governor.

Now is the time to put this race away and win it BIG for Bob McDonnell.  Help build the coattails for him to sweep in legislators who can work with him to enact his agenda.  The larger the margin of victory, the more of a mandate to govern McDonnell will have.  Just a few more days of hard work…